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Another Rotation Complete

Another cycle has ended my friends. I will now be ending my blogging activities. I’ve written all that I wanted to write and am only repeating myself now. It’s extraordinary how much the world has changed since I’ve come back to the internet a year ago. I can say for the first time since I started studying these issues (race, culture, politics) in about 2004 that things are starting to move in a positive direction. The quality of the people involved in the Alt-Right is very encouraging.  The people today writing articles/books, making memes, and making videos run circles around the MSM in truth and entertainment value. They just need someone to provide some capital.  They need a “Fash Soros” to provide the funding. Is there no White gentile billionaire in the world with the guts to do this?

We’re also headed for some uneasy times. I won’t sugarcoat it.  But this is all for the better. We rise to something better only by hardship and trust me when I say that hardship is in the future. The people running the world have been rebelling against God’s Order for a long time, so when God brings the world back to Order, the correction period can get messy (see the Tower of Babel or Sodom and Gomorrah).  Bigly!

As for me, I will continue to ready myself for the hardship ahead and will live a life of contemplation until the Highest Truth directs me to where I can be most useful.

I pray God protect those who work for his Good Order from the poison of the serpent. Amen.



Comprehensive Racial Relations Reform

This will be my last written attempt in trying to mitigate the on-going racial/political conflict occurring in the US; which is only going to get worse. I write this out of the duty to save all sentient beings and in the attempt to be a peacemaker on this earth. Implementing this plan might be enough to prevent the copious amounts of blood that will spill if nothing is done to address the race problem. It might already be too late, but I’ll do my best and continue to pray.

The crux of America’s race problem is in its diversity. People are “diverse” because they have different histories. These histories vary but in America there are 5 main groupings with drastically different histories.


Whites: Ancestors came out of Europe and formed America from principles found in Europe; specifically from those in Britain, for themselves and their posterity. The core of American identity stemmed from Northern European Protestant peoples and later merged lesser so with Roman Catholics from Central, Southern, and Eastern Europe. The divide between Protestant and Catholic saw problems but eventually worked out. Today, there really is no Catholic-Protestant conflict in America. Whites make up probably 60% of population.

African-Americans (descendants from slaves): brought here as slaves after being sold to Whites by their fellow Africans. Used by North to weaken the South after civil war. Used by American deep state globalists since the 1950’s as revolutionary vanguard to attack White America. Make up probably 14% of population.

Hispanics: Rather small population until after 1965 but now make up at least 15% of population. Mostly from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other central American countries.

Other minorities: Asians, Indians, Muslims, Africans; very small populations, that mostly came over since 1965. Tend to be successful economically but clannish. Maybe 8% of population.

American Indians: were displaced by Whites and are not large in population. Maybe 1%.


Even within these groups are major levels of diversity (and therefore histories) but politically what we’re seeing shape up is White people (on the Right) vs. non-White (on the Left). The plan for race relations since the 1960’s in America has been to force integrate most of these populations together and to demonize and destroy any White people who object to this. A major part of this plan was a psychological warfare campaign aimed at creating White guilt among Whites and a sense of entitlement and grievance among non-Whites; especially African-Americans.  This has caused ineffable suffering which has been covered by White Nationalist blogs for the last 20 years. The bottom line regarding race relations in America is that THEY AREN’T GOOD AND THE OVERALL STRATEGY HAS NOT WORKED IF IMPROVING HARMONY AMONG THE RACES HAS BEEN THE GOAL!

I propose that the key to fixing the race problem in America must be centered on respecting each group’s histories and boundaries. How is this done in practice? With freedom of association.

All people must be given the right to form communities, organizations, or businesses with the people they want.  This means if White people want to sell or rent property to other Whites exclusively, then this is their right. If a town votes that no more “people of color” can be sold property in a town, then this is there right. If a privately owned business only wants to hire Whites, or gay Chinese, or anybody they want, then this is there right. If people want to form spaces for only mixed race people, they can do this as well. States’ Rights will also be emphasized but I believe the county level will be critical.

Allow people to decide on their own whom they want to live amongst. It’s that simple. This will lead to a reformation of true communities in America, which has grievously suffered since the 1960’s. Community is part of what it means to be human. Real communities are not formed by leftist ideas of mixed use properties, or front porches being closer to the street; they’re formed naturally through shared histories and values.  Diversity causes loses in social cohesion and increases tension all around. White children are forced to learn distorted histories that hurt self-esteem and lead to extreme self-hatred.  Non-White children are taught to hate White people and feel resentment over events that occurred sometimes hundreds of years ago, and use the imaginary specter of “racism” as an excuse for personal failure.

We have a codependent racial relationship in America. We have African-Americans who complain how rotten Whites are but feel they can’t survive without Whites.  We have Whites who are sick of hearing about how terrible they are but who won’t tell African-American to leave because Whites think that blacks cannot survive without them. The solution to codependency is separation and learning to live as individual peoples.

Of course, African Americans will be hurt at first by such a policy. That is why I propose a onetime reparations payment of $250,000 to all African-Americans.  I also propose a major civil works project to be manned by African-Americans to rebuild their communities. Low-interest loans for small businesses. Free education to any state school or historic black college. And affirmative action in publicly traded companies and government agencies for African-Americans (and Native Americans) only. There’s no reason why a refugee from Africa should get Affirmative action when they chose to move to America.

Now I will cover Hispanics and other non-Whites.  For all intents and purposes, these groups will be no different from Whites. They get no specially treatment, no affirmative action, no reparations payments. Unlike African-Americans, these people chose to come to America. They will be free to live in communities and by the cultures that they they prefer.  Its’s very simple.

The last major group will be Native Americans. Native Americans should also be given affirmative action to publicly traded companies and government agencies. Other programs that are currently in place will remain along with any others that may help the plight of Native Americans.

The other major component to consider is immigration.  First, there needs to be a major deportation of illegal immigrants. Next, there must be a major moratorium on all new immigration except for some temporary visas (Rs, Ls, Ps) that don’t hurt American workers. H1Bs and OPT for F1s need to be done away with.  There should be no new permanent residents or citizens for at least 20 years (except perhaps for people who marry US citizens).  The so-called “dreamers” (DACA) can be made into permanent residents but with the stipulation that they can never become citizens.

Now I will address anti-Whiteness. No institution receiving public funding will be allowed to spread anti-White hate speech. Private institutions can teach what they want, but no aid will be received from tax payer money.  There will be a public conversation regarding White genocide and a massive investigation into it. Those people and organizations (media, education, big foundations, NGOs) that took an active part in White genocide must be brought to justice.

I believe my plan for Comprehensive Racial Relations Reform is the best chance America has to prevent total civil/race war.  This plan will show respect for all peoples’ histories, folk ways, needs, cultures, and preferences.  It will bring back community to America, which is something that human-beings need to thrive. It will promote real diversity. It will split up the codependent race relationship and allow Americans to heal and become whole.  I’ve done all I could do and leave it to people who are much more intelligent, capable, and confident than me to make this work.

God Bless America

Men and Women, Right and Left



There are two excellent videos made by “Butch” at the blog Poseidon Awoke which can be found in my blogroll. In the video titled “Left vs Right: Root Conflict” he discusses the roots of the political conflict between left and right. In the other video titled “Three Estates of the Realm” he expands on this political conflict. I recommend watching these videos before reading on. These videos had an impact on me because they corresponded pretty close to my own ideas on why Western societies are split almost evenly between left and right wings.

It is long been my thinking that the political right and political left are merely manifestations of the masculine and feminine onto the group organizing structure that we call politics. If you look at the traditional role of men in human history it was focused on defense, hunting, trade, and law. If you look at the role of women it focused on caring for young and old, preparing meals, and carrying out many critical tasks (crafts, cleaning, early education) that needed attending within the in-group.

Men decided who the group was going to fight against, trade with, ally with, and where the group was going to live. Men dealt with outsiders and evolved to do this. Women dealt with the in-group and evolved to do this. Men had to discern when interacting with foreigners.  Women dealt mostly with in-group members and did not develop the ability to discern outsiders as strongly as men. To women, everyone was accepted but there was a pecking order. In short, men defended and women cared for people.

If we look at politics today, we see this playing out. The right has been traditionally focused on defense, law and order, and cultural boundaries. The left concerns itself with the welfare state, healthcare, “inclusion,” and education.

The problem with this split is that it takes the two natural foci of men and women and plays them against each other.  The globalist elites were clever in how they placed parts of their agenda in both parties. I explain it in my article Globalist Systems Theory:

The globalist elites have a “home game” and an “away game.” The home game (in the Western Core) is political correctness, anti-Christianity, anti-whiteness, open borders, forced diversity, White genocide, attacks on the family, and degeneracy of all sorts. The away game (in the non-Western Periphery) is war, neo-liberal privatization, color revolutions, and coup d’etats.The main job of the left in America is to carry out the home game while the right pretends to oppose them. The main job of the right in America is to carry out the away game while the left pretends to oppose them.

The globalist elites use man’s natural proclivity to defend for wars across the world for globalist interests while they used woman’s natural proclivity to nurture for taking in the 3rd world and being forced integrated with them.  So the body of Western-kind is divided against itself. The question now is how do we make the West whole again?

The way of making the West whole again is to set up society in a way that allows men and women to carry out their natural, God given duties in cooperation with each other.

For women, besides caring for children, this means running the welfare state, family law, and early education sectors. Women need to raise large families and they should be home with their kids. A child should be with his mother almost all the time until the age of 4.  This is how children learn to be confident and develop into adjusted people. Abandonment leads to insecure adults. Daycare leads to insecure adults. Daycare is low level child abuse. A child learns to trust the world by internalizing the presence of his/her mother.

Once the children are in school, women can work in the sectors I listed above (if they want to), but must be home when the kids return from school. If a women must work while having small children, they kids will be watched by local women from the child’s community. This will be a good role for grandmothers. Women can also run small businesses from their homes and telework. But the main task of a woman is to raise healthy, good looking, highly adjusted children. Women will raise kids, work part time caring for society, keep in shape, and network with other mothers in the community.  The First Lady or Queen would be known as the First Mother.

For men in the society, this means running and mostly manning the defense, criminal law, and immigration sectors. Men must carry out these tasks but also must be good fathers. They can’t be going out every night after work. The child should see dad come every day and see his parents embrace. Dinner should be eaten together daily. Men will decide who can be part of any community (on any scale) and women will decide how the community takes care of these people.  The President or King would be known as the Great or First Father.

This is only a short introduction for people with greater intelligence and organizational ability than me to build on. The balancing of masculine and feminine can be found throughout the Western esoteric tradition and in Western religion. The two pillars in freemasonry represent the masculine (Strength, sun) and feminine (Beauty, moon), while the middle pillar called Wisdom is the balancing of the masculine and feminine elements. May God grant us the Wisdom to balance order and love; justice and mercy; strength and beauty; and logic and intuition within ourselves and in the greater society. And we must be watchful for the foolish ones who might want to throw us out of balance for their own purposes.


Understanding the Globalist Elites and a True New World Order

I think it’s necessary that people understand the mindset of the globalist elites.  People in the alt-right or anti-globalist movement do generally understand that these people want to build a global government, but I think a more thorough examination it called for.

First and foremost, the globalist elites believe, without question, that they are superior to 99.9% of the world’s population. They think of themselves as a separate species who are entitled to rule the world. In the United States these are the families of the big industrial, banking, trading, and resource extraction titans of American (and in some cases colonial) history. This is also true of the UK and Europe but also includes the monarchies and aristocracies.

The globalist elites are also materialists. They don’t care about any kind of afterlife or any kind of idealism. They live for this world and for the legacy they want to leave to this world. They believe in “survival of the fittest” and since they are the richest and most powerful people in the world, they believe they are the “fittest” and hence, have a sort of twisted “divine right” to shape the world to their will.  Their interest in the occult is purely for the power that it brings. It has nothing to do with spiritual growth or “making men into better men” that some of their orders claim at low levels.

The globalist elites detest the Christian God. They don’t believe in an afterlife and don’t care about the high ideas that Christianity espouses.  The idea of the innate dignity of human beings is blasphemy to them. The masses that make up 99.9% of human beings are purely resources to achieve an end. To the elites, they are the masons and we are the rough stone that they wish to hammer away at to be “perfected” into bricks for their pyramid of power. They are the alchemists and we are the “base metal” in which they wish to turn into “gold.”

I should expand on this alchemical metaphor. The first step in the alchemical process is to put stress on the base material (by crushing or heating).  After the material is broken down it is built back up and reformed with new elements and substances.  The attacks on gender, family, race, religion, nation, and all other forms of human identity are all part of the breaking down process.  This is about breaking us down into atomized individuals who can more easily be shaped into cogs to fit into the globalist global machine.  If Christ is the Logos (the reason or natural order of the universe) the globalists are “anti-Christ” in that they reject this order wholeheartedly. They belive in shaping the universe to their will. If the definition of evil is “unnatural,” then they are as evil as it comes.

Psychologically the globalist elites suffer from high rates of psychopathology.  They cannot feel empathy and their occult networks screen for these personalities. People on the left often claim that the powerful just want more money (“it’s all about money” they say).  This is wrong! The real motive is power. Once you have 10 or 20 billion dollars, money doesn’t matter. What matters is feeling in control and leaving a legacy (which is an attempt to control the future to some degree).

Some people may object and say “if all they care about is power, how can they work together and won’t they eventually kill off each other?”  The answer is that they maintain working relationships with fear. They give partners and underlings power over parts of the 99.9% and make it clear that if they go against their superiors or do anything to disrupt the plan, that they’ll end up dead. If someone gets out of line (like the Kennedy family) they’ll kill you.  And they make it perfectly clear that they killed you to make an example to the other psychopaths and to the general population who are actually smart enough to know the elite’s game.

I’ve had conversations with lower level or aspiring globalists who tried to explain it all to me. They claim that the globalist plan is really the attempt to end all war and division among people and build a sustainable, peaceful earth to then explore the galaxy from.  This is all fine and good as it goes except for the fact that the globalist elites are the ones who start the wars and cause the division amongst peoples!  The low-level globalist wannabes then told me that these means justify the ends. This is how you know it’s bullshit.

We’re supposed to believe that the globalist elites start wars, disrupt countries, engage in the drug trade, push degenerate filth in the media, stir up racial conflict, and contaminate the food and water with GMOs and chemicals all for the creation of a peaceful, sustainable world; which will entail having our every move tracked by their control grid?  Does anyone actually buy this?  And what about the child trafficking rings. Oh, let me guess, that’s so they can have blackmail material on people to better carry out their plan of building a “better world?”  I guess we can be sure that all the child abuse and ritual killing will end once we submit to global government? LOL

The pedophile thing really tells us what we need to know about the globalist elites. Rape is about power. If a man feels power when raping a woman who lacks the strength to fight him off, then this feeling of power must be increased when it’s child. Add the ritual killing part of it and that must really charge these sick and demented creature’s batteries. The subsequent egregore created by such rituals provides these individuals with feelings of being untouchable, and thereby empowers them to spread suffering like some Johnny Appleseeds of rotten darkness.

The globalist elites claim they want to build a better world but this is all garbage. What they call a “better world” is just them gaining total power over the 99.9%.  This need for power isn’t even conscious most of the time. They are programmed to act this way. They are mentally ill people who have totally different needs than normal humans. Any claims of idealistic motives are no different than a con man spounting off his con-story.  They are power obtaining machines.  They have no capacity for inner peace and appreciating what they have. They must have more power, because when they’re not increasing power their feelings of emptiness and fearfulness return. They feel like their dying without it.  They can’t help it. It’s what they are.

And that doesn’t matter. Because just like a rapid dog is put down, these people need to be put down. These people claim to want to build a “better world,” but a truly better world cannot be built until these people are done away with. Those globalists who cooperate in bringing others to justice will be spared and perhaps given 5% of their wealth to live off and remain on house arrest for the rest of their lives. Those people involved in any kind of ritual abuse and/or killing of children need to be publicly executed by Medieval means.

A real “New World Order” will grow from the soil fertilized by the blood of the globalist elites.

I thought it was blue?




How about a Rotary Club where you get to club Antifa?

In my last post, I wrote about the possibility of civil war coming to the West. Civil war is already being waged between globalist and nationalist factions within the power structure but this is mostly covert and unknown to the general population. The question for us ordinary folks is if and when it might turn to overt civil war that will require the people to take up arms.

The recent events surrounding the famous “Based Stick Man” might be evidence that we’re already at this stage. Here we see an average American, who’s not part of any rightwing organization, who came to a pro-Trump rally with body armor, a gas mask, and weapons (stick, pepper spray, and a blade) and who was ready to fight against an opponent that was larger and better organized.  There has been fights in the streets by neo-Nazis or skinheads with Antifa (they’re really just anti-White) in the past, but this is unprecedented in that the rightwing protesters were “normies” and actually marching and fighting in support of a US President. Think about that!

The globalists would prefer that any kind of violence remain at a low level. When I say “low level,” I’m talking about terrorism, attacks on property, and riots that the political left has been known for in America since the 1960’s. The globalist elites prefer this because with control over the media and criminal justice system, they can always back their troops by framing them as “peaceful protesters,” who are “fighting against oppression.”  We saw this at the anti-Trump protests where Trump supporters we’re getting regularly beaten, but the media was only concentrating on the minuscule violence being carried out by pro-Trump supporters.  However, now the globalists no longer have control over the media.

Will the globalist elites ratchet up the level of violence?

In America, I can’t see this happening. Using groups of malcontented White liberals and angry non-Whites for riots, beatings, and terrorism is one thing, but having combat troops is something different altogether. Preparing men for infantry combat takes time and resources. US army basic and infantry training takes 13 weeks. But that’s just the basics. It isn’t until a soldier gets to his unit where the real training begins; it might be a good year before a solider is truly ready for combat.

The globalist elites will need to have spaces where this training can take place. They won’t be able to do this in America. Will the Canadian government give them spaces for training? All the US military would do is bomb these places as terrorist training camps. Is the Canadian air force going to stop the US air force? Even if the leftists didn’t have to fight the US military (that overwhelmingly supports Trump), the political right by itself could handle the political left with no problems. The White left is full of weaklings. Blacks and hispanics are tougher, but in a war against the White working and middle classes they would take one country ass kicking.

So, the globalist elites in America must rely on terrorism, riots, vandalism, and cowardly attacks. This means that these actions are going to become more numerous and increase in intensity as the globalist elites feel their power diminish. All the globalist elites can do in America is try to monkey wrench Trump’s administration, invent scandals, and get people in the streets to engage in low level violence. They hope that this spectacle will be enough to start a “color revolution” in America that can result in Trump getting thrown out of office.   At the very least they hope this will create the illusion that Trump is unpopular and result in him losing in 2020.

Therefore, I think it might be time that some sort of civic organization be organized that can counter protest and defend people against the globalist army. This organization would take part in charitable and social events, do environmental cleanups, but most importantly would be a populist political force that would raise awareness, do marches, counter protest, and engage in political street theater. But unlike the armies of the globalists, this civic organization would be 100% law abiding.  It wouldn’t start any fights in the streets but, like “Based Stick man,” would finish them. There would be chapters in every town in America and every college campus. It would be a place to hang out, work out, network, and fight for the country together. It couldn’t be outright White Nationalist but be implicitly White. Anyone could join, as long as you support defending the borders, an America First trade and foreign policy, freedom of speech and association, and other patriotic positions.  It would be a nationalist Rotary or Lions club, with some mild ceremonial elements. I guarantee that many Americans would join such an organization with glee. It would get people off the internet and meeting in real life.

How about a million-citizen march against elite pedophile rings!!!  Is the left going to counter protest this? LOL

PS: I should also say that this is the time to stop living unhealthy and start preparing for war. Start lifting weights and running. Start going to your closest MMA gym and learn how to fight. Have at least 2 months supply of food and water in your house. Get armed (but don’t over do it and make sure everything is legal). Organize with your friends and neighbors.