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Trumpen Victorious!


Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. He defeated the satanic globalist elites and their political-media superstructure.  He did this by pushing American Nationalism, which resulted in the merging of the Republican base with White, union types from the Rust Belt who traditionally voted for the Democrats.  He brought White people of both sexes and all ages together. He also won a larger portion of Blacks and Hispanics than Mitt “The Cuck” Romney did.

At about 10pm or so I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I guess my problem was that I was listening to the MSM gloat over Hillary “Mother of Darkness” Clinton’s impending victory. The Florida results came in and I started feeling a little better. Then the Ohio results came in and they showed Trump ahead but then the Mother of Darkness jumped ahead and I was shaken.  Over time Ohio was called for Trump but being somewhat of a catastrophic thinker I remembered that Trump absolutely had to win Ohio and Florida so I wasn’t celebrating yet.  I wasn’t totally relieved until about 1am when the report came in that Trump had won Wisconsin; then I felt good enough to go to bed. I woke up at 6am when my alarm was set for 7 and was wide awake (not normal for me). I turned on my TV and saw the headlines and realized it was done. Trump was victorious over the globalist elites, their media lackeys, and their political puppet whores.

Looking around town for the last few days I sensed a feeling of relief or perhaps ease emanating from other White people.  For plebs like myself, a leader like Trump provides a sense of security like a Czar or king would provide. Trump’s family adds to this effect.  They’re a royal family of sorts who are good looking and intelligent.  In the times of kings, people would rejoice when the king would have a son because it meant future stability. We do not live in a monarchy (at this point), so his heirs won’t inherit his position, but there may be something inborn within us that finds solace when looking at Trump’s family?

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 16:   (L-R) Eric Trump, Lara Yunaska Trump, Donald Trump, Barron Trump, Melania Trump, Vanessa Haydon Trump, Kai Madison Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Donald John Trump III, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and Tiffany Trump pose for photos on stage after Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the U.S. presidency at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015 in New York City. Trump is the 12th Republican who has announced running for the White House.  (Photo by Christopher Gregory/Getty Images)

The Royal Family

The victory of Trump does feel good. But, in the words of Harvey Keitel’s character “The Wolf” in Pulp Fiction “let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet.”   The globalist elites have taken a major loss. But don’t think for a second that these people don’t have contingency plans.  These people have killed presidents in the past. In general, I do not condone the use of political violence.  But I will say this, if Trump is assassinated. Or, if Trump has a “heart attack.”  Or if he’s struck by a bolt of lightning; then all bets are off. They could also push the world into WWIII, or even attempt some kind of world changing staged event involving aliens or perhaps some kind of spiritual visitation?

At the very least the satanic media establishment will do all they can to frame the news in a way that harms Trump. Just this morning I was watching the Clinton News Network (CNN) and the headline at the bottom of the screen read something about a “rise in hate crimes and racist graffiti after election.” There were no headlines about Whites getting beat for being Trump supporters.  It is critical that the alternative media work just as intensely as it did during the Trump campaign.  The MSM will not “learn its lesson” about being anti-White or slanting the news because it’s their job to do just that. They’re tools of the globalist elites.  They’re not in it for the money; they’re in it to serve their lord and savior Satan.  Besides the internet, I call for someone wealthy to start a new network that reports from a patriotic/populist frame. FOX news cannot be trusted outside of a couple people there.

I’m certain I don’t have to remind Trump not to give the Neo-Cohens or #nevertrump cuckservtives any jobs in his government. The people around him must be loyal before anything.  I’ve heard rumors of Jamie Dimon, John Bolton, and Richard Haas getting cabinet posts and I pray to God that these remain rumors.  I find Newt Gingrich to be a little shady himself despite his consistent support for Trump.  Gingrich can have a job but should not be in Trump’s inner, inner circle. Steven Bannon should be his chief of staff. I recommend William S. Lind for some high post in DOD and Steven F. Cohen for Ambassador to Russia. The most important posts are in DOD, DHS, DOS, and the DNI.  Neo-Cohens and CFR globalists NEED NOT APPLY.

What about the current street violence being committed by the Globalist Army of Occupation in The West (GOATW)?  As much as it angers me that White people are getting beat up by thugs and the Lügenpresse is refusing to cover it, this is all for the better.  The more the GOATW physically attacks people, destroys property, and disrupts life; and the more the MSM refuses to give it proper attention, the harder the backlash will be against both of them. Their actions are creating a YUGE moral mandate against them.  So I hope they continue to create havoc up until January 20th 2017.  I believe Trump understands that he has a responsibility to deal with this problem and I am certain that harshly dealing with the GOATW will be celebrated by Trump’s base. The National Guard was used to force integrate the school in the South so there’s no reason why they can’t be used to bring real order to America’s cities. Is it not a “civil right” to be safe in America’s streets?  Sheriff David A. Clarke should have a role overseeing dealings with the street terrorists.

(((George Soros))) of course has his nose in all this. It’s time to label these street terrorists as “terrorists” and it’s time to label Soros a sponsor of terrorism.The leaders of his organizations need to be arrested. Government officials and big money donors who meet with him should be investigated for colluding with a sponsor of terrorism. Soros must be brought to justice and the Soros problem should be discussed by Trump and Putin.  I believe Trump’s first visit should be to Russia to see Putin. Trump and Putin must work together against the globalist elites. The globalist elites are still very strong so their relationship is critical in bringing these people to justice. They must ally to exterminate ISIS in a show of unity between America and Russian not seen since WWII.  An allied US and Russia could bring real stability to the middle east.They should also work together to influence Western Europe’s politics.

Here I am, a lamb, lecturing a lion but I implore Trump to attack the globalist apparatus. Providence has selected him for this time. Therefore, it is imperative that the leaders in the military, law enforcement, and intelligence be his most loyal people.  The rank and file police and military love Trump, but it’s critical to remember that the high leadership were placed their by the globalist elites.  Just like Putin’s Russia, the American “siloviki” will be Trump’s main instrument against the globalist elites.  The pedophile networks are the best avenue to start taking down the satanic globalists because to save their own skins,  globalists will start giving up other globalists.  But there will have to be some public executions of the higher ups involved. Blood must spill from tyrants for the Trumpen tree of liberty to grow.  I can think of no better tyrants to nourish this tree than the those involved with satanic rituals and sex abuse involving children. If Trump can expose and smash this network of demons, he’ll go down as one of the greatest men in world history.


An after spirit cooking dinner treat for the globalist elites








Watchfulness Endorses Donald J. Trump for President of the United States!


As I have in the past, I wanted to put out this blog’s official endorsement of a candidate for President of the United States.  Therefore, I will now officially endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. He’s the first candidate in my lifetime that I’m excited about and might be the most important President since Andrew Jackson. He’s the last President who might be able to keep America in one piece. If Hillary “Mother of Darkness” Clinton in elected, the country will either fall under total satanic globalist control, or break apart due to racial conflict.  Some have argued that because of the latter, that it might be more beneficial if Trump looses. Since I doubt most of the people making this argument have experienced war and/or ethnic cleansing in person, I can write off their enthusiasm for such a scenario as being the product of ignorance. If the Mother of Darkness wins she will legalize 30 million illegal immigrants, attack free speech, censor the internet, and implement even more intense measures that will bring about Global Government and White genocide.

Last month I attended a Trump rally, which was the first political rally I ever attended.  When I walked in the atmosphere was electric but very warm and hopeful. The rally took place in a Rust Belt town and as I walked around to find a place to stand, I couldn’t help thinking “this is America.”  When the man stepped out from behind the curtain the place went crazy.  It was surreal seeing Trump as he stood 20 feet away from me just standing there, for maybe 5 seconds, with that sort of serious, all business look he sometimes has on his face. After the pause, he gave a bow, and started walking to the podium while waving and pointing.  I could feel the hope and love my fellow-Rust Belters had for the man as he gave his speech and afterwards as they waited to take his picture, shake his hand and possibly get an autograph.  I saw one guy with a “Trump God Emperor” t-shirt and two people with “Hillary for Prison” t-shirts that Info Wars puts out.

If Trump wins this election (and he will, if it isn’t stolen) he will have a massive political mandate. He took on the globalist power structure and their political and media shills. Of course, some people have brought up the fact that Trump could just be another globalist insider and that he could end up just driving the globalist agenda from another angle.  This is certainly possible, but at this point I tend not to think so. His rhetoric has been explicitly anti-globalist and the reaction from the globalist apparatus has been one of panic and hatred.  This has been impressive, but what really wowed me was the recent light shed on the elite pedophile networks by Alternative News outfits that are close to the Trump Campaign. This elite pedophile network issue has been there, bubbling under the surface for years, and a little examination of what is known regarding this subject shows that something is definitely there.  This network reportedly goes up to the highest reaches of power in the world, and after spending time reading about it you will conclude that the top of globalist power structure is EVIL beyond understanding!  But while you might not know why they do it, the one thing you will know is that it has to stop and the people involved have to be publicly executed.

These are people who not only engage in sexual activities with children, but actually enjoy hurting children and possibly even ritually killing them.  But here’s the part that could be beneficial to the anti-globalist movement if Trump is the real deal.  Not only do the globalist elites and their lackeys take part in this satanic behavior, but they also video tape it to have as blackmail material on each other.

Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild is famous for saying “give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.”  My rebuttal to Mr. Rothschild is “give me control of a nation’s blackmail material and I care not who controls its money supply.” So, the question you must ask when thinking about this is WHO CONTROLS THE BLACKMAIL MATERIAL?

I assume that just as Hillary “Mother of Darkness” Clinton is a globalist front person, that Trump too is also a front for people behind the scenes.  For whatever reason these people decided that they would take on the globalist power structure and saw the opportunity to do so during this election. I suspect many of the Trump backers are going to be within the military, intelligence, law enforcement, and military industrial complex sectors.  This might give people pause, but it was from these same sectors that Vladimir Putin found his most loyal allies in his country’s fight against the same globalist elites.  Just like Putin, Trump can build a base of loyalty around the American “Siloviki,” and along with winning the overwhelming support of people, entrench a permanent, powerful anti-globalist force in American politics. Of course, there will have to be a culling within the intelligence/Federal Law Enforcement agencies and there’s probably a civil war occurring within them at this time.

The one thing that Putin has that Trump does not have is the support of its major religious institutions.  This is a major structural difference between Russia and America, since Russia has a Church that is part-and-parcel of what it means to be Russian while America’s religious identity is historically a non-centralized protestant one but over time became generically Christian (after the immigration of Catholics) in its culture up until recently.  Trump has some major Evangelical leaders on his side (Robertson, Falwell Jr.) but the support is not as strong as it was for George W. Bush (mainly because Cuckservative leaders are leading their flocks astray).  This is where Pence is useful, and where Trump can use a guy like Ted Cruz. Trump should look to appoint some known, conservative Catholics in his administration as well. In a sign of humility, he should attend religious services every Sunday (perhaps at the National Cathedral?) and urge other Americans to get back in touch with their Christian roots.  He should occasionally discuss the changes he sees in his own life due to having Christianity in it and this might motivate other Americans to start doing the same.

If he has the intelligence services (with control of the blackmail material), military, law enforcement, and the support of the people, he’ll be able to start truly squeezing the globalist elites. He needs to order the DOJ to start a massive investigation of the pedophile networks and start peeling off those involved with plea deals to go after those higher and higher up the pyramid.  This pedophile thing has the potential to take down the whole globalist apparatus.  He needs to work closely with Putin and together they need to support like-minded leaders in Europe.  There was some discussion of Trump starting an anti-globalist TV network if he loses;  I think there needs to be one created win or lose.  There needs to be an anti-globalist/American Nationalist CNN or FOX type network because after Trump wins he and his administration will be under constant attack by the globalist media apparatus and NGOs. The attacks will come extremely heavy as the globalist elites fear their power start to diminish. And these people crave power like an addict craves drugs, so when they start to go into withdrawal they will become extremely unstable and dangerous.

I’ve thought from the very beginning that Trump has a really good chance of winning. I pray for his safety because the globalist elites are extremely dangerous and have killed or attempted to kill Presidents in the past. And don’t think if they suffer a couple setbacks that they’re gone for good. As long as evil exists in the world these satanic elites will be a threat. Just like mushrooms, or fortunes, the globalist elites cultivate evil best in the dark.  They can go underground for long periods of time and will work to contaminate people and institutions to facilitate their rise again. Their only passion is power. A nation, or even individual person is like a garden, the work is never done. Weeds and pests always come back. The garden is full of weeds in this current year; the gardener has come and it’s time to start ripping them out, showering them with glyphosate, and turning their remains deep under the soil.  November 9th 2016 is going to be YUGE!!!

Trump 2016 MAGA