Why do Fascist Movements Come About?


The reaction by the Catholic Church to the recent throat cutting of a French Catholic Priest (during Mass) exemplifies perfectly why fascist movements come about.

The same groups of players that existed in the 1920’s, exist today.

1.You have out of control violence and violent actors who cause trouble in the streets and who cannot be reasoned with. Besides the street actions, there’s a constant attack on the major institutions (nation, family, community, education, symbolic) by academics, journalists, and state funded members of artistic community. In the 1920’s this was done by communists. Today, in the streets, it’s White college age left wingers, ghetto blacks and illegal Hispanic aliens in America. In Europe it’s White college age left wingers and Muslims.  In past articles I described this conglomeration of the left and non-Whites in the street as the Globalist Occupation Army in The West (GOATW).

2.You have an international clique of banking interests, media networks, Jews, fraternal organizations, and oligarchs (Jew and gentile alike) that support and manipulate events; which includes supporting the rabble rousing thugs causing the violence in the streets and subverting the culture. This group existed in the 20’s and 30’s and were known as “cosmopolitans” and today are knows as “globalists.”  Their goal is to consolidate power for the creation of global government with them at the top of the pyramid.

3.This next group is usually overlooked but is most pertinent to this article. Here you have the Conservative Establishment. In the 1920’s this was the Aristocracy, churches (Catholic and Protestant) and the Bourgeoisie. Today, in America it’s the GOP/Conservative establishment, conservative churches, and big business. In Europe it’s the Aristocracy and the churches.

It’s this group that deserves more attention. What you have here are upper middle and wealthy classes of people who don’t want any trouble.  They want to run their businesses, slap each other on the back at the golf course, move up the social and corporate later;  basically they want business as usual. These people don’t particularity like the actions of the street thugs, or culture subverters, and many maybe don’t even particularly like the globalist agenda, but they’re too cowardly to do anything about it, except some token gestures (support the “Tea Party” or whatever).

So this brings me to the reaction of the Catholic Church to the throat cutting of its own Priest DURING MASS!   The Catholic News Agency reports that Pope Francis reacted to these horrific events by decrying the “absurd violence” that occurred. Francis went on to “pray that God might inspire “thoughts of reconciliation and fraternity.”” The Arch Bishop of Rouen said “The Catholic Church cannot take weapons other than those of prayer and brotherhood among men.” He went on to encourage people to “not give in to the violence,” but instead “become apostles of the civilization of love.”  

So why do fascist movements come about? Because the Conservative Establishment types (aka Cuckservatives) are too cowardly to do anything in the face of street thuggery and internationalist manipulation.

It might be bad for business you see.  You might not get selected to the College of Cardinals if you point out that the Muslim influx into Europe will very likely result in the destruction of the Catholic Church. Or, what will the people at the local chamber of commerce say if someone calls you a “racist?”

Isn’t it interesting that fascism was born in Italy, which is the epicenter of the Roman Catholic World? If the Church(s), the Bourgeoisie, and Aristocracy wanted to they could put an end to the West’s problems easily. But they’re either too scared, or they’re in on it. I will admit that I’d actually prefer to see a more traditionalist society with an influential Church compared to a fascist inspired Imperium. Fascism is highly materialistic, militarist, and tends to place high value on “pride” (a general lack of humility). I have rather warm feelings towards Christian Monarchy.In my romantic view of these institutions, Crown and Altar have a sacred responsibility to defend and ameliorate the peoples of Europe and its derivatives. But if these traditional institutions do nothing (or worse, work against the Folk’s interests), then the resistance will come from somewhere else. This is human nature; no human group will allow itself to be displaced without a fight.

So this leaves the working and middle classes, along with some adventurous wealthy people to take up the holy work of defending the White humans of the earth.  And that’s exactly what we’re seeing today. So…

Because of this


You get this


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