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My Advice to Trump


I think there’s a good chance that either Trump or people from his campaign read alt-right websites. So I thought I’d give Trump some advice on how he should proceed. Of course, if they do read alt-right sites there’s little chance they’re going to be reading this one. But the internet is a mysterious entity which facilities information flows to and fro the most unexpected places.

General Election

The first thing you have to do is pick a VP/running mate. Of course lots of political “experts” are saying that you’ll need to pick a women or non-White to appeal to demographics you’re supposedly not strong in. You claim to want someone who can get things done in congress. My advice is that the first quality to look for is absolute loyalty to not only to you, but to the ideas that your campaign is advocating for. Don’t try to appease the GOP establishment, because these people cannot be appeased. They are part of the globalist system and have proven themselves unworthy of leadership of the United States.  Remember the ones who fought you tooth-and-nail until it became apparent that you were the nominee.  Don’t make the same mistake as Reagan.  Give them some token influence but never let the neo-cons and other politicos with a proven globalist record anywhere near your inner circle.

So what about a woman or/and non-White? In a perfect world you would be able to have a woman who is non-White who’s extremely effective in congress and loyal without question.  If such a person exists, then great, but at this point I know of no such individual. The fact is you don’t need a women or a non-White. You need someone that is loyal and, as you say, can make things happen in congress.  This is a person who can put pressure on anyone who attempts to obstruct your program. This should be someone who knows the weaknesses and vices of the members of congress and who can stand up in the Senate Chamber and use skillful oratory in publically exposing their intransigence.

So even if it’s another White man, that’s fine. A recent poll shows you leading Clinton among Hispanics. This flies in the face of everything the media and political “experts” have been claiming about how you’re weak among non-Whites and women. What most people want is nicely summed up in your “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.  They want confident, competent people who can make this happen. If anyone gives you any problems about having two White men on the ticket tell them to stop being anti-White. Tell them that race doesn’t matter and what does matter is getting things done. Explain that while it might make non-White or women voters feel good to see “one of them” in a high executive position, that they’ll actually be better off and feel even better when the country starts becoming prosperous and secure again.  Point out that blacks and Hispanics will benefit more than anyone else under your immigration and economic policies because it is they who are hurt most by an increased labor supply from Latin America and by the loss of manufacturing jobs.  One thing about language; I notice you  say “the African Americans” or “the Hispanics” or “the Evangelicals” when talking about these groups.   You need to take the “the” out of this. Don’t say “I did great with the hispanics.” Instead say “I did great with hispanics.”

During the campaign you need to attack Clinton (and her husband) just as you’re doing. I don’t think there’s much advice I can give you here as you know these people better than I do. In fact, I think there’s a chance it might be the Democrats who try to run someone else instead of their nominee (and not the GOP).  Hillary Clinton is very weak and it should be one of your personal goals to make her cry on national TV. This is an evil women married to an evil man and they must not be allowed to occupy the White House again. They are global shills and I believe you will beat them very badly. I believe the only chance she has is if something absolutely insane comes out about you or if the GOP establishment runs a 3rd party.

First Term

The most important things you’ll need to take care of in your first four years is fixing the economy and getting immigration under control.   You need to put the tariffs in place and this will require pressure on congress who are ,of course,  paid off by many of the companies who profit from the current policies on trade.  The wall should be completed by your first term and the actual construction of the wall should be used to your political advantage. You should give Americans the chance to pay for a brick and/or the chance to actually place a brick in the wall. You need to employ as many veterans and veteran owned businesses as possible to construct it. There should be a visible Hispanic presence building as well.  If anyone tries to stop this building (I’m talking about the types of scum who cause problems at your rallies) they need to be considered threats to the national security of the nation and dealt with accordingly.

After the economy and immigration comes foreign policy. A lot is made of the first country a President visits after becoming President. The first country you need to visit is Russia. You need to have a relationship with Putin as Reagan did with Thatcher.  You need to smash ISIS together and fight the globalists like Reagan and Thatcher fought the old USSR. The next country you visit should be Germany. You need to give support to the German people against their elites who are waging demographic warfare on the population.  You need to give a powerful speech that buries the guilt complex that Germans have about themselves and urge them to take a central role in Europe’s defense.  You should also meet Viktor Orban of Hungary.

Like the VP job be very careful who you appoint to cabinet positions in your administration. You can give the neo-cons some Mickey Mouse posts but the big jobs like Defense, State, DHS, the Intell jobs need to be people you can trust and who share your vision. Look into the military services and people you know in industry. The establishment policy wonks, so called “intellectuals” and think tank people need to be pushed out as much as possible. You need to do all you can to purge the defense, intel, and diplomatic agencies of the “Israel First” types and globalists. People with involvement in the CFR, AEI, PNAC, JINSA need to be kept out as much as possible.

By the end of the first term the wall should be built and an “America first” immigration policy should be in place (including the phasing out of H1B visas so Americans can have these high tech jobs). As far as the economy is concerned the most important statistics to consider are an increase in wages and quality of employment. An increase in GDP and total jobs created sounds good but doesn’t necessarily mean the average person is better off. People won’t benefit from more crappy service jobs at Taco Bell. You need to raise incomes for families earning under $100,000.  You need to set up a program that will pay for Americans to go to medical school. There’s no reason why a country of 300 million people with our wealth can’t produce the great majority of its doctors.  I would also recommend a large infrastructure rebuilding program. Hopefully you’ll have a better healthcare plan in place by this point as well.

Second Term

Now that the economy is on track, immigration is under control and the world is more stable, you need to start working on internal policies. Your ideas on education are a good start; in giving people local control.  But the big battle is the so called “culture war.”  The culture war includes issues of race, religion, values, sex, etc.  You need to enact policies that allow local communities decide what values they wish to reflect. Reestablishing the former Constitutional right to freedom of association needs to be the centerpiece of your second term. America is the land of freedom. America was founded by Europeans who wanted freedom from political and religious persecution in their homelands. But today America has a new religion that persecutes everyone who doesn’t believe in it and that’s the religion of political correctness. Most of the country wants nothing to do with this religion. They want to live according to their values and not the degenerate globalist values being pushed on America from leftist ideologues and from Hollywood.  As you have mentioned, you need to defend Christianity in America.  You also need to address anti-Whiteness and defund any government funded anti-Whiteness.

What does freedom of association mean exactly? It means people can rent or sell property to who they want. It means business owners can hire and fire whom they want, as well as sell their products to whom they want. It means people can form organizations with whom they want. It means giving power to local communities.  While ending affirmative action will bring opposition from blacks, I would recommend making a deal that everyone can benefit from. While private owners of business would be free to hire and fire whom they wanted, we’ll say that publicly traded companies and government agencies will still maintain affirmative action but for slave descended blacks and Native Americans only.  For slave descended blacks there should also be a onetime reparations payment of say $150,000 to each black that fits the criteria. All other minority groups will be forced to make it just like all the European groups who came to America did. Blacks and Native Americans are special cases where some form of recompense for the past is called for. Most importantly, this will allow us to move on past the constant race agitation politics in America.

Towards the end of your second term is where you can really attack the globalist power structure. You need to expose them and their plans for White genocide and global government. You need to inform the American people about meetings at Bilderberg, the Bohemian Club, and Davos. You need to start a massive investigation into their most heinous crime networks. You need to work with Putin, Patriots in Europe, and other anti-globalists across the world to smash this globalist power structure.  You talked about auditing the Federal Reserve, this is a great idea too. You need to attack GMO foods and promote policies for more organic foods. It is during the second term which you need to bring people connected to the alternative right political movement into government.  You need to set the groundwork for the leaders that come after you to continue your work, because grinding down the satanic forces of the globalist elite is going to take time.  Hopefully your VP choice will be able to take over after you and after those 8 years, one of your sons (or Ivanka?) should be ready to run for President.

To “Make America Great Again” you’ll need media support. The GOP establishment/neo cons have FOX. The Democrats have CNN and the far left has MSNBC. What you’ll need is a cable news channel that will represent your populist base and report the news from a favorable frame. You need to ask one or more of your friends who have the money and the guts to fund something like this.  This is imperative, because you will be treated very badly by the mainstream media.

I’m sure I forgot something but that’s pretty much my advice. You have the opportunity to be one of the greatest Presidents in history. I’m talking about Mount Rushmore great.  You have the experience, intelligence, guts, and the popular support (and a supermodel wife). Now you just have to make it happen. Providence has chosen you for this moment to do something YUGE. What you can do is better than all the money you’ve made. You can be one of the great men in history and while doing so, you can Make America Great Again!!!



On the Alternative Right and what it should do



The alternative right is a metapolitical-social-cultural-racialist movement made up of people who advocate a collage of ideas that stand in opposition to the current liberal globalist order; which includes the controlled opposition of this order known in America as political “Conservatism.”   The ideas expressed by the people who make up the alt-right are mostly disseminated on the internet. This movement is mostly American but has definite influences into and out of Western and Eastern Europe.

The 4 main clusters in this collage of ideas are 1) White Nationalism, 2) Traditionalism, 3) The Manosphere, 4) Alternative News and Research (aka the conspiracy community).

1) White Nationalism: This cluster is made up of people who emphasize the racial and ethnic disorder in the Western world today.  They tend to be more secular and materialistic in their worldviews than the next cluster I will describe. This group sees the survival of White (i.e. European derived) humans as the critical issue of today.  Economic, religious, or political systems and/or issues all take a back seat to the issue of the genetic survival and amelioration of White humans; as well as the right of Whites to decide their own collective destinies. This cluster tends to be technophiliac and sympathetic to WWII era fascist movements. The WN cluster tends to sees Jewry as the main opponent to White survival. The major websites that this author follows associated with the WN cluster are Radix Journal, American Renaissance, Counter Currents, Occidental Observer,  Bob’s Underground Seminar, White GeNOcide Project, and Follow the White Rabbit.

2) Traditionalism: This cluster is made up of those who reject the ideas of classical liberalism, the enlightenment, cultural Marxism, and modernism. They include neoreactionaries (NRx), paleo conservatives, traditionalist Catholics, Orthodox Christians, and monarchists.  This group is sympathetic on issues of race with White nationalists, but sees the social-cultural order as being the most important issue. This cluster is more Christian than the WN node. They tend to favor hierarchy.  They would see a demographically White, but liberal nation-state as still being very problematic. This group tends to be less technophiliac than White Nationalists and tend to be generally unsympathetic to WWII era fascist regimes. This author follows this cluster less than the WN cluster but sites I would recommend are Alternative right, Outside-In, Unqualified Reservations, Alexander Dugin, The Thinking Housewife; I would also recommend the “Orthodox Nationalist” radio show archives as well as the work of Catholic writer E Michael Jones.

3) Manosphere: This cluster is made up of people who focus on issues related to sex. This group critiques feminism as well as the state of manhood in the modern West. It offers advice on picking up women, relationships, health issues, but also comments on political and social issues.  The manosphere is where I would expect the charismatic leaders to come out of. The skills of “game” (confidence, quick thinking, persuasiveness) export perfectly into the leadership arena. The gold standard for websites on the manosphere is Chateau Heartiste. I would also recommend the site “Return of Kings.”

4) Alternative News and Research:  This group is less political or religious than informational. While the other 3 clusters focus on specific issues (race, order, sex) this cluster focuses on the entities that run the liberal globalist order. The most important nodes in this cluster are Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Jay Dyer, Red Ice Radio, and the website Vigilant Citizen. I would also include researcher Joseph P. Farrell in this cluster.

Those are the main 4 clusters within the Alt-Right super structure but there are also people and sites who don’t fit into any of them very well but who deserve a mention in the overall Alt-right big tent.  The YouTube personality Ramzpaul is one. Another YouTube personality is libertarian Stefan Molyneux. Others would include website Unz Review, the website Vdare, YouTube channel “Black Pigeon Speaks”, blogger Vox Day, Breitbart News writer Milo Yiannopoulos and an army of Twitter accounts and meme makers on the net who do battle every day attacking the globalist power-structure on the left and the controlled right. Some of the more mainstream voices showing themselves to be aligned with the alt-right would be Ann Coulter and Pat Buchanan.

While the Alt-right is mostly an internet phenomenon, there’s no question that its reach is being felt in the real world. There was recently a talk given at UMass by Milo Yiannopoulos and two other people that displayed very anti-Social Justice Warrior (SJW) attitudes.  In the past, these kinds of people wouldn’t have even been allowed to speak on college campuses.  But if you watch the video below you’ll see them not only speak, but garner the support of the crowd.  There’s a feeling of true rebellion and liberation felt in this crowd as they successfully overcome the SJW bullies on campus.

Of course, there can be no analysis on the rise of the Alt-Right without discussing the Trump Campaign. The funny thing about it is that the media contributed to it.  The Alt-Right started supporting Trump for his ideas on immigration so the media started bringing attention to the Alt-right in the attempt to demonize Trump.  But as they did this it didn’t hurt Trump and all it did was give the alternative right more attention. The conservative establishment (Cuckservatives) tried to take on the alt-right and got stomped. If someone from the Trump Campaign reads this I strongly suggest you don’t sell out the Alternative Right. It wasn’t the conservative establishment who had Trump’s back; it was the Alt-Right. The Alt-right has the youth, the energy, but most important its analysis of the current world-situation is more accurate than what Conservatism has been pushing. Trump’s should consider bringing people with connections to the alt-right into some politically appointed positions after he wins the election.  If the left complains, Trump’s administration can point to the leftists and anti-White radicals that President Obama appointed.  Trump needs to understand that the conservative establishment cannot be trusted and that he needs to bring in new people with a proven record of support for him from the beginning.

Among the 4 clusters of the Alt-Right there’s a lot of crossover but also a lot of disagreement. In fact, many of these people and websites would never want to be associated with the others within their clusters and definitely not within the entire superstructure.  The NRx group within the Traditionalist cluster doesn’t even see themselves within the Alt-right because to many of them the idea of “left and right” is a product of the modern world.  There are racialists in the WN cluster who see Christians in the traditionalist cluster as “Jew worshipers.” There are “1488” elements on the fringes of WN cluster who think the more moderate racialists within the cluster are actually Jewish agents.  But where all of these elements agree is that the liberal globalist order is evil and must be smashed.  Of course, there are people on the communist and SJW left who think this as well, but these people wouldn’t fall on the “right” and are generally too stupid to realize that they’re pawns for the globalist power structure anyway. The radical left are just foot soldiers for the globalist machine for policing people on the right who refuse to toe the open borders, anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-manhood line. So I take a very “big tent” view of the Alt-Right as being everyone who opposes the globalist, NWO system but who aren’t leftist know-nothings.

Most on the Alt-right take the long view, meaning that they’re less interested in electoral politics or policies and more interested in meta-politics and metaphysics. The Alt-right is trying to change worldviews, not policies.  It is through a change of worldview that a real change in policy will be possible. I think this is the right idea, however, I do believe there should be one policy issue that should be pushed into the political mainstream by the Alt-right and that is freedom of association.

The whole alternative right agree that the liberal globalist order is evil and deserving of liquidation. The various clusters have their own ideas of what an ideal world will look like. But at this point, advocating for a White ethno state in North America or a kingdom organized around Throne and Altar is a non-starter within the American political environment. While it is true that the American people want change, those changes would be too radical and too easy to demonize at this point and time.  But freedom of association on the other hand is a perfect “in between” that actually fits quite well with the American ideal.

People often argue that America is “the land of the free.”  If America was truly “free,” people would be free to form communities with whomever they choose. If they own businesses, they should be free to hire and fire whomever they choose.  The States are supposed to be “laboratories of Democracy.”  If this were the case, States could decide their own laws on all the major social issues. So if a bunch of White people want to form all-White communities and institutions, then this is their right. If a group of traditionalists want to form a community centered around a Benedictine monastery, then this would be their right. If the leftists of Vermont want to form an eco-socialist state, then this would be their right. Forcing an anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-male, and anti-traditionalist system on America is what lead to the rise of the alt-right; but the alt-right shouldn’t expect that others want its worldview pushed on them either.  Therefore freedom of association allows everyone what they want. Freedom of association, local power, and State’s rights is the one domestic policy that the alt-right should channel its energy into. The issue of immigration is important but even if all non-White immigration was stopped today there’s still a system of forced integration and anti-Whiteness in place intended on bringing about the disappearance of White humans.

Besides this one policy effort the Alt-Right needs to continue doing what it has been doing. The WN cluster needs to continue fighting White genocide (by spreading the message against White genocide and attacking and discrediting anti-Whiteness anywhere it is found and funded in the public sphere) and raising European awareness.  The traditionalists should continue fighting for decency, order, honor and the defense of Christian ideals.  The manosphere should continue attacking and discrediting the cancer that is feminism and instructing men in the techniques of the alpha male. And the alternative news and research crowd should continue exposing the satanic liberal globalist order and its agents.

The alt-right also needs to increase connectivity into Europe and Russia.  I propose a new “Trilateral Commission” of sorts between like-minded individuals in the US, Europe, and Russia. Just as the liberal globalist order has their Trilateral Commission for the economic integration of the US, Europe, and Japan under the satanic globalist vision; the new Trilateral Commission of the US, Europe, and Russia needs to be created for the furthering of cooperation between these three geo-units under the alternate right vision of the world.   It needs to attack, discredit, and guard against globalist ideas and programs like micro-chipping humans, Agenda 21, GMO foods, and trans-humanism.

The alternative right also needs its own TV news and entertainment channel similar to a Russia Today.  It would include news, analysis, academic discussions, book reviews, documentaries, dramas, and other arts. The alt-right already has the personnel to man such a station it just requires the funding. So I call on some wealthy individual (or group of individuals) to fund this endeavor.  If you’re rich and seek adventure and the chance to leave a true legacy behind that will be world changing, I urge you to fund an alt-right TV channel. Such a channel will be run very responsibly and will not include the more suspect figures on the alt-right (skinheads, neo-Nazis, advocates of violence, and other assorted “1488ers”).  These people can’t really be “purged” from the alt-right (as it’s not possible to truly purge people from an informal network) but it is possible to not include them in any future influential alt-right institutions.

I also feel the need to give the alt-right some warnings. There will be and likely already have been attempts to infiltrate and co-opt the alt-right. There will be attempts to get the various clusters fighting each other instead of against the globalist order. It’s important to remember that other people in the alt-right feel just as strongly about their concerns as you do about your major concerns. Don’t waste time attacking others within clusters or in other clusters unless they’re clearly trying to damage the movement. Always remember the major issue you agree on; this being the fact that the globalist order is evil and must be grinded down to powder and thrown into the wind. But I’m also talking about something more than just police, intelligence, NGO, or independent troll infiltration. Major personalities within the alt-right will be tempted like Christ in the desert to sell out and/or merge the alt-right with the current globalist project. The people who currently sit at the commanding heights are not ideological. They care about global government with them at the top of the pyramid. If this means wiping 95% of the Jews off the map, then they will do it. These people will offer you money, fame, and power, but you will have to bow before their god Satan to get it. Don’t forget this.

the alt-right-tempted-by-the-devil