Think of the Power!



Within the White Nationalist cluster of the Alternative Right I notice that there seems to be great importance placed on power. With “power” here I’m talking about political power. I’ve heard the idea proposed, by a few, that Whites should build a Roman Empire type polity and basically bend the rest of the world to its will. I think the subject of power needs to be thought about with extreme circumspection.

What pro-White Identitarians want, above all, is to regain the right to White freedom of destiny. They want spaces and institutions dedicated to the survival and amelioration of European humanity. If it were any other racial or ethnic group on earth, this wouldn’t even be a question, but that’s part of the anti-White predicament that White humanity finds itself in today.  Currently, White humans, across the world, are subject to a program of genocide (or “race replacement” if you don’t like the term genocide) by forced integration with the non-White world. This program of genocide is being carried out by a small group of globalist elites who see the White populations of the West as their greatest barrier to global government.

So to obtain the goal of White freedom of destiny, the globalist elites must be defeated politically. To do so, White humans need to be made aware of the on-going program of genocide being waged against them and be encouraged to see that they have the right to self-determination, just like any other human group.  At this point, the campaign of awareness is going well. The White genocide meme has been popping up across the world; has been retweeted by the 2016 Republican nominee for President; and an anti-White member of congress even express concern over the meme’s rapid dissemination during a recent hearing.  Other figures in the pro-White identitarian movement have been doing a good job of reminding Whites of their right to self-determination. These actions are starting to bear fruit in mainstream politics, as a congressman from Iowa recently defended Western Civilization in a racially explicit manner. 

It can be argued that defeating the globalist elites will require power, in that power is required to overcome the will of an entity that is attempting to bend your in-group to their will.  I believe that the pursuit of power in the goal of defeating the globalist elite and reasserting White freedom of destiny is a legitimate motive for pursuing political power. However, I would urge you to keep in mind what we really want is a change of the current global system that gives Whites the right to freedom of destiny; including spaces and institutions to carry out this destiny. I remind you of this because the day could come when people within the Alt-Right might be given positions of power but no real change will have occurred. It’s not power we want per se, but the power to make change.

Now to this idea of a White Roman Empire. I’ve been saying for a long time that once Whites achieve freedom of destiny that we should build a great intergalactic civilization. This should be the collective effort of the body of Whiteness where our greatest abilities, skills, and attributes can be channeled. But where I differ from some of the “Empire builders” is with the idea that it should be predatory in nature.

Of course, I can hear some White Nationalists reading this saying “why not, cuck?”  To answer this I won’t make a moral argument to them, because to the Nietzscheans among the WN cluster, such an argument would be written off as “slave morality” anyway. Instead I will argue that dominating others also harms the dominators as well.  Weapons technology has come a long way since Rome, and a long way since the British Empire for that matter.  Declaring that we’re going to dominate the globe is a good way to see the globe destroyed. The Chinese and Indians have nuclear weapons. They have EMP weapons that could send us back technologically 200 years.  The current globalist elites are bringing us rapidly closer to WWIII with their plans for world domination, so why would we do the same? We want to be the alternative to the current regime.

By coming out and proposing that a White Empire dominate the earth, we’re driving off potential non-White allies that are needed to defeat the globalist elites. For example, in Japan members of a nationalist fraternal organization called Nippon Kaigi make up many influential positions in Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party. These folks are advocating breaking away from the globalist program. Also, recently the Dali Lama expressed concern that Europe was being overrun by Muslims. He explicitly said that “Germany is Germany.”  Japanese Nationalists, Buddhist monks, Muslim states like Assad’s Syria, or South American National Socialists like the late Hugo Chavez are our natural allies. Why would we want to drive away anti-globalists like this?   I also don’t believe engaging in violence and conquering others makes (adjusted) people happy. I think causing trauma to others causes trauma to the trauma giver.

So the question is, once Whites have gained back the freedom of destiny, what will we do?  I propose, that instead of an “Empire,” that we look at our project as a “Civilization.”  Instead of looking to dominate the globe, we look to leave the globe (the final stage of White flight).  If or when Whites throw off the shackles of the anti-White, globalist system, we will be a great force. But instead of channeling the energy onto the globe, we channel it into space. Instead of a horizontal focus, we have a vertical focus. We will need resources to build this civilization, so I don’t advocate cutting the West off from the rest of the world. We’ll trade for resources and make square deals.  For example, some Africans trade us some minerals we need and we’ll build them a clean water system. We will deal with everyone honorably. We WILL NOT conduct ourselves like the current globalist elites, who act like your allies when they need you and then stab you in the back once you no longer have any utility for them. We need to act like “Aryans” in the true “noble” definition of the word.

Another channel for our energies would be undertaking a massive environmental cleanup program where we clean up places like the Pacific garbage patch.  I also propose a charitable organization filled with SJWs. Any SJWs, anti-Whites, or leftists who commit minor criminal or terrorist acts against White polities or institutions will be given the choice to go to jail, or go to the 3rd world and serve in a charitable organization that cares for suffering non-Whites.  These organizations will be administered by the current Christian denominations who currently do everything they can to flood the Western world with non-Whites. If SJWs and the Christian denominations want to help the weakest and poorest of the world, we’ll give them that opportunity.

Of course, while a high civilization is wonderful, the first order of business, after we win our freedom of destiny, is to heal from decades of trauma. We need to work on ourselves.  The problems of addiction, obesity, selfishness, attention whoring, alienation, materialism, etc., are all symptoms of an overarching sickness of soul that infects the Western world.  We cannot become “supermen” until we first become human again.  People need to live in functional, healthy families and communities for a few generations before we can really start pushing out into space. The kind of technology required for an intergalactic civilization will feature a level of energy that will be capable of destroying planets.  The kinds of people entrusted to manage such technology must be people governed by reason.  Their highest notion of existence can’t be the “Will to Power.”  I highly suspect that there is life outside of earth and this life has probably visited earth.  If the main law of the universe is the “Will to Power” then we should already be dead. Why would they care?  They would send down some kind of bio-weapon and then remove the resources after we’re done kicking.  I suspect there probably is some kind of “Federation of Planets” that has laws and that one of the rules is probably an edict against directly interfering with a planet containing life forms with a certain level of consciousness (probably the ability to reason).

Last, I want to cover the subject of people who desire power. I won’t beat around the bush on this subject and will flatly come out and say that I think people who hunger after power are dangerous.  The person who desires power is the person who should not have it. A massive need for power for its own sake is probably the sign of someone who feels lacking in something. This is most likely the result of some kind of trauma from childhood. Could not Nietzsche, the prophet of “the Will to Power,” have been affected by the loss of his father at a young age and the feelings of insecurity that this must produce?  Power is driven by the needs of the ego. Reason is a check on our ego. Reason seeks harmony and ego seek domination.  Most of the great figures of power in history (Like Napoleon) didn’t last long and generally ended up leaving behind piles of corpses.

George Washington was a great man because he didn’t even want to be President. He led the Continental Army, helped with the Constitution, but then just wanted to go home. People should fall into positions of power, or be forced to take them on.  The individual who desires power will, many times, sell out his own to increase power. This is one of the reasons monarchy is appealing. The people with power inherit it and should feel it a burden. A palace should be a prison of shame for the lousy monarch and a reminder of responsibility for a good monarch.  The Monarchs across Europe today should feel intense shame over the state of their nations. They have castles and expensive artwork and the faces on these portraits are looking down on them in shame.

I think the “game” or PUA people can teach us something here. It’s not the guy who tries too hard who gets the girls. It’s the guy who doesn’t care that ends up picking up the most women.  He has fun and gets out his message and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Many of the books on making money say not to focus on the money but focus on what you do and doing it well.  The money will come once you find what you do well.  I say the same applies to power as women or money.  Have fun, do what you do well, and the power will come; by that time, you might not even want it?  And it is then that you will be worthy of it.




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