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In continuing my argument in favor of Christianity being the spiritual-cultural organizing principle for the West, I’m going to cover other arguments made against it by racialists and others.

The one argument that I think is the most legitimate (against Christianity being the spiritual-cultural organizing principle for the West) is that Christianity is a foreign religion to Europe. It points out that the root of Christianity is Jewish and that Christianity itself was created by Jews. The folks who point this out say that the West should resort to  religions which were thought up by the minds of Europeans.  Usually they advocate for the old pagan religions, but if not paganism, racialists will argue for a Nietzschean ideal that advocates transcending ourselves into something better (i.e. the Ubermenschen).  Those with a materialist outlook will advocate for a “might is right” collective ideal where DNA is the highest good.  I will now address these.

First I will address the “Jewishness” of Christianity.  It is true that Jesus Christ was a Hebrew, most likely of semitic blood.  From a racial perspective, this is true. But from a spiritual or an ideological perspective, Christianity is the exact opposite of Judaism.  Christianity attempts to provide “salvation” through this earthly realm on into eternity by becoming one with God through Christ. It’s a religion about living in harmony and in unity with others within the “Body of Christ.”  It’s a Universalist religion that claims that all people are spiritual equals. Judaism on the other hand is a tribal religion that advocates world supremacy by one tribe of people. This group of people was “chosen” by God to lead the goyim (cattle) of the world. The Messiah of the Jewish people is supposed to be a military leader, which will help the Jewish people crush all those who oppose them.  The religion of Judaism doesn’t really consider the afterlife.  Its goal is to build “heaven on earth” or a “New Israel.”


The Jewish people were chosen by God to be a vehicle to deliver the Savior of the World. Why did God choose the Jews for this mission?  I can’t claim to know the mind of God but if you look at the Jesus story we see that hope comes from unexpected places. Jesus was born in a humble manger. He rode into Jerusalem on a modest donkey. And through His death, and what looked like ultimate defeat, he saved the world.  From a logistical perspective, God chose the Jews because they would be part of the Roman Empire. The Faith spread into the Roman Empire and eventually became the State religion of the Roman Empire.  The Faith then spread through Europe and brought to Europe a unity it never would have had under the old religions.  Had Islam attacked a Europe without Christianity, I doubt a unified effort would have been possible.  The Faith then spread to the New World by Europeans. Perhaps God chose the Jews for the reason a liberal protestant woman pastor once told me when I asked her why Jesus came from the Jews “because they needed him more than everyone else” (I was amusingly shocked when this female pastor told me this considering the liberal denomination she came from).


So what about the pagan faiths of ancient Europe?  I respect these religions and find some interesting ideas in them but I simply don’t find them as beneficial to the person or society as Christianity. The highest good in the pagan Germanic religions was fame and fortune. Getting rich and having your name known in far places was the greatest thing a man could hope for.  The Greco-Roman religions were no better. The best ideas that came out of the Classical world were philosophical, not religious, and many of these philosophical ideas became a part of Christian thought (Stoicism, Platonism, Aristotle).  There’s also no evidence that they were racialist or tribal religions.  Alexander the Great wanted to mix the ancient Greeks into the whole world. The Norse or Germans had no problem with selling their kin to Muslims or selling out their tribesmen to outsiders for personal gain. The pre-Christian religious systems also required animal or human sacrifices. Instead of Easter Sunday church service, perhaps we’d take the kids down to the town square for the springtime killing of a bull, after which we’d spread the blood on each other’s foreheads?

After paganism the other idea for an ideological organizing principle for the West is a Nietzschean quasi religion of self-over becoming. This is about becoming something greater than what you are. This idea was popular with the 3rd Reich in its attempt to help evolve humans (or some humans) into a higher stage of evolution.  Just as apes became modern man, modern man would be who the Ubermenschen would evolve from.

I can certainly understand the appeal of such an ideology, but again I think its weaknesses outweigh its strengths. First of all it places all its focus on a future goal instead of learning to be at peace with the present. Working towards goals is important for individuals and society, but inner peace can never be found in accomplishment, only in learning to enjoy the present. Trying to find satisfaction is some future goal always disappoints; which then requires a new goal to accomplish. If someone has no peace in the present, no amount of accomplishment will matter.  If we’re going to have a central organizing principle, or religion, the purpose should be to bring peace to people. I’m talking about real inner peace and not distraction or chemical sedation.  We could build a great intergalactic civilization and supermen/women who look like super-models that live to be 500 years old, but if we’re not at peace, what difference does it make?  We’ll have weapons that can blow up whole planets in the hands of people who can’t sit in silence for 20 minutes.

If we do want to build a better human, what characteristics would we want to instill?  Does our Ubermenschen have the same characteristics as a Wall Street banker (ruthless desire for money), or a Hollywood actor (attention whore’s desire for fame)?  The characteristics I would advocate for are kindness, hopefulness, selflessness, charity, gratefulness, humility, discipline, patience, industriousness, honesty, and a sense of duty.   Before we can even start exploring space and building technology that can blow up planets, we better take 2 or 3 generations to work on ourselves on earth. Before we can be “higher beings” we better learn to be humans again and not animals (or slaves to our carnal desires). And we better think for a very long time before anyone starts merging humans with machines.  In fact, I would strongly advocate against merging the human mind with computers.

The last possibility for the future organizing principle for the West (instead of Christianity) is the “might is right” idea of pure materialism. This is really the worst idea out of all of them.  This ideal entails organizing ourselves based on our DNA. Apparently people with certain haplogroups would be given preferences over people with other haplogroups. These groups would be encouraged to breed with each other and out-groups would be given incentives to not breed. For the record I support people’s rights to form communities by any organizing principle they wish. If people want to start communities restricted to certain DNA groups, that’s fine with me. Of course, to my knowledge you can only test the males on your father’s line and the females in your mother’s line and not the females from your father’s line or the males from your mother’s line. Therefore, there may be a non-in-group person in the woodpile and you’d never know it.  But if this is what certain people want, then I say go-for-it.  But for a meta-spiritual system for the West, it just wouldn’t work. In Spain are some Spaniards going to get deported who have Moorish-derived DNA?  Or in Poland, will someone with a Tatar male haplogroup be deported?  Would Reinhard Heydrich (had Jewish ancestry) have been sent to Madagascar if the Germans won the 2nd world war?  Would RamzPaul be barred from any future ethno-community in North America for being “1% Jewish?”  These types of complications make a purely racial organizing principle almost impossible, besides the fact that it doesn’t really make you any better or more at peace. The Germans thought that their DNA was superior to the Russian’s DNA. The Russians ended up defeating the Germans and humiliating them.

In conclusion, I want to revisit the concept of self-over becoming that I discussed above. If we look at the most important story of Christianity, we see in it this same symbolism.  Christ dying on the cross and rising again can be understood as a metaphor for our lower selves dying in some way and our higher selves rising as something better. Usually the way to death of the old and rise of the new is through suffering.  This suffering can be as small as the suffering that comes by not eating dessert after dinner every night (in becoming a person who eventually doesn’t need dessert after dinner) to someone dealing with the loss of everything (health, family, belongings) in becoming someone unattached to the things of the world. But the bottom line is “transcending self” requires discomfort (some form of “death,” including your illusions of how the world is supposed to work) and Christ was a perfect model for this process.



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