A Stupid Gamble


When one first starts looking into alternative research literature and media you come to realize that there’s clearly an organized attempt to create global government by a group of transnational elites. But if you look deeper into this subject, you’ll learn that the power players of the world are not one, solid, homogeneous block; finely tuned in their mission to control the world.

Some of the best work on the subject of elites is written by Joseph P. Farrell.  Farrell’s work was made known to me through the Follow the White Rabbit radio show (found in my blog roll).  Farrell’s body of work has laid out, quite convincingly, that the power players in the world are more like competing mafia families than one harmonious structure organized towards a signal goal.

Another interesting author is Leo Zagami. I became aware of Zagami only a few months ago on Infowars. Like Farrell, he paints a picture of competing elites that cut across institutions. Zagami’s works are particularly valuable because he goes deep into the subject of secret societies and the influence they have in the world. One realizes after reading his work that you really can’t be accepted by the elites or given any major position in the world if you’re not initiated into a fraternal organization.

Another good source of information on the divisions of the globalist elites is the website “The institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert politics (found in my blogroll). This site is filled with fascinating (and disturbing) material but the report most pertinent to this article is the “Four Establishment Model in Western Politics.” Similar to Farrell and Zagami’s work, this model shows the Western world elites as being divided but particularly made up of 4 main factions with competing interests.

After the end of the Second World War the most powerful elite faction has been what I call the “Anglo-America-Judeo elites. In this faction you have the Anglo Aristocracy and London Banking families; the Eastern Establishment Families in America; and World Jewry. This faction defeated the Continental European elites during the second world war and made the Continentals conform to their particular plan for global government as a result.

If the Anglo-American-Judeo elites wanted to, they could have teamed up with Germany before the first world war and global government would have been no problem. The contrast in power between the West and the rest of the world was probably its greatest at the beginning of the 20th century.  But the Anglo-American-Judeo elites didn’t want to share with the Germans. Later the Nazis even proposed that the British could hold on to all their colonies if they allied with them against the Soviet Union but the Anglo-American-Judeo elites declined this offer. Of course, by the end of WWI the Anglo power elite faction was tied in with World Jewry as a result of the Jewry’s deal to get America into the war in return for giving Palestine over for the future Jewish State; therefore, an alliance with Germany was quite unlikely.

After the Anglo-American-Judeo elites won the second world war they started the next phase of their version of world order. Since they secured Western Europe by defeating their biggest competitor in Germany, they were free to start the war against the populations of the Western world.  They waited a generation after the soldiers returned from WWII and then started the assault on the major institutions of the Western world (family, community, faith, education system, media, etc.). In the 1970’s the deindustrialization of the West started and worker wages having been declining ever since.  Today all the major institutions are anti-White and floods of people from the “developing world” are being force integrated into the West.

So, we can see that the people running the English speaking world have absolutely no loyalty to or concern whatsoever for the historical populations of the West.  One could make the argument that they thought that the Anglo-American way was superior to all and that this was the reason for needing to defeat the Continentals. The problem with this argument is that they then turned on the populations of the English speaking world and are doing all they can erase the “WASP” way of life from the face of the earth. This small clique of people from the English speaking world decided that they didn’t need the Germans, other Continentals, or White Americans.  They used White Americans to defeat the Germans but once that fight was over they went to work on White America.  Since the Cold War ended they’ve been doing all they could to take down Russia as well.

The bottom line was that the Anglo-American-Judeo elites gambled against Whiteness. They bet that they, with control of the commanding heights (of media, education, banking, commerce, military, legal system, churches), and using an army of non-Whites could have the world all for themselves to rule at the top; while everyone else would be mixed into the “melting pot” and “perfected” into bricks to fit underneath them in their pyramid of power.

But now times are changing. Now they’re seeing the rise of Trump and the Alternative Right (including the message against White genocide which was even retweeted by Trump) in America. Now they’re seeing the rise of Nationalism in Europe. Now they’re seeing Russia checkmating them across Eastern Europe, central Asia, and the Middle East. They seemed to have learned, to their likely horror, on September 11th 2001 that some of their fellow elites weren’t really on board with their vision of the world and that certain parties they thought were defeated in the past weren’t so defeated after all.

So now look at the situation they’re in. They’re facing a force from within and above that likely holds a lot of compromising information on them and which also very likely has technological superiority over them.  And they’re watching the White masses growing more and more anti-globalist and racially aware every day.  They feel pressure from above and below.  They’re building million dollar bunkers as their banker underlings are dropping (sometimes out of tall buildings) like flies.  They’re losing geopolitical influence across the world.  And all of this is because instead of taking the sure thing by teaming up with the Germans and giving the White masses an honest role to play in their world order, they decided it was best to put everyone who was not them under their boot.

Was it hubris, greed, psychopathology, in-breeding? Who knows?  But final bets have been called and THEY CAN’T MOVE THEIR MONEY TO WHITE!  It’s too late. They’re “all in.”.  I’m certain the ones at the very top know they’re in trouble and are doing all they can to put the mid and low level types in a position to take the brunt of the justice that’s preparing to be unleashed. How many conversations have been recorded and documents intercepted that have the big dog’s names attached that explicitly proves their complicity in White genocide?  Undoubtedly this question must keep them up at night.

The most comical thing now is watching all the mid-level to lower-mid level anti-Whites act with such arrogance with no clue that their only role at this point is to take a big enough beating that the lust for payback may be diverted somewhat from the upper level globalists.  I can’t help but feel some Christian sympathy for the ignorant Black Lives Matter types, knowing that they’re being set up for a major ass whipping for reasons and because of people that they have absolutely no clue about.  There will be satisfaction seeing recompense meted out against the mid-level types for their crimes against White humanity.  As far as the high level types I’m not sure what’s going to happen?  People with trillions of dollars may be able to live on after being taxed by their rival elites and given a pass in some way?  The world of super elites is unknown to me but I doubt we’ll see a Rothschild or the Queen hanging from a rope in the days to come? Unfortunately, the universe doesn’t seem to be that just. At the same time, the events of 9-11 have shown us that some extremely serious players are on the scene in this solar system and made their presence know by turning the biggest masonic symbol in the world into a pile of dust.  So who knows what will happen? The only sure bet is that the people who bet against Whiteness are about to lose their shirts…and very likely for many of them, some other parts as well?




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