Why Christianity?(Part 1)


To many concerned people the current political, demographic, spiritual, and cultural situation in the West looks almost hopeless.  I personally see it as a great opportunity to reset the West in a kind of “spring cleaning” for the removal of dirt and scum accumulated through the harsh seasons. The question of ending White genocide is not a matter of if, but of when and in what way. In fact at this point I can’t help but think that the racial situation in the West is all one giant set-up intended on ushering in a massive White blowback on the cancer that is the modern leftwing and non-White troublemaker alliance.  The question for me at this point is what will come next? I’m specifically addressing the spiritual and cultural here as I see these aspects of life as more important than the political or economic. I’ve wrestled with this question for years now and even tried to invent a religion for the West. Over time I came to conclude that Christianity is the best spiritual-cultural option for the people of the West. This article will lay out why I came to this conclusion.

The main reason I favor Christianity is that it’s a high idea. It works as a hedge against our worst impulses as human beings and strives to bring out the best in people. The character traits of a Christian are kindness, hopefulness, selflessness, charity, gratefulness, humility, discipline, patience, etc. Selfishness, wrath, lust, greed, gluttony, licentiousness, impatience, and all drives coming from the ego are anti-Christian in orientation.  Christianity attempts to cultivate people who live for higher ideas and not material objects. It attempts to guide you to a place of harmony amongst others as opposed to where the ego guides you, which is a desire for domination.

Christianity also helps you deal with hardship. Life is full of loss and suffering. Christianity assist in finding peace of mind and acceptance of the things you cannot change. Buddhism does these things as well, but Buddhism has a major shortcoming (besides not being part of Western Tradition) in that it depends squarely on you to find this peace. At times of great trial in my life, I had to rely on something outside myself for assistance. For example; I served in combat during one of the latest globalist wars in the Middle East. When facing near death, I couldn’t just breathe and remain mindful. I had to pray to something outside myself. When I experienced great physical suffering in my life, I had to pray to something outside myself. The reason why I could never be a Nietzschean is because I’m too weak. In times of trial, when I cannot find anything within myself to overcome these trails, I have to go to something greater. If this makes me guilty of having a slave morality, then a slave I am.

On the societal level Christianity makes for a more moral society.  There’s a sense of decency, politeness, and respect in Christian societies.  A society made up people displaying the Christian characteristics I listed above make for a collective society that reflects these characteristics.  The concept of beauty is paramount in the Christian worldview and the fruits of this concept can be found in the great Cathedrals and Basilicas across Europe.  The concept of beauty in Christianity is a “Truth” (with big “T”).  The modern cultural relativistic worldview states that beauty is relative, or just an opinion. This means that there is no difference in beauty between a mountain in the Alps and pile of human waste.  The Christian worldview proposes that there is true beauty, as well as other Truths. For example, the traditional Christian worldview on marriage is that it’s between one man and one woman. This is so because by nature man’s parts go into a woman’s parts to procreate.  The anthropologist J.D. Unwin discovered that the highest forms of civilization are ones that featured monogamous relations between the sexes. These Truths derive  from that which is rational; or from Reason. This is the Logos. Christianity is the religion of Logos.


Happy Easter 2016

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