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Deadwood and 5th GW


It’s becoming more and more probable that civil war could be coming to the West. The liberal globalist elites are seeing their power decline and the election of Trump has sent them into a frenzy. A major struggle is playing out at the commanding heights of the American power structure and at the street level, leftist scumbags are carrying out attacks and disruptions to freedom, decency, and order.

While Trump came on the scene as a surprise, I got a feeling that certain parties in the globalist elites knew something like this was coming. I’ve written a lot in the past about the HBO series Deadwood and consider it to be the best TV drama ever created. The creator of Deadwood was David Milch. Milch, a Yale Graduate, was a member of the elite fraternal organization Skull and Bones.  This organization is probably the most elite secret society in America and its members include presidents, agency heads, top CEOs, and bankers. Members of Skull and Bones would be more “in-the-know” than probably anyone in America.

The last season of Deadwood featured the coming of George Hearst to the camp and his taking control of the camp and its major gold claims. Up until the arrival of Hearst the most powerful man in the camp was Al Swearengin with Seth Bullock as sheriff and Alma Garrett as the owner of the richest gold claim. Most of the 3rd season featured a low-level war between Swearengin and Hearst. The season finale ended with an election where Hearst’s preferred candidates won for sheriff and for mayor.

The last season of Deadwood aired around the 2004 election (between Bush and Kerry who were both Skull and Bones members) and many viewers thought that the election in Deadwood was supposed to be a depiction of the 2004 election. It’s understandable that the uninitiated would think this, but I knew when watching Deadwood that the 3rd season was really about future events. Undoubtedly, after reading this, these same uninitiated will say “oh, so Hearst is Trump.” In which I will reply “please stop talking and just listen,”

Trump isn’t Hearst because Trump is EB Farnum (Farnum owned the Grand Central Hotel in Deadwood). In Deadwood, Farnum was Hearst’s choice for mayor over Bullock’s partner Sol Star. Hearst didn’t even really like Farnum and certainly didn’t respect him. But he was preferable over Star just as Harry Manning was preferable over Bullock for sheriff.  Hearst could control Farnum and that’s all he wanted. Of course, anyone who saw Deadwood would certainly point out that Farnum was nothing like Trump. Farnum’s fundamental mental state was one of fear and neuroticism, while Trump is the epitome of confidence.

It’s important to remember that all conditions are relative. It could be that Trump is like Farnum relative to how Trump would be to a figure like Hearst. I propose, that behind the scenes that there is a Hearst figure that even an ultra-confident man like Trump would be jumpy around. Now who can this man be?  This I’m not certain, because he may not even be a human man at all.

Another one of my old Autist obsessions was with the “White gods.” These are possible Nordic aliens that may be operating behind the scenes on earth. It could be that the arrival of Hearst in Deadwood may have represented the arrival of the White gods on earth and that the true civil war occurring on earth today is between the Anglo-American-Judeo elites and their alien masters and some other faction of the deep state and their alien masters?  Mythologically I see this as the struggle between Saturnarian and Jupiterian forces, but I won’t go into that right now. I do believe however that there in a war within the deep state and that there’s always one decision maker at the top of things. Who this decision maker is for the anti-globalist side is unknown and will always probably remain unknown.

In the season finale of Deadwood forces were gathered between Swearengin’s side and Hearst’s side and it looked like there was about to be a war. Swearengin’s side was made up of non-professional fighters and a large segment of Chinese, while Hearst had the professional Pinkerton’s on his side. In the end, Swearengin was too wise to allow all-out war because Hearst had superior forces.

If it comes to war in the West we will most likely see the globalist elites use leftists and non-Whites (aka the GOATW) as their armies, while the anti-globalists will use the nation’s militaries and possibly militia groups.  This war will by the globalist side as a guerrilla and terrorist war that the military thinker Bill Lind labeled 4th Generation war (4th GW).  In fact, the pouring of migrants into Europe and America should be seen as a troop movement, or troop staging operation. The globalist elites see these people as potential troops to use against nationalist forces. This is why they’re so eager to bring them in when doing so means almost guaranteed political instability. These elites already know that they’re facing the rope and are moving in troops for one last-ditch effort.

The generations of war are as such. The first generation (1st GW) was the use of massive amounts of troops and winning depended on having the most troops. This was the way of war for most of human history. In response to masses of troops came 2nd GW which brought out massive fire power that made masses of troops less important and powerful, accurate firepower the key to winning. To defeat massive firepower came 3rd GW when the Germans came up with Blitzkrieg tactics which bypassed and went around firepower and fortified positions and relied on maneuver, speed, and surprise to win.  To defeat the maneuver warpower of the West, the third world relied on guerrilla tactics, terrorism, and sabotage to chip away at occupying colonial armies. The key to winning 4th GW was to not quit and win the moral victory in the global press.  They would run an insurgency using local populations and when the Western powers bombed civilian areas they would report this to the global news and make the Western armies look like barbarians. The leftwing in the West would then demonstrate and increase stress on the Western nations.

So, how does one defeat 4th GW. Unfortunately, the only way is the worst kind of war and that’s with extreme brutality and ethnic cleansing. When a town (say a Muslim “no-go” area in Western Europe for example) is a hub of guerrilla activity the only way to defeat it is pulverize it. And when populations are highly mixed it gets even more brutal (I saw this first hand in the Balkans). If people start getting ambushed or attacked by certain segments of the population, then those segments will have to be transferred. Now in past wars (after WWII), any kind of brutality used on civilian populations would be reported by the Western press. But what happens when the wars occur in the West and when these news organizations get labeled as the enemy as well?

Don’t be surprised if you wake up one day and find that a massive cruise missile attack has occurred in the US with CNN, the NY Times, the major networks, and the SPLC being the targets. Remember, the US bombed Serbian and Iraqi Television on the first days of those campaigns, so news organizations are not off limits.  These are news outlets who (for example) lied about the “hands up don’t shoot” situation in Ferguson which lead to massive riots. They over-report White on black violence and minimize the opposite. The BBC covered up the forced prostitution of White girls by Muslims in England. These organizations are complicit in anti-White violence, and therefore of White genocide. They are globalist propaganda organizations.

Because 4th GW depends on Western Civility, beating it requires the will to use extreme brutality if need be.Winning with 5th GW will also require having communities that can withstand attack (see John Robb Resilient Communities) on key systems. This means building resilient communities and being able to move out hostile populations.  Winning 5th GW requires knowing who you are and knowing who you want your neighbors to be. The only moral certainty in 5th GW is that which is conducive to group survival.  It requires common ties (race, religion, ethnicity, nationality) that bind people and make people willing to sacrifice for each other. I suspect the level of brutality will be greater in Western Europe than America, but as David Milch said in the bonus material in the Deadwood DVD set “don’t wait to be told something pretty about what’s about to come.”