Why Christianity (Part 4)



This will be the final part of my “Why Christianity” series.

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The purpose of this series was to make an argument for a Christian cultural and spiritual basis for the Western world. I make this argument in the context of the coming collapse of the current globalist order. The Anglo-American-Judeo elites are facing major loses in power and influence in the world at the very least and possibly physical extinction as well.  After their collapse (if they don’t take the world down with them) some sort of cultural and spiritual basis will need to be put in place to start healing Western peoples of the sicknesses that have been inflicted on them. I’ve made an argument in favor of Christianity mostly citing its strengths from the philosophical, social, and theological points of views. I will now make the argument from a practical perspective.

One of the biggest and most obvious reasons for making the argument for Christianity as the cultural organizing principle for the West is that it has been for the last 1700 years or so.  This is what people are used to. To try to advocate something totally new would very likely frighten a lot of people. In almost every community across the Western world sits one or more churches within an organizational structure. The holidays of Christmas and Easter remain the two biggest holidays in the Western world.  The greatest Western artistic and architectural achievements have been inspired by Christian ideals.

Of course, one of the problems with this argument is that the majority of the Christian denominations in the Western world stand squarely against the interests of the historical populations of the Western world.  Whether they be the Roman Catholic, Anglican, mainline protestant, (Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, etc.) or evangelical, they all act as cogs in the White genocide and globalist machine with massive support for mass immigration and forced assimilation.

It is truly sad that while recently the Dali-Lama came out against the flood of non-White immigrants into Europe and even defended Germany as being for Germans, Pope Francis has again and again pushed for more foreign invaders to flood Europe. And it’s not as if Pope Francis doesn’t know what’s behind all this forced 3rd world immigration. While still a Cardinal he and a Rabbi Skorka collaborated on a book titled “On Heaven and Earth” where they discussed some of the major issues of the day. In the chapter on globalization (on page 208) Pope Francis said the following:

The globalization that makes everything uniform is essentially imperialist and instrumentally liberal, but it is not human. In the end it is a way to enslave the nations.”  He went on to say “we often hear about the ‘melting pot’ of races. If this is meant in a poetic sense, it is okay. But if it is meant in the sense of fusing nations, something is wrong: a nation has to maintain its identity and, at the same time, integrate itself with others.”  

Reading these quotes one can’t help to admit that then Cardinal Bergoglio (now Pope Francis) had some healthy instincts and a good understanding of what the globalist elites were trying to achieve. But today he seems to advocate for the non-human, uniform creating, fusion of nations that will end in their enslavement that he warned against.


The Roman Catholic Church is a mysterious institution. It’s hard to believe that the longest living organization in history would be so short sighted as to support policies that will lead to the Islamization of Europe. The alternative researcher Leo Zagami claims that 40 Cardinals have secretly converted to Islam and are preparing for the merging of Islam and Christianity in the creation of a one world religion. While I’ve seen no proof of Cardinals converting to Islam I have no doubt that the globalist apparatus is highly infiltrated in the Vatican and that the Roman Catholic Church would be an ideal vehicle for a one world religion. At the same time, I could see the Vatican using the refugee crises as an opportunity to reassert its influence by becoming militant again and leading the crusade to clear Europe of Muslims. The so called “Year of Mercy” could be followed by a “Decade of Order” with perhaps a new traditionalist Pope (perhaps a Dominican?) that would take over after Pope Francis resigns.  This new change of direction by the Church would include major collaboration with the Christian Orthodox world.


The Roman Catholic Church and other denominations need to do something if they’re to survive in the Western world; so why not do the smart thing and try to appeal to the historical-majority populations of the Western world?  Of course political correctness does make people fundamentally stupid, so it’s really not a surprise that they don’t do the smart thing.  Essentially a huge factor in the re-Christianization of the West will be the actions of the churches of the West. If they continue to be anti-White and refuse to accept the inborn human preference for forming communities with other humans they primarily identify with, then they will cease to be centers of Truth and Light, and therefore fade away into the darkness. Something new will replace them that better reflects the order of the universe and respects the people of the Western world.

The last issue I want to address is the argument of belief.  Most people don’t really believe in all the stories of the Bible. While Americans tend to believe the Bible more than Europeans, Europeans seem to be majority agnostic. So for the person who says “but I don’t believe in all that God stuff,” I say “so what?”  Even if you’re a total atheist I think the social externalities of a Christian culture are reason enough to support it. Why not see Jesus Christ or other Biblical figures or Saints as examples to live up to? Or perhaps consider this:

Think of “God” as the collective consciousness of all conscious beings.  So the three parts (or “persons”) of this God are 1) the collective field of all consciousness, 2) the individual conscious observer within the collective field of consciousness, and 3) the relationship between the collective field and the individual observer. This relationship is a feedback loop between the observer affecting the field and the field affecting the observer.

As we know from quantum physics, the observer effects the phenomenon being observed.  So as you move through the world you’re helping to create the world by being there.  The impact a phenomenon had on you in space-time is now having an impact on wherever you go.  This is how prayer works. You go into a quiet room and pray for something. You spoke or thought words and your mind heard them. You’ve “programmed” these words into you.  Because your consciousness is connected to all other consciousness in the field, the prayers enter the field.

This brings us to the relationship language has with the field and prayer.  We human observers differentiate the field using language. Language is made up of words and are used to convey meaning.  Symbols convey meaning. Most religious traditions use symbols and allegories to convey and program meaning. A solider in ancient Rome would pray before the statue of Mars (god of war) to concentrate war energy within himself. The words associated with the god Mars would be words like bravery, strength, skill, tenaciousness.  In praying to Mars the soldier concentrates his will on these attributes.  Think about the other Roman Gods Jupiter: Law, Governance, Order; Juno: marriage and women; Venus: Love and fertility; Janus: New beginnings, transition. The field is differentiated by language so the “gods” are used to allegorize aspects of the field.  The more you concentrate on something the more this influences you and your perceptions.

Saint Michael Vanquishing Satan by Maffei, Francesco (ca 1600-1660) / Thyssen-Bornemisza Collections / c. 1656 / Italy, Venetian School / Oil on stone / Bible / 80x75 / Baroque

So now to the Christian tradition.  The Arch Angel Michael is a war god of sorts.  Soldiers wear a medal of Michael and feel protected and this feeling of protection gives them some added confidence in dangerous situations. Mary is the Mother goddess. The words associated with her would be purity, mother love, compassion.  Her image is powerful.  Think about it, even if you don’t come from a Christian tradition that venerates Mary, would you feel comfortable taking part in a cocaine and vodka fueled threesome with two 19-year-old girls in front of a large icon or statue of the virgin Mary?  Would you?  So what about Jesus? What the Christians did was take Jesus, whose associated words would be love, self-sacrifice, charity, humility, etc. and make him the ruler of the field.   This was a world changing idea, as it conveys the idea that the universe loves you and as one feels loved, they tend to love back.

So prayer and veneration works by programming ourselves using language with meanings that we wish to concentrate our wills upon and internalize.  Will prayer heal you’re loved one dying with cancer?  At the very least it will help you deal with it. But perhaps we don’t know enough about what concentrating our intentions on something can do? This is really what ceremonial magic is about. Practitioners of magic believe that concentrating their intentions on something will create forces or energy that travel through the field which can help bring about an outcome. Remember that the most powerful people in the world take part in these activities. But again, it’s worth repeating that even if you don’t think much of this explanation of prayer and religious practice that Jesus and the Saints can be thought of as examples to emulate and that the collective result of the population becoming more Christ-like will be a more humane and orderly society.

I don’t know what the future beholds but I am quite confident that the world is about to transition towards a new order.  I believe there are many benefits to a Christian organizing principle but am quite aware that the current globalist order is very much integrated with the various Christian denominations.  If these denominations wish to survive then it is imperative that they oppose the globalist program and respect the White, Western people’s right to self-determination.  I pray to God that they will see the Light on this.



Will they see the Light?


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