Why Christianity? (Part 2)


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In making the case for Christianity as the dominant spiritual and cultural-force in the West, it’s important that I address the biggest critique of Christianity coming from the racialist node of the Alternative Right.  I will also address the rebuttal (to my addressing this critique) that would come from SJWs and other people on the political left. The biggest critique coming from racialists is that Christianity is a Universalist religion that points towards unity of all peoples.  This is correct, however, the question to consider in addressing this aspect of Christianity is what exactly “unity” means?  To the globalist elite’s lackeys running the major Christian denominations “unity” means force integration and demonization of anyone who complains.

For a correct understanding of what “unity” means, it’s important that we revisit the concept of Logos. Logos is reason. So the question is, is it reasonable to force integrate people together when they are incompatible culturally, and in most cases, don’t wish to be forced together?  The answer of course is NO!  This is only reasonable if your goal is to cause problems. So for the globalist elites, this is very reasonable, but for the purpose of human happiness and harmony, it’s not reasonable. The only reasonable solution is to allow individuals, and therefore communities, and therefore polities to decide who will live amongst them.  Many studies have proven that diverse communities lead to less social cohesion; so again, it is reasonable and humane to allow people to live in communities with the people they most identify with.

It is critical that I discuss the importance of community. Humans thrive within intact, healthy families. There’s a reason why children who bounce from foster home to foster home have problems in later life.  As children growing up we need to feel a part of a family and feel the stability that comes with this. This is why divorce has adverse effects on people as they develop. The same is true of community. Community is the next concentric ring after family that is important for the proper adjustment of human beings. In fact, community can make up (but not totally) for problems in the home. Back in the day of the “ethnic neighborhood” in the American Northeast there may have been a kid who had a drunken father. Dad came home drunk and caused a ruckus.  But since the kid saw other fathers of the same ethnic and religious group who were not drunken derelicts, they wouldn’t be as adversely affected as the child who didn’t have such a community. In such communities these other fathers may have also intervened and brought about pressure on the drunken father. Like family, community cultivates a sense of security. I strongly believe that besides the crises of the family, that the loss of community is the main reason for the drug and obesity problems in America. People don’t feel secure, so they’re depending on opiates and hamburgers for this security.


At this point people (sometimes with pure hearts) will say something like “yah, but what about the Christian responsibility to care for those in need?”  Sometimes these same (pure hearted) types will bring up Bible verses addressing caring for the “stranger.”  In fact, the stranger verses are used a lot, but almost always in self-serving ways that are not what the authors intended. When the Bible talks about “caring for strangers” what it’s saying is that you have no right to rob a stranger on the road. Or if a stranger comes to your town, you have a responsibility to at least let them sleep in the stable and throw them yesterday’s bread.  This expectation of hospitality for strangers is found in many cultures, including the pre-Christian pagan Germanic cultures.  This “caring for the stranger” does not mean allowing numerically large groups of people to overwhelm and/or alter your society. If the ancient Israelites had done what the major Christian denominations are calling on Europeans to do with respect to the current Muslim invasion of Europe, there would have been no nation of Israel for Christ to come out of.  Perhaps these same Biblical exploiters who like to use the Bible for their own political ends would like it if people started using other verses for political ends? God seemed to sanction the whole extermination of peoples in the Old Testament;  these scriptures can be used for political ends as well.

As far as helping those in need, living in homogenous communities is not an impediment to assisting those in other communities. I currently know of people who live in predominantly White neighborhoods who go to the ghetto to serve poor blacks in soup kitchens.  Churches take up collections of money, food, and clothes and distribute them to the poor all the time. In fact, I believe giving people the right to community will lead to an increase in charity and service to the poor.  This is a question of boundaries. An individual whose boundaries are constantly impinged on is less likely to be open to giving to others. When one is in a personal crisis; when one feels beset, it’s not possible to truly give yourself to others.   I also believe that once people have a sense of security within their community of choice, that they won’t mind paying more in taxes for communities with more needs.  This is the same for the international level. People who feel secure in their spaces will be more eager to help those outside these spaces, at any scale. And if people have a great desire to help the poor in the 3rd world, there are plenty of opportunities to travel abroad to do so. All of these “concerned liberals” who lament over poverty in the 3rd world should be given every opportunity to go to them and live like Mother Teresa.

On the international level, the most Christian thing the West can do is STOP INTERFERING WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S COUNTRIES!!!  In other words, stop starting wars, orchestrating color revolutions, overthrowing governments, funding insurgencies, and pushing neo-liberal economic policies that result in privatizations of state industries and debt to the World Bank. The globalist elite’s wars in the Batkins, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and elsewhere have made the world worse off.  The West is responsible for the rise of ISIS and therefore the killing of Middle Eastern Christians. Once the current masonic-Judaic elites are replaced by a Christian elite in the West, the world will be better off instantaneously.  These same globalist elites who kill millions in wars and cause untold suffering with their meddling are the same people who try to guilt people in accepting more refugees from the war zones that they cause.

The Anglo-American-Judaic-Masonic globalist system is Satanic to its core.  It’s run by an elite class who are full-fledged dark occult initiates. Once this system of darkness is smashed, the Son will rise on a new dawn and a healthy and true “unity” will be possible.  True unity is never forced. Jesuit Priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin argued that the psychic unity of humankind can “only be voluntary” while Trappist Monk Thomas Merton wrote that “false unity is the work of force” while true unity is “the free union of beings that spontaneously seek to be one in the truth, preserving and elevating their separate selves by transcendence” (1).

Many people point out that God is Love. This is true; but God is also Order. So a true unified Christian system is a voluntary one that respects community and differences  while also addressing the needs of those who need relief.  This isn’t a matter of “either/or” (as presented by the globalist elites), but “both/and.”


Part 3

(1)  Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton (Lent and Holy Week): Pg. 37 excerpt from Loretto and Gethsemani


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