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A Plan for the White Underclass


The White working class (WWC) have been hit the hardest by globalization over the last 40 years.  Premature mortality, addiction, obesity, and divorce are widespread among this demographic. While I would be considered “middle class” today, due to levels of education and chosen career field, I am the product of the WWC. I grew up in the Rust Belt and my father was a skilled blue collar worker. I saw many of the issues that plague the WWC within my own house and within others.

The WWC is proving to be major annoyance for the globalist elites. The WWC was supposed to play the role of “White racist evil doer” in the globalist, anti-White narrative. As the industrial base was dismantled, mass waves of non-White immigrants brought in, and the anti-White information warfare campaign was being conducted against Whites, this was going to create the conditions that would cause the WWC to start lashing out (and dropping out).  This is what the (highly government infiltrated and probably sponsored in many cases) militia movement was about in the 1990’s.  This would give the globalist elites the opportunity to “solve” the “problem” of WWC radicalism by implementing more diversity, more “anti-racist” (((education))), and more restrictions on free speech.  This would be collectively dramatized in the media as the major mythology of the new globalist civilization. The forced integration of the West with the developing world, for the creation of global government under the rule of the globalist elites, would rally around the narrative of “ending racism” in the West just as “spreading freedom and democracy” is used as the pretext for dominating the rest of the world.

Lately however, the narrative has been disrupted. Trump has risen as the champion of the WWC and the WWC have proven to be his most loyal supporters.  There’s also been the rise of the Alternative Right meta-political movement in America. The Alt-Right is a middle to upper middle class movement of highly educated, tech-savvy young people. The Alt-Right is extremely dangerous to the globalist elites because it destroys the anti-White narrative and because it can potentially serve in a leadership role for the WWC. The Alt-Right was never supposed to happen.The globalist elites were counting on militias, Christian Identity RHOWA types, Neo-Nazis, Klan groups and other misguided expressions of WWC discontent.

What working class people want is to belong and to believe in something.  They don’t want to discuss high philosophical ideas. They don’t have time to read Carl Schmitt, Evola, or Nietzsche. They (including myself) were fooled in the early 2000’s into believing in “War on Terrorism” patriotardism nonsense but have come to realize that they were conned. They will bust their back for you if you provide them with an honest plan for the future.  They want a good job and a nice community to raise a family.  These folks are the “salt-of-the-earth.”

Of course, the globalist elites are growing tired of them. As the Alt-Right grows and the WWC becomes a potential political army, the globalist elites will have to act.  As much as the globalist elites might like to kill the WWC in mass (like they did with the Russia peasants in the 20’s and 30’s) they can’t take that chance at this point. I suspect that they’ll offer opiate fortified fast food/Mountain Dew and a guaranteed income in return for remaining out of politics and agreeing to become sterilized.  They can die out in an opiate haze and not make any trouble for the globalist elites and their Satanic plans for the earth.

The problem for the globalist elites is that they’re running out of time.  Many of them don’t even realize how much trouble they’re in. I think the ones at the very top know, but the people lower down the trough are acting as arrogant as ever; and this is the sign of their impending fall.

So the question is what to do with the WWC after the globalist elites are thwarted and worthy leaders take command of the West?  I think most of the WWC will be fine with improved employment opportunities, homogeneous communities, and an end to the anti-White information campaign being waged against them.  But there will be a collection of people from this group that will need extra attention.  I’m talking about what some people call “White trash” (although I don’t like this term).  I’m talking about the people with chronic addiction, criminal behavior, unemployment, emotional problems, and obesity.  I’m talking about the people with the least amount of future time orientation. I’m talking about the “People of Wal-Mart.”  This group of people, while a fraction of the WWC, still makes up millions of people. Fifty years of cultural Marxism has done a lot of damage.

The best policy solutions address several problems at once. Besides the problems of the White underclass, another problem that needs to be addressed is the problem of big-agriculture and GMO foods. Big-agro drove out family farms and many GMO foods are banned outside of the United States. The food we put in our bodies is of immense importance. Any future White spaces (communities, regions, states, nations, kingdoms) should be somewhat agrarian.  But the core of this agrarian society should be an organic farming and ranching super structure that will be integrated into the social welfare system..

What I propose do with the White underclass, is to use them as the labor supply for the organic, agrarian super structure. Any future social welfare system will be built around farm work. An individual and/or family in need will be moved into a rural community where labor is needed.  The men and single women will do farm work and the mothers will take care of the children. They will be provided housing, food, medical care, education for children, and other necessities.  They will be given mental health counseling and family services. They will be required to attend a church every Sunday and be expected to attend community functions.  There will be drug testing, inspections of living spaces, limitations on outside media, and weigh-ins. This will be a highly structure life for the people who need structure the most.

There will have to be some sort of supervisory cadre assigned to each region and sub regions.  There will be a chain of command, or modern system of manorial lords (so to speak). Balancing the manorial lords will be the churches, that will watch to see the people are treated justly and within the guidelines of the program.  No one will be forced into the program but since this will be the social welfare system, the choice will be between this and nothing. If the people in need have children and refuse to enter the program, the kids will be removed and placed in the program with families that can care for them. Over time they will be given management opportunities and later be given opportunities for zero interest loans to buy farms. After two years or so of being in the program they will have the opportunity to leave it but I suspect many will want to stay forever.

The actual food being grown will be organic. Organic foods don’t produce the same yields as non-organic foods but to make up for this more of it will be grown. Millions of people will be moved into the agricultural sector.  Fast food will be outlawed. Wal-Mart will be outlawed. Big agro/GMO foods will be outlawed.  I believe that 10% of the population should be working directly or in support of the agricultural super structure. The simple change from garbage food to healthy food I suspect will have a major positive result.

The purpose of this program has nothing to do with profits. The purpose of this program is to help the most vulnerable people within the WWC while providing the larger population with healthy food. The most important function of any future White collective (at any political scale) is the amelioration of its people.  We want to make people “whole.”   We want to create the conditions for producing psychologically adjusted and spiritually mature people. We want people who are independent (and not codependent) but thoughtful of others. We want people who are mindful and living in the present. We want people to work on self-improvement but who can also accept their limitations (aka humility). We want hard working people but not people who use work as another outlet for a lack of inner peace.  We want stable, sober, happy homes where kids can grow up with both parents.  We want communities that interact and socialize with each other in clean and wholesome ways.


While this program would be ideal in a future White ethno-state, it’s likely that such a state is unlikely to happen in North America in the near future. I do believe it could be implemented in the  United States in the near future after a Trump victory (the globalist Clinton would never support such a program since people of her ilk only support programs that make the population worse off or allow them to fill their pockets; preferably both at the same time).  After a major program of deportation has been carried out, the Wall has been built, and freedom of association has been re-implemented (along with a comprehensive racial reform program), this program would fit well.

The challenge will be persuading blacks, and Hispanics to a lesser degree, because their “leaders” would cry that this was “neo-slavery.” One of the overlooked negative externalities of diversity is that it makes dealing with the White underclass much more difficult. This is the same with policing. Seventy years ago if a White man got wise with a cop the cop would smash him with his night stick. Now if a black man reaches for a gun and gets shot by a cop it can lead to riots.

A program like this would directly benefit the underclass of all races and provide quality food to all Americans. Elected officials throughout the American farm belt should promote this program with the promise of repopulating rural areas that have been declining demographically for the last 30 years. If non-Whites won’t get on board, then I would suggest creating a non-governmental organization that would carry this out. This GMO would coordinate farmers, family service organizations, churches, and White people in need.

This program will be a place for people who need structure and purpose. Those people most hurt by the globalist system will “return to the soil” and rebuild themselves with the rejuvenating power of work, nature, community, and an active spiritual life; all the while providing healthier food for everyone. There are times in my own life when such a program would have been beneficial.