Men and Women, Right and Left



There are two excellent videos made by “Butch” at the blog Poseidon Awoke which can be found in my blogroll. In the video titled “Left vs Right: Root Conflict” he discusses the roots of the political conflict between left and right. In the other video titled “Three Estates of the Realm” he expands on this political conflict. I recommend watching these videos before reading on. These videos had an impact on me because they corresponded pretty close to my own ideas on why Western societies are split almost evenly between left and right wings.

It is long been my thinking that the political right and political left are merely manifestations of the masculine and feminine onto the group organizing structure that we call politics. If you look at the traditional role of men in human history it was focused on defense, hunting, trade, and law. If you look at the role of women it focused on caring for young and old, preparing meals, and carrying out many critical tasks (crafts, cleaning, early education) that needed attending within the in-group.

Men decided who the group was going to fight against, trade with, ally with, and where the group was going to live. Men dealt with outsiders and evolved to do this. Women dealt with the in-group and evolved to do this. Men had to discern when interacting with foreigners.  Women dealt mostly with in-group members and did not develop the ability to discern outsiders as strongly as men. To women, everyone was accepted but there was a pecking order. In short, men defended and women cared for people.

If we look at politics today, we see this playing out. The right has been traditionally focused on defense, law and order, and cultural boundaries. The left concerns itself with the welfare state, healthcare, “inclusion,” and education.

The problem with this split is that it takes the two natural foci of men and women and plays them against each other.  The globalist elites were clever in how they placed parts of their agenda in both parties. I explain it in my article Globalist Systems Theory:

The globalist elites have a “home game” and an “away game.” The home game (in the Western Core) is political correctness, anti-Christianity, anti-whiteness, open borders, forced diversity, White genocide, attacks on the family, and degeneracy of all sorts. The away game (in the non-Western Periphery) is war, neo-liberal privatization, color revolutions, and coup d’etats.The main job of the left in America is to carry out the home game while the right pretends to oppose them. The main job of the right in America is to carry out the away game while the left pretends to oppose them.

The globalist elites use man’s natural proclivity to defend for wars across the world for globalist interests while they used woman’s natural proclivity to nurture for taking in the 3rd world and being forced integrated with them.  So the body of Western-kind is divided against itself. The question now is how do we make the West whole again?

The way of making the West whole again is to set up society in a way that allows men and women to carry out their natural, God given duties in cooperation with each other.

For women, besides caring for children, this means running the welfare state, family law, and early education sectors. Women need to raise large families and they should be home with their kids. A child should be with his mother almost all the time until the age of 4.  This is how children learn to be confident and develop into adjusted people. Abandonment leads to insecure adults. Daycare leads to insecure adults. Daycare is low level child abuse. A child learns to trust the world by internalizing the presence of his/her mother.

Once the children are in school, women can work in the sectors I listed above (if they want to), but must be home when the kids return from school. If a women must work while having small children, they kids will be watched by local women from the child’s community. This will be a good role for grandmothers. Women can also run small businesses from their homes and telework. But the main task of a woman is to raise healthy, good looking, highly adjusted children. Women will raise kids, work part time caring for society, keep in shape, and network with other mothers in the community.  The First Lady or Queen would be known as the First Mother.

For men in the society, this means running and mostly manning the defense, criminal law, and immigration sectors. Men must carry out these tasks but also must be good fathers. They can’t be going out every night after work. The child should see dad come every day and see his parents embrace. Dinner should be eaten together daily. Men will decide who can be part of any community (on any scale) and women will decide how the community takes care of these people.  The President or King would be known as the Great or First Father.

This is only a short introduction for people with greater intelligence and organizational ability than me to build on. The balancing of masculine and feminine can be found throughout the Western esoteric tradition and in Western religion. The two pillars in freemasonry represent the masculine (Strength, sun) and feminine (Beauty, moon), while the middle pillar called Wisdom is the balancing of the masculine and feminine elements. May God grant us the Wisdom to balance order and love; justice and mercy; strength and beauty; and logic and intuition within ourselves and in the greater society. And we must be watchful for the foolish ones who might want to throw us out of balance for their own purposes.



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