Why aren’t any (((anti-racist educators))) demonstrating at the Bilderberg Meeting?

where are they

Where are all the SJWs???

The 2016 Bilderberg meeting has been underway from June 9-12 in Dresden Germany. If any group of people were examples of so called “White Privilege” it would be the people who attend these meetings. But do we see any “anti-racist” (remember that “anti-racist” is just a code word for anti-White) activists or SJWs demonstrating these meetings? Do we see any (((anti-racist educators))) raising awareness of these meetings?  Do we see them demanding more inclusion of non-Whites in these meetups?  The attendance list of the annual meeting is made up of the most powerful people in the world and 95% of them would be considered White by most Social Justice Warriors (SJW) and other assorted anti-White retards (past meetings were attended by Hillary Clinton and the current one includes many of her insiders).

But we don’t hear anything from so called “anti-racists.” If we truly have a “White supremacist system” as the retards claim, then the Bilderberg types would be the authors and custodians of this system.  And yet, we hear nothing from the $PLC, (((anti-racist educators))), BLM, La Raza or any other antifa retards. Instead, these unthinking, retarded zombies go to Trump rallies and assault Trump supporters while being defended by politicians and the mainstream media. You see, it’s easier and more fun to assault unarmed, outnumbered, working class White people than to try something similar at military guarded Bilderberg meetings.

This is the “system of White supremacy” we hear about: White people can be assaulted in the streets, without police intervention for supporting a civic nationalist whose policies would benefit blacks, Whites and Hispanics alike, while the people who truly have “structural power” are left alone to discuss and implement a system that requires all White countries to take in millions of hostile non-Whites and be integrated with them.

Think about how absolutely retarded you have to be to the accept the “White Privilege” concept.  I can excuse some 18-year-old college kid who’s never thought once for herself in her life, but the professional “anti-racists” have no excuse.  They know they serve the types people who attend Bilderberg meetings and know that what they’re doing is totally disingenuous and lacking in any kind of truth or “justice.”  The “White Privilege” concept is part of a psychological warfare campaign targeted at the White populations of the West for the purpose of making them more pliable to the forced integration of people from the “developing world.”  This forced integration is part of a greater project of creating a world government with the Bilderberg meeting types ruling it.

In short, so called “White privilege” is part of the discourse of White genocide. The desire of White humans to have spaces and institutions of their own is not “privilege” but a basic human right that I suspect most “anti-racists” would never deny to any other peoples. The right to free assication and national right to a self determined destiny is the #1 human rights issue of our time. So called “anti-racists” and other SJWs are truly the stupidest, most unthinking, most childish people on earth. The average rank and file SJW gets to feel like (((Trotsky))) manning the barricades while disrupting Trump supporters on campus while mommy pays their tuition and the school administrators make sure no one hurts their feelings with views different than theirs. The professional (((anti-racist educators))) get money, social status, and a feeling of power knowing they’re carrying out the project of global government. They feel like their shaping history and they look forward to the day when they will be the ones at the Bilderberg meetings calling the shots.

The bad news for them and their globalist masters is that they bet the wrong way. They decided that their best plan was to pick a fight with the White working and middle classes across the Western world in order to bring about global government. They thought a group of, truly privileged, international elites who control the major institutions could lead an army of non-Whites in the forced replacement of Whites. They’re intoxicated with the spirits of early success in a fight against an opponent that was sound asleep when they first attacked.  But now their opponent is waking up. The implicit Whiteness of the Trump Campaign and the rise of the alt-right are only the beginning as Whites just start to stop snoring as their eyes twitch open out of slumber. The globalist elites are in all-out attack mode while the White masses are just starting to realize that they’re even in a fight.

When judgment day comes I suspect that many SJW leaders and (((anti-racist educators))) will argue that they never passed any laws bringing in immigrants or force integrating White spaces. They’ll say they were just “educators” and not part of any law-making body.  Perhaps they think that this will be good enough to keep them from facing justice?  Is there precedence in this matter?


Precedence in a picture: He just ran a newspaper



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