Through Him, and in Him, and with Him


Today Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.  And it’s from this day on that we find out if Trump is really the anti-globalist leader that he’s been acting like or if he’s just a new representation of the same globalist plan to enslave humanity, but from a different angle.

There’s no question that a civil war has been occurring within the power structure since Trump’s victory in November. The current liberal (the left, neo-Cohen right, and mass media) globalist elites have been taking major hits and appear to be declining. The question now is what will replace them?

As others (1, 2) have pointed out, Trump could just be a new direction for the top globalist elites. The top of the globalist pyramid only has one goal, and that’s global government that has total control over all aspects of human life. If they have to massacre millions of non-Whites, leftists, Israel, and most of the mid to high level leaders of the left and neo-Cohen right, then they will do that. This may be appealing to some White Nationalists, but in the end even if the whole world is White you’ll still be enslaved, chipped, and required to bow down to Lucifer.

Trump’s rapprochement with Russia could be just an attempt to drive a wedge between Russia and China while encouraging Russia to allow Iran to fall. The relationship between Russia, China, and Iran make up the core of the Eurasianist power that sits in direct opposition to the Atlantist geopolitical strategy of controlling the world Island.  After Iran falls the Anglo-American-Judeo elites will then find some excuse to go to war against Russia and/or China. The return of manufacturing to the US might be in preparation for large wars against Russia and China.

So, what does Trump have to do to show he’s a legitimate anti-globalist leader? Here’s what I’ve came up with. Since the globalist elites have home and away games, I will organize these points as such:

Home (Domestic) , Trump must

Come down on the criminal leftist scumbags that carry out violence, vandalism, and cause constant disruptions to free speech. He must attack their sources of funding and arrest and prosecute their leaders and financiers.  These people are terrorists and need to be treated as such.

Break apart the major nodes of globalist power. This means burning the rats out of the government agencies and investigating the major globalist foundations and think tanks.

Investigate GMO foods and vaccines and promote organic food production. Make policies that bring back small farms.

Break up the major media monopolies.

Protect American industries.

Promote a Christian culture.

Reform the education system to produce more STEM field experts.

Put a moratorium on immigration for at least 20 years. End sanctuary cities and remove illegal immigrants. Build the wall!

Outlaw any future attempts at microchipping humans.

Order a public investigation of elite pedophile networks and bring those involved to justice.

BRING ATTENTION TO WHITE GENOCIDE AND TAKE STEPS TO END IT. Any education establishment that promotes anti-White propaganda will be defunded. He must also push for the reimplementation of Constitutional right to freedom of association. (I will be writing a post on comprehensive racial relations reform in the future that will cover this and lay out the future of race relations in America).

Away (International), Trump must

Crush ISIS and assist secular regimes in the Middle East and North Africa.

Drastically improve relations with Russia and work together to solve common problems, including joint efforts to destroy the forces of globalism.

Support and create good relations with Nationalist leaders/movements across Eastern and Western Europe (and elsewhere, like the Philippians) .

Defend Christians across the world.

Lead an international effort to investigate elite pedophile networks and bring those involved to justice.

Work with leaders worldwide to END WHITE GENOCIDE and bring those involved in the planning or administering of it to justice.

These requirements are not comprehensive for the job of POTUS, they’re just to intended as a rubric to judge if Trump is truly an anti-globalist.  If after 4 or 8 years you can cross most of these points off, then we can conclude that Trump was the real deal (and probably be declared the greatest man in the last 500 years).  If he is, he’s got a hard road ahead of him.  The first obstacle is the liberal globalist establishment (left, Neo-Cohen right, and mass media). This group is feeling their power wane, and if they no longer have any utility to the highest level global oligarchs, then look out, because that means the liberal establishment elites are looking to be smashed. They may be in a fight for their lives (literally!)?  Even if most of them are not in physical danger, the narcissistic injury for them will feel as if they are in such danger and their actions will reflect this.

Some have rightly pointed out that if Trump was a real threat to the highest of the globalist elites that he would have been killed a long time a ago. This is true, so if Trump is truly going to smash the satanic, globalist apex he will need to play an extremely careful game. More realistically, Trump would be laying the ground work for future leaders to take down the top. Trump’s whole 8 years may be only enough time to take down the current liberal globalist elites. These people run the State Department, CFR, Bilderberg, Davos, the MSM, and the educational system. But, their major weakness is that the scientific and philosophical underpinnings of their whole order is false and requires trillions in informational resources to maintain; and now with the internet even this isn’t working. So, the liberal elites are going down (hopefully not taking everything down with them). What comes next will probably be more nationalistic and less politically correct, but this doesn’t mean any less “globalist” in that the endgame will still be global government, a chipped population, and the enthroning of Satan (either literally or symbolically).

I pray that Trump is the man he’s being hyped to be.  But my primary faith is in the Creator and I pray Trump’s faith be through Him, and with Him, and in Him as well.



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