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Through Him, and in Him, and with Him


Today Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.  And it’s from this day on that we find out if Trump is really the anti-globalist leader that he’s been acting like or if he’s just a new representation of the same globalist plan to enslave humanity, but from a different angle.

There’s no question that a civil war has been occurring within the power structure since Trump’s victory in November. The current liberal (the left, neo-Cohen right, and mass media) globalist elites have been taking major hits and appear to be declining. The question now is what will replace them?

As others (1, 2) have pointed out, Trump could just be a new direction for the top globalist elites. The top of the globalist pyramid only has one goal, and that’s global government that has total control over all aspects of human life. If they have to massacre millions of non-Whites, leftists, Israel, and most of the mid to high level leaders of the left and neo-Cohen right, then they will do that. This may be appealing to some White Nationalists, but in the end even if the whole world is White you’ll still be enslaved, chipped, and required to bow down to Lucifer.

Trump’s rapprochement with Russia could be just an attempt to drive a wedge between Russia and China while encouraging Russia to allow Iran to fall. The relationship between Russia, China, and Iran make up the core of the Eurasianist power that sits in direct opposition to the Atlantist geopolitical strategy of controlling the world Island.  After Iran falls the Anglo-American-Judeo elites will then find some excuse to go to war against Russia and/or China. The return of manufacturing to the US might be in preparation for large wars against Russia and China.

So, what does Trump have to do to show he’s a legitimate anti-globalist leader? Here’s what I’ve came up with. Since the globalist elites have home and away games, I will organize these points as such:

Home (Domestic) , Trump must

Come down on the criminal leftist scumbags that carry out violence, vandalism, and cause constant disruptions to free speech. He must attack their sources of funding and arrest and prosecute their leaders and financiers.  These people are terrorists and need to be treated as such.

Break apart the major nodes of globalist power. This means burning the rats out of the government agencies and investigating the major globalist foundations and think tanks.

Investigate GMO foods and vaccines and promote organic food production. Make policies that bring back small farms.

Break up the major media monopolies.

Protect American industries.

Promote a Christian culture.

Reform the education system to produce more STEM field experts.

Put a moratorium on immigration for at least 20 years. End sanctuary cities and remove illegal immigrants. Build the wall!

Outlaw any future attempts at microchipping humans.

Order a public investigation of elite pedophile networks and bring those involved to justice.

BRING ATTENTION TO WHITE GENOCIDE AND TAKE STEPS TO END IT. Any education establishment that promotes anti-White propaganda will be defunded. He must also push for the reimplementation of Constitutional right to freedom of association. (I will be writing a post on comprehensive racial relations reform in the future that will cover this and lay out the future of race relations in America).

Away (International), Trump must

Crush ISIS and assist secular regimes in the Middle East and North Africa.

Drastically improve relations with Russia and work together to solve common problems, including joint efforts to destroy the forces of globalism.

Support and create good relations with Nationalist leaders/movements across Eastern and Western Europe (and elsewhere, like the Philippians) .

Defend Christians across the world.

Lead an international effort to investigate elite pedophile networks and bring those involved to justice.

Work with leaders worldwide to END WHITE GENOCIDE and bring those involved in the planning or administering of it to justice.

These requirements are not comprehensive for the job of POTUS, they’re just to intended as a rubric to judge if Trump is truly an anti-globalist.  If after 4 or 8 years you can cross most of these points off, then we can conclude that Trump was the real deal (and probably be declared the greatest man in the last 500 years).  If he is, he’s got a hard road ahead of him.  The first obstacle is the liberal globalist establishment (left, Neo-Cohen right, and mass media). This group is feeling their power wane, and if they no longer have any utility to the highest level global oligarchs, then look out, because that means the liberal establishment elites are looking to be smashed. They may be in a fight for their lives (literally!)?  Even if most of them are not in physical danger, the narcissistic injury for them will feel as if they are in such danger and their actions will reflect this.

Some have rightly pointed out that if Trump was a real threat to the highest of the globalist elites that he would have been killed a long time a ago. This is true, so if Trump is truly going to smash the satanic, globalist apex he will need to play an extremely careful game. More realistically, Trump would be laying the ground work for future leaders to take down the top. Trump’s whole 8 years may be only enough time to take down the current liberal globalist elites. These people run the State Department, CFR, Bilderberg, Davos, the MSM, and the educational system. But, their major weakness is that the scientific and philosophical underpinnings of their whole order is false and requires trillions in informational resources to maintain; and now with the internet even this isn’t working. So, the liberal elites are going down (hopefully not taking everything down with them). What comes next will probably be more nationalistic and less politically correct, but this doesn’t mean any less “globalist” in that the endgame will still be global government, a chipped population, and the enthroning of Satan (either literally or symbolically).

I pray that Trump is the man he’s being hyped to be.  But my primary faith is in the Creator and I pray Trump’s faith be through Him, and with Him, and in Him as well.


Watchfulness Endorses Donald J. Trump for President of the United States!


As I have in the past, I wanted to put out this blog’s official endorsement of a candidate for President of the United States.  Therefore, I will now officially endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United States. He’s the first candidate in my lifetime that I’m excited about and might be the most important President since Andrew Jackson. He’s the last President who might be able to keep America in one piece. If Hillary “Mother of Darkness” Clinton in elected, the country will either fall under total satanic globalist control, or break apart due to racial conflict.  Some have argued that because of the latter, that it might be more beneficial if Trump looses. Since I doubt most of the people making this argument have experienced war and/or ethnic cleansing in person, I can write off their enthusiasm for such a scenario as being the product of ignorance. If the Mother of Darkness wins she will legalize 30 million illegal immigrants, attack free speech, censor the internet, and implement even more intense measures that will bring about Global Government and White genocide.

Last month I attended a Trump rally, which was the first political rally I ever attended.  When I walked in the atmosphere was electric but very warm and hopeful. The rally took place in a Rust Belt town and as I walked around to find a place to stand, I couldn’t help thinking “this is America.”  When the man stepped out from behind the curtain the place went crazy.  It was surreal seeing Trump as he stood 20 feet away from me just standing there, for maybe 5 seconds, with that sort of serious, all business look he sometimes has on his face. After the pause, he gave a bow, and started walking to the podium while waving and pointing.  I could feel the hope and love my fellow-Rust Belters had for the man as he gave his speech and afterwards as they waited to take his picture, shake his hand and possibly get an autograph.  I saw one guy with a “Trump God Emperor” t-shirt and two people with “Hillary for Prison” t-shirts that Info Wars puts out.

If Trump wins this election (and he will, if it isn’t stolen) he will have a massive political mandate. He took on the globalist power structure and their political and media shills. Of course, some people have brought up the fact that Trump could just be another globalist insider and that he could end up just driving the globalist agenda from another angle.  This is certainly possible, but at this point I tend not to think so. His rhetoric has been explicitly anti-globalist and the reaction from the globalist apparatus has been one of panic and hatred.  This has been impressive, but what really wowed me was the recent light shed on the elite pedophile networks by Alternative News outfits that are close to the Trump Campaign. This elite pedophile network issue has been there, bubbling under the surface for years, and a little examination of what is known regarding this subject shows that something is definitely there.  This network reportedly goes up to the highest reaches of power in the world, and after spending time reading about it you will conclude that the top of globalist power structure is EVIL beyond understanding!  But while you might not know why they do it, the one thing you will know is that it has to stop and the people involved have to be publicly executed.

These are people who not only engage in sexual activities with children, but actually enjoy hurting children and possibly even ritually killing them.  But here’s the part that could be beneficial to the anti-globalist movement if Trump is the real deal.  Not only do the globalist elites and their lackeys take part in this satanic behavior, but they also video tape it to have as blackmail material on each other.

Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild is famous for saying “give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.”  My rebuttal to Mr. Rothschild is “give me control of a nation’s blackmail material and I care not who controls its money supply.” So, the question you must ask when thinking about this is WHO CONTROLS THE BLACKMAIL MATERIAL?

I assume that just as Hillary “Mother of Darkness” Clinton is a globalist front person, that Trump too is also a front for people behind the scenes.  For whatever reason these people decided that they would take on the globalist power structure and saw the opportunity to do so during this election. I suspect many of the Trump backers are going to be within the military, intelligence, law enforcement, and military industrial complex sectors.  This might give people pause, but it was from these same sectors that Vladimir Putin found his most loyal allies in his country’s fight against the same globalist elites.  Just like Putin, Trump can build a base of loyalty around the American “Siloviki,” and along with winning the overwhelming support of people, entrench a permanent, powerful anti-globalist force in American politics. Of course, there will have to be a culling within the intelligence/Federal Law Enforcement agencies and there’s probably a civil war occurring within them at this time.

The one thing that Putin has that Trump does not have is the support of its major religious institutions.  This is a major structural difference between Russia and America, since Russia has a Church that is part-and-parcel of what it means to be Russian while America’s religious identity is historically a non-centralized protestant one but over time became generically Christian (after the immigration of Catholics) in its culture up until recently.  Trump has some major Evangelical leaders on his side (Robertson, Falwell Jr.) but the support is not as strong as it was for George W. Bush (mainly because Cuckservative leaders are leading their flocks astray).  This is where Pence is useful, and where Trump can use a guy like Ted Cruz. Trump should look to appoint some known, conservative Catholics in his administration as well. In a sign of humility, he should attend religious services every Sunday (perhaps at the National Cathedral?) and urge other Americans to get back in touch with their Christian roots.  He should occasionally discuss the changes he sees in his own life due to having Christianity in it and this might motivate other Americans to start doing the same.

If he has the intelligence services (with control of the blackmail material), military, law enforcement, and the support of the people, he’ll be able to start truly squeezing the globalist elites. He needs to order the DOJ to start a massive investigation of the pedophile networks and start peeling off those involved with plea deals to go after those higher and higher up the pyramid.  This pedophile thing has the potential to take down the whole globalist apparatus.  He needs to work closely with Putin and together they need to support like-minded leaders in Europe.  There was some discussion of Trump starting an anti-globalist TV network if he loses;  I think there needs to be one created win or lose.  There needs to be an anti-globalist/American Nationalist CNN or FOX type network because after Trump wins he and his administration will be under constant attack by the globalist media apparatus and NGOs. The attacks will come extremely heavy as the globalist elites fear their power start to diminish. And these people crave power like an addict craves drugs, so when they start to go into withdrawal they will become extremely unstable and dangerous.

I’ve thought from the very beginning that Trump has a really good chance of winning. I pray for his safety because the globalist elites are extremely dangerous and have killed or attempted to kill Presidents in the past. And don’t think if they suffer a couple setbacks that they’re gone for good. As long as evil exists in the world these satanic elites will be a threat. Just like mushrooms, or fortunes, the globalist elites cultivate evil best in the dark.  They can go underground for long periods of time and will work to contaminate people and institutions to facilitate their rise again. Their only passion is power. A nation, or even individual person is like a garden, the work is never done. Weeds and pests always come back. The garden is full of weeds in this current year; the gardener has come and it’s time to start ripping them out, showering them with glyphosate, and turning their remains deep under the soil.  November 9th 2016 is going to be YUGE!!!

Trump 2016 MAGA

A Plan for the White Underclass


The White working class (WWC) have been hit the hardest by globalization over the last 40 years.  Premature mortality, addiction, obesity, and divorce are widespread among this demographic. While I would be considered “middle class” today, due to levels of education and chosen career field, I am the product of the WWC. I grew up in the Rust Belt and my father was a skilled blue collar worker. I saw many of the issues that plague the WWC within my own house and within others.

The WWC is proving to be major annoyance for the globalist elites. The WWC was supposed to play the role of “White racist evil doer” in the globalist, anti-White narrative. As the industrial base was dismantled, mass waves of non-White immigrants brought in, and the anti-White information warfare campaign was being conducted against Whites, this was going to create the conditions that would cause the WWC to start lashing out (and dropping out).  This is what the (highly government infiltrated and probably sponsored in many cases) militia movement was about in the 1990’s.  This would give the globalist elites the opportunity to “solve” the “problem” of WWC radicalism by implementing more diversity, more “anti-racist” (((education))), and more restrictions on free speech.  This would be collectively dramatized in the media as the major mythology of the new globalist civilization. The forced integration of the West with the developing world, for the creation of global government under the rule of the globalist elites, would rally around the narrative of “ending racism” in the West just as “spreading freedom and democracy” is used as the pretext for dominating the rest of the world.

Lately however, the narrative has been disrupted. Trump has risen as the champion of the WWC and the WWC have proven to be his most loyal supporters.  There’s also been the rise of the Alternative Right meta-political movement in America. The Alt-Right is a middle to upper middle class movement of highly educated, tech-savvy young people. The Alt-Right is extremely dangerous to the globalist elites because it destroys the anti-White narrative and because it can potentially serve in a leadership role for the WWC. The Alt-Right was never supposed to happen.The globalist elites were counting on militias, Christian Identity RHOWA types, Neo-Nazis, Klan groups and other misguided expressions of WWC discontent.

What working class people want is to belong and to believe in something.  They don’t want to discuss high philosophical ideas. They don’t have time to read Carl Schmitt, Evola, or Nietzsche. They (including myself) were fooled in the early 2000’s into believing in “War on Terrorism” patriotardism nonsense but have come to realize that they were conned. They will bust their back for you if you provide them with an honest plan for the future.  They want a good job and a nice community to raise a family.  These folks are the “salt-of-the-earth.”

Of course, the globalist elites are growing tired of them. As the Alt-Right grows and the WWC becomes a potential political army, the globalist elites will have to act.  As much as the globalist elites might like to kill the WWC in mass (like they did with the Russia peasants in the 20’s and 30’s) they can’t take that chance at this point. I suspect that they’ll offer opiate fortified fast food/Mountain Dew and a guaranteed income in return for remaining out of politics and agreeing to become sterilized.  They can die out in an opiate haze and not make any trouble for the globalist elites and their Satanic plans for the earth.

The problem for the globalist elites is that they’re running out of time.  Many of them don’t even realize how much trouble they’re in. I think the ones at the very top know, but the people lower down the trough are acting as arrogant as ever; and this is the sign of their impending fall.

So the question is what to do with the WWC after the globalist elites are thwarted and worthy leaders take command of the West?  I think most of the WWC will be fine with improved employment opportunities, homogeneous communities, and an end to the anti-White information campaign being waged against them.  But there will be a collection of people from this group that will need extra attention.  I’m talking about what some people call “White trash” (although I don’t like this term).  I’m talking about the people with chronic addiction, criminal behavior, unemployment, emotional problems, and obesity.  I’m talking about the people with the least amount of future time orientation. I’m talking about the “People of Wal-Mart.”  This group of people, while a fraction of the WWC, still makes up millions of people. Fifty years of cultural Marxism has done a lot of damage.

The best policy solutions address several problems at once. Besides the problems of the White underclass, another problem that needs to be addressed is the problem of big-agriculture and GMO foods. Big-agro drove out family farms and many GMO foods are banned outside of the United States. The food we put in our bodies is of immense importance. Any future White spaces (communities, regions, states, nations, kingdoms) should be somewhat agrarian.  But the core of this agrarian society should be an organic farming and ranching super structure that will be integrated into the social welfare system..

What I propose do with the White underclass, is to use them as the labor supply for the organic, agrarian super structure. Any future social welfare system will be built around farm work. An individual and/or family in need will be moved into a rural community where labor is needed.  The men and single women will do farm work and the mothers will take care of the children. They will be provided housing, food, medical care, education for children, and other necessities.  They will be given mental health counseling and family services. They will be required to attend a church every Sunday and be expected to attend community functions.  There will be drug testing, inspections of living spaces, limitations on outside media, and weigh-ins. This will be a highly structure life for the people who need structure the most.

There will have to be some sort of supervisory cadre assigned to each region and sub regions.  There will be a chain of command, or modern system of manorial lords (so to speak). Balancing the manorial lords will be the churches, that will watch to see the people are treated justly and within the guidelines of the program.  No one will be forced into the program but since this will be the social welfare system, the choice will be between this and nothing. If the people in need have children and refuse to enter the program, the kids will be removed and placed in the program with families that can care for them. Over time they will be given management opportunities and later be given opportunities for zero interest loans to buy farms. After two years or so of being in the program they will have the opportunity to leave it but I suspect many will want to stay forever.

The actual food being grown will be organic. Organic foods don’t produce the same yields as non-organic foods but to make up for this more of it will be grown. Millions of people will be moved into the agricultural sector.  Fast food will be outlawed. Wal-Mart will be outlawed. Big agro/GMO foods will be outlawed.  I believe that 10% of the population should be working directly or in support of the agricultural super structure. The simple change from garbage food to healthy food I suspect will have a major positive result.

The purpose of this program has nothing to do with profits. The purpose of this program is to help the most vulnerable people within the WWC while providing the larger population with healthy food. The most important function of any future White collective (at any political scale) is the amelioration of its people.  We want to make people “whole.”   We want to create the conditions for producing psychologically adjusted and spiritually mature people. We want people who are independent (and not codependent) but thoughtful of others. We want people who are mindful and living in the present. We want people to work on self-improvement but who can also accept their limitations (aka humility). We want hard working people but not people who use work as another outlet for a lack of inner peace.  We want stable, sober, happy homes where kids can grow up with both parents.  We want communities that interact and socialize with each other in clean and wholesome ways.


While this program would be ideal in a future White ethno-state, it’s likely that such a state is unlikely to happen in North America in the near future. I do believe it could be implemented in the  United States in the near future after a Trump victory (the globalist Clinton would never support such a program since people of her ilk only support programs that make the population worse off or allow them to fill their pockets; preferably both at the same time).  After a major program of deportation has been carried out, the Wall has been built, and freedom of association has been re-implemented (along with a comprehensive racial reform program), this program would fit well.

The challenge will be persuading blacks, and Hispanics to a lesser degree, because their “leaders” would cry that this was “neo-slavery.” One of the overlooked negative externalities of diversity is that it makes dealing with the White underclass much more difficult. This is the same with policing. Seventy years ago if a White man got wise with a cop the cop would smash him with his night stick. Now if a black man reaches for a gun and gets shot by a cop it can lead to riots.

A program like this would directly benefit the underclass of all races and provide quality food to all Americans. Elected officials throughout the American farm belt should promote this program with the promise of repopulating rural areas that have been declining demographically for the last 30 years. If non-Whites won’t get on board, then I would suggest creating a non-governmental organization that would carry this out. This GMO would coordinate farmers, family service organizations, churches, and White people in need.

This program will be a place for people who need structure and purpose. Those people most hurt by the globalist system will “return to the soil” and rebuild themselves with the rejuvenating power of work, nature, community, and an active spiritual life; all the while providing healthier food for everyone. There are times in my own life when such a program would have been beneficial.



Why Christianity (Part 4)



This will be the final part of my “Why Christianity” series.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The purpose of this series was to make an argument for a Christian cultural and spiritual basis for the Western world. I make this argument in the context of the coming collapse of the current globalist order. The Anglo-American-Judeo elites are facing major loses in power and influence in the world at the very least and possibly physical extinction as well.  After their collapse (if they don’t take the world down with them) some sort of cultural and spiritual basis will need to be put in place to start healing Western peoples of the sicknesses that have been inflicted on them. I’ve made an argument in favor of Christianity mostly citing its strengths from the philosophical, social, and theological points of views. I will now make the argument from a practical perspective.

One of the biggest and most obvious reasons for making the argument for Christianity as the cultural organizing principle for the West is that it has been for the last 1700 years or so.  This is what people are used to. To try to advocate something totally new would very likely frighten a lot of people. In almost every community across the Western world sits one or more churches within an organizational structure. The holidays of Christmas and Easter remain the two biggest holidays in the Western world.  The greatest Western artistic and architectural achievements have been inspired by Christian ideals.

Of course, one of the problems with this argument is that the majority of the Christian denominations in the Western world stand squarely against the interests of the historical populations of the Western world.  Whether they be the Roman Catholic, Anglican, mainline protestant, (Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, etc.) or evangelical, they all act as cogs in the White genocide and globalist machine with massive support for mass immigration and forced assimilation.

It is truly sad that while recently the Dali-Lama came out against the flood of non-White immigrants into Europe and even defended Germany as being for Germans, Pope Francis has again and again pushed for more foreign invaders to flood Europe. And it’s not as if Pope Francis doesn’t know what’s behind all this forced 3rd world immigration. While still a Cardinal he and a Rabbi Skorka collaborated on a book titled “On Heaven and Earth” where they discussed some of the major issues of the day. In the chapter on globalization (on page 208) Pope Francis said the following:

The globalization that makes everything uniform is essentially imperialist and instrumentally liberal, but it is not human. In the end it is a way to enslave the nations.”  He went on to say “we often hear about the ‘melting pot’ of races. If this is meant in a poetic sense, it is okay. But if it is meant in the sense of fusing nations, something is wrong: a nation has to maintain its identity and, at the same time, integrate itself with others.”  

Reading these quotes one can’t help to admit that then Cardinal Bergoglio (now Pope Francis) had some healthy instincts and a good understanding of what the globalist elites were trying to achieve. But today he seems to advocate for the non-human, uniform creating, fusion of nations that will end in their enslavement that he warned against.


The Roman Catholic Church is a mysterious institution. It’s hard to believe that the longest living organization in history would be so short sighted as to support policies that will lead to the Islamization of Europe. The alternative researcher Leo Zagami claims that 40 Cardinals have secretly converted to Islam and are preparing for the merging of Islam and Christianity in the creation of a one world religion. While I’ve seen no proof of Cardinals converting to Islam I have no doubt that the globalist apparatus is highly infiltrated in the Vatican and that the Roman Catholic Church would be an ideal vehicle for a one world religion. At the same time, I could see the Vatican using the refugee crises as an opportunity to reassert its influence by becoming militant again and leading the crusade to clear Europe of Muslims. The so called “Year of Mercy” could be followed by a “Decade of Order” with perhaps a new traditionalist Pope (perhaps a Dominican?) that would take over after Pope Francis resigns.  This new change of direction by the Church would include major collaboration with the Christian Orthodox world.


The Roman Catholic Church and other denominations need to do something if they’re to survive in the Western world; so why not do the smart thing and try to appeal to the historical-majority populations of the Western world?  Of course political correctness does make people fundamentally stupid, so it’s really not a surprise that they don’t do the smart thing.  Essentially a huge factor in the re-Christianization of the West will be the actions of the churches of the West. If they continue to be anti-White and refuse to accept the inborn human preference for forming communities with other humans they primarily identify with, then they will cease to be centers of Truth and Light, and therefore fade away into the darkness. Something new will replace them that better reflects the order of the universe and respects the people of the Western world.

The last issue I want to address is the argument of belief.  Most people don’t really believe in all the stories of the Bible. While Americans tend to believe the Bible more than Europeans, Europeans seem to be majority agnostic. So for the person who says “but I don’t believe in all that God stuff,” I say “so what?”  Even if you’re a total atheist I think the social externalities of a Christian culture are reason enough to support it. Why not see Jesus Christ or other Biblical figures or Saints as examples to live up to? Or perhaps consider this:

Think of “God” as the collective consciousness of all conscious beings.  So the three parts (or “persons”) of this God are 1) the collective field of all consciousness, 2) the individual conscious observer within the collective field of consciousness, and 3) the relationship between the collective field and the individual observer. This relationship is a feedback loop between the observer affecting the field and the field affecting the observer.

As we know from quantum physics, the observer effects the phenomenon being observed.  So as you move through the world you’re helping to create the world by being there.  The impact a phenomenon had on you in space-time is now having an impact on wherever you go.  This is how prayer works. You go into a quiet room and pray for something. You spoke or thought words and your mind heard them. You’ve “programmed” these words into you.  Because your consciousness is connected to all other consciousness in the field, the prayers enter the field.

This brings us to the relationship language has with the field and prayer.  We human observers differentiate the field using language. Language is made up of words and are used to convey meaning.  Symbols convey meaning. Most religious traditions use symbols and allegories to convey and program meaning. A solider in ancient Rome would pray before the statue of Mars (god of war) to concentrate war energy within himself. The words associated with the god Mars would be words like bravery, strength, skill, tenaciousness.  In praying to Mars the soldier concentrates his will on these attributes.  Think about the other Roman Gods Jupiter: Law, Governance, Order; Juno: marriage and women; Venus: Love and fertility; Janus: New beginnings, transition. The field is differentiated by language so the “gods” are used to allegorize aspects of the field.  The more you concentrate on something the more this influences you and your perceptions.

Saint Michael Vanquishing Satan by Maffei, Francesco (ca 1600-1660) / Thyssen-Bornemisza Collections / c. 1656 / Italy, Venetian School / Oil on stone / Bible / 80x75 / Baroque

So now to the Christian tradition.  The Arch Angel Michael is a war god of sorts.  Soldiers wear a medal of Michael and feel protected and this feeling of protection gives them some added confidence in dangerous situations. Mary is the Mother goddess. The words associated with her would be purity, mother love, compassion.  Her image is powerful.  Think about it, even if you don’t come from a Christian tradition that venerates Mary, would you feel comfortable taking part in a cocaine and vodka fueled threesome with two 19-year-old girls in front of a large icon or statue of the virgin Mary?  Would you?  So what about Jesus? What the Christians did was take Jesus, whose associated words would be love, self-sacrifice, charity, humility, etc. and make him the ruler of the field.   This was a world changing idea, as it conveys the idea that the universe loves you and as one feels loved, they tend to love back.

So prayer and veneration works by programming ourselves using language with meanings that we wish to concentrate our wills upon and internalize.  Will prayer heal you’re loved one dying with cancer?  At the very least it will help you deal with it. But perhaps we don’t know enough about what concentrating our intentions on something can do? This is really what ceremonial magic is about. Practitioners of magic believe that concentrating their intentions on something will create forces or energy that travel through the field which can help bring about an outcome. Remember that the most powerful people in the world take part in these activities. But again, it’s worth repeating that even if you don’t think much of this explanation of prayer and religious practice that Jesus and the Saints can be thought of as examples to emulate and that the collective result of the population becoming more Christ-like will be a more humane and orderly society.

I don’t know what the future beholds but I am quite confident that the world is about to transition towards a new order.  I believe there are many benefits to a Christian organizing principle but am quite aware that the current globalist order is very much integrated with the various Christian denominations.  If these denominations wish to survive then it is imperative that they oppose the globalist program and respect the White, Western people’s right to self-determination.  I pray to God that they will see the Light on this.



Will they see the Light?

God is Love AND Order


In part two of my “Why Christianity” series I ended it by pointing out that God is Love and Order. I think it’s important that I reiterate this point.

In the Gospel according to John verse 4:4 it says the following:

The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

Just like verses regarding “strangers” in the Bible this verse is used to forward many a unnatural agendas. This verse is used to argue that “the only thing that matters is love.”  People in liberal protestant denominations make this argument regarding the sanctioning of gay marriage in their churches. But in Leviticus 20:13 it says

‘If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death.

Of course, then people will make the argument that Jesus changed all that “rules and regulations” stuff. But then we read in 1st Corinthians 6:9-11

“Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”

So what gives? If God is Love, then why can’t two men (or women) get married and bugger each other for the glory of the loving God?  The reason is that God is also Order. God sets forth certain rules that we must abide by to make us better off and He does this out of love. These rules can be hard to live by, but they’re for our own good. People seem to disagree most with the rules regarding sex. But think about the disastrous effect the “sexual revolution” has had on Western society.  The “sexual revolution” was supposed to lead more happiness but today people are more miserable than in times past.


This isn’t a matter of either/or, it’s both/and.  Love and Order work in conjunction.  This is the heart and brain. This is the mother and the father.  This is the proper balance between the left and right sides of the brain. The esoteric teacher Mark Passio discusses this dynamic in his lectures on the sacred feminine and sacred masculine. If one examines the Bible one notices that the Old Testament was the book of Order (or Law) while the New Testament is the Book of Love.


What we see in much of modern Christianity is an imbalanced focus on love over order. For much of Christian history it was the other way around, but today love is the answer to everything. In a way, I would agree that “love is the answer” but only in conjunction with order. In fact, love without order might not be love at all.

A child brings home a sad, homeless puppy soaked to the bone from rain. You might keep it. But what if a child brings home 10 homeless puppies?  Unless you’re a lonely 40 year old women, you wouldn’t keep 10 puppies (or kittens in that case) because this wouldn’t benefit anyone. What if you have a cat at home that gets attacked by these 10 puppies?  I suppose the “all you need is love” crowd would argue that the cat should be punished for using its nails to defend itself? Bringing 10 puppies into the house is not love but a sign of mental illness at best.

Not LOve

Love not working in conjunction with order is not love just as order not working in conjunction with love is not order. A system based purely on the “letter of the law” will lead to chaos as well, as people rebel against the lack of compassion, understanding, and mercy. This balance of love and order corresponds with the roles of the Church and Monarchy in the middle Ages. The Monarchy was supposed to hold up the law and defend the people in return for labor. The Church had a social welfare role and was supposed to intervene when the lords became unjust or oppressive. The lord acted as the father while “Holy Mother Church” acted as the mother. Of course things didn’t always work out this way as many times the high offices of the Church would be manned by sons of lords making both Church and Monarchy on the same side. When this happens an opening occurs for a French Revolution type situation when the scum of the earth take over filling the void with promises of “liberty, equality, and fraternity.”

When you neglect order for too long the road back to order is usually very bumpy. When people live too much outside of the Truth (God’s law), the whole thing comes down. What the story of Sodom and Gomorrah teaches us is that disorder will not be tolerated forever. This is what we’re seeing today in the modern Western world. There’s an elite who push everything unnatural to human nature, from forced integration, to GMO foods, to “irregular family situations,” to siding with criminals over law enforcement, to degenerate media of all sorts. When Sodom and Gomorrah became too disorderly, God rained fire on it. Also recall that when the angels said to not look back; they meant it (as Lot’s wife found out). The farther things fall away from order, the harsher the return will be.

Another story worth considering is the story of the tower of Babel.  There are different ways of interpreting this story. But if the story tells us one thing it’s that God does not like a centralized system that does away with all differences. This is unnatural for God. Eventually the Lord had to knock down the tower(s).  I suppose it shouldn’t surprise us that today we see a globalist elite, that venerates Lucifer, not only pushing a degenerate Sodom and Gomorrah culture on us but also trying to build a one world system that does away with all differences.

The road back to order will be bumpy.






Why Christianity? (Part3)


Part 2

Part 1

In continuing my argument in favor of Christianity being the spiritual-cultural organizing principle for the West, I’m going to cover other arguments made against it by racialists and others.

The one argument that I think is the most legitimate (against Christianity being the spiritual-cultural organizing principle for the West) is that Christianity is a foreign religion to Europe. It points out that the root of Christianity is Jewish and that Christianity itself was created by Jews. The folks who point this out say that the West should resort to  religions which were thought up by the minds of Europeans.  Usually they advocate for the old pagan religions, but if not paganism, racialists will argue for a Nietzschean ideal that advocates transcending ourselves into something better (i.e. the Ubermenschen).  Those with a materialist outlook will advocate for a “might is right” collective ideal where DNA is the highest good.  I will now address these.

First I will address the “Jewishness” of Christianity.  It is true that Jesus Christ was a Hebrew, most likely of semitic blood.  From a racial perspective, this is true. But from a spiritual or an ideological perspective, Christianity is the exact opposite of Judaism.  Christianity attempts to provide “salvation” through this earthly realm on into eternity by becoming one with God through Christ. It’s a religion about living in harmony and in unity with others within the “Body of Christ.”  It’s a Universalist religion that claims that all people are spiritual equals. Judaism on the other hand is a tribal religion that advocates world supremacy by one tribe of people. This group of people was “chosen” by God to lead the goyim (cattle) of the world. The Messiah of the Jewish people is supposed to be a military leader, which will help the Jewish people crush all those who oppose them.  The religion of Judaism doesn’t really consider the afterlife.  Its goal is to build “heaven on earth” or a “New Israel.”


The Jewish people were chosen by God to be a vehicle to deliver the Savior of the World. Why did God choose the Jews for this mission?  I can’t claim to know the mind of God but if you look at the Jesus story we see that hope comes from unexpected places. Jesus was born in a humble manger. He rode into Jerusalem on a modest donkey. And through His death, and what looked like ultimate defeat, he saved the world.  From a logistical perspective, God chose the Jews because they would be part of the Roman Empire. The Faith spread into the Roman Empire and eventually became the State religion of the Roman Empire.  The Faith then spread through Europe and brought to Europe a unity it never would have had under the old religions.  Had Islam attacked a Europe without Christianity, I doubt a unified effort would have been possible.  The Faith then spread to the New World by Europeans. Perhaps God chose the Jews for the reason a liberal protestant woman pastor once told me when I asked her why Jesus came from the Jews “because they needed him more than everyone else” (I was amusingly shocked when this female pastor told me this considering the liberal denomination she came from).


So what about the pagan faiths of ancient Europe?  I respect these religions and find some interesting ideas in them but I simply don’t find them as beneficial to the person or society as Christianity. The highest good in the pagan Germanic religions was fame and fortune. Getting rich and having your name known in far places was the greatest thing a man could hope for.  The Greco-Roman religions were no better. The best ideas that came out of the Classical world were philosophical, not religious, and many of these philosophical ideas became a part of Christian thought (Stoicism, Platonism, Aristotle).  There’s also no evidence that they were racialist or tribal religions.  Alexander the Great wanted to mix the ancient Greeks into the whole world. The Norse or Germans had no problem with selling their kin to Muslims or selling out their tribesmen to outsiders for personal gain. The pre-Christian religious systems also required animal or human sacrifices. Instead of Easter Sunday church service, perhaps we’d take the kids down to the town square for the springtime killing of a bull, after which we’d spread the blood on each other’s foreheads?

After paganism the other idea for an ideological organizing principle for the West is a Nietzschean quasi religion of self-over becoming. This is about becoming something greater than what you are. This idea was popular with the 3rd Reich in its attempt to help evolve humans (or some humans) into a higher stage of evolution.  Just as apes became modern man, modern man would be who the Ubermenschen would evolve from.

I can certainly understand the appeal of such an ideology, but again I think its weaknesses outweigh its strengths. First of all it places all its focus on a future goal instead of learning to be at peace with the present. Working towards goals is important for individuals and society, but inner peace can never be found in accomplishment, only in learning to enjoy the present. Trying to find satisfaction is some future goal always disappoints; which then requires a new goal to accomplish. If someone has no peace in the present, no amount of accomplishment will matter.  If we’re going to have a central organizing principle, or religion, the purpose should be to bring peace to people. I’m talking about real inner peace and not distraction or chemical sedation.  We could build a great intergalactic civilization and supermen/women who look like super-models that live to be 500 years old, but if we’re not at peace, what difference does it make?  We’ll have weapons that can blow up whole planets in the hands of people who can’t sit in silence for 20 minutes.

If we do want to build a better human, what characteristics would we want to instill?  Does our Ubermenschen have the same characteristics as a Wall Street banker (ruthless desire for money), or a Hollywood actor (attention whore’s desire for fame)?  The characteristics I would advocate for are kindness, hopefulness, selflessness, charity, gratefulness, humility, discipline, patience, industriousness, honesty, and a sense of duty.   Before we can even start exploring space and building technology that can blow up planets, we better take 2 or 3 generations to work on ourselves on earth. Before we can be “higher beings” we better learn to be humans again and not animals (or slaves to our carnal desires). And we better think for a very long time before anyone starts merging humans with machines.  In fact, I would strongly advocate against merging the human mind with computers.

The last possibility for the future organizing principle for the West (instead of Christianity) is the “might is right” idea of pure materialism. This is really the worst idea out of all of them.  This ideal entails organizing ourselves based on our DNA. Apparently people with certain haplogroups would be given preferences over people with other haplogroups. These groups would be encouraged to breed with each other and out-groups would be given incentives to not breed. For the record I support people’s rights to form communities by any organizing principle they wish. If people want to start communities restricted to certain DNA groups, that’s fine with me. Of course, to my knowledge you can only test the males on your father’s line and the females in your mother’s line and not the females from your father’s line or the males from your mother’s line. Therefore, there may be a non-in-group person in the woodpile and you’d never know it.  But if this is what certain people want, then I say go-for-it.  But for a meta-spiritual system for the West, it just wouldn’t work. In Spain are some Spaniards going to get deported who have Moorish-derived DNA?  Or in Poland, will someone with a Tatar male haplogroup be deported?  Would Reinhard Heydrich (had Jewish ancestry) have been sent to Madagascar if the Germans won the 2nd world war?  Would RamzPaul be barred from any future ethno-community in North America for being “1% Jewish?”  These types of complications make a purely racial organizing principle almost impossible, besides the fact that it doesn’t really make you any better or more at peace. The Germans thought that their DNA was superior to the Russian’s DNA. The Russians ended up defeating the Germans and humiliating them.

In conclusion, I want to revisit the concept of self-over becoming that I discussed above. If we look at the most important story of Christianity, we see in it this same symbolism.  Christ dying on the cross and rising again can be understood as a metaphor for our lower selves dying in some way and our higher selves rising as something better. Usually the way to death of the old and rise of the new is through suffering.  This suffering can be as small as the suffering that comes by not eating dessert after dinner every night (in becoming a person who eventually doesn’t need dessert after dinner) to someone dealing with the loss of everything (health, family, belongings) in becoming someone unattached to the things of the world. But the bottom line is “transcending self” requires discomfort (some form of “death,” including your illusions of how the world is supposed to work) and Christ was a perfect model for this process.



Part 4


Why Christianity? (Part 2)


Part 1

In making the case for Christianity as the dominant spiritual and cultural-force in the West, it’s important that I address the biggest critique of Christianity coming from the racialist node of the Alternative Right.  I will also address the rebuttal (to my addressing this critique) that would come from SJWs and other people on the political left. The biggest critique coming from racialists is that Christianity is a Universalist religion that points towards unity of all peoples.  This is correct, however, the question to consider in addressing this aspect of Christianity is what exactly “unity” means?  To the globalist elite’s lackeys running the major Christian denominations “unity” means force integration and demonization of anyone who complains.

For a correct understanding of what “unity” means, it’s important that we revisit the concept of Logos. Logos is reason. So the question is, is it reasonable to force integrate people together when they are incompatible culturally, and in most cases, don’t wish to be forced together?  The answer of course is NO!  This is only reasonable if your goal is to cause problems. So for the globalist elites, this is very reasonable, but for the purpose of human happiness and harmony, it’s not reasonable. The only reasonable solution is to allow individuals, and therefore communities, and therefore polities to decide who will live amongst them.  Many studies have proven that diverse communities lead to less social cohesion; so again, it is reasonable and humane to allow people to live in communities with the people they most identify with.

It is critical that I discuss the importance of community. Humans thrive within intact, healthy families. There’s a reason why children who bounce from foster home to foster home have problems in later life.  As children growing up we need to feel a part of a family and feel the stability that comes with this. This is why divorce has adverse effects on people as they develop. The same is true of community. Community is the next concentric ring after family that is important for the proper adjustment of human beings. In fact, community can make up (but not totally) for problems in the home. Back in the day of the “ethnic neighborhood” in the American Northeast there may have been a kid who had a drunken father. Dad came home drunk and caused a ruckus.  But since the kid saw other fathers of the same ethnic and religious group who were not drunken derelicts, they wouldn’t be as adversely affected as the child who didn’t have such a community. In such communities these other fathers may have also intervened and brought about pressure on the drunken father. Like family, community cultivates a sense of security. I strongly believe that besides the crises of the family, that the loss of community is the main reason for the drug and obesity problems in America. People don’t feel secure, so they’re depending on opiates and hamburgers for this security.


At this point people (sometimes with pure hearts) will say something like “yah, but what about the Christian responsibility to care for those in need?”  Sometimes these same (pure hearted) types will bring up Bible verses addressing caring for the “stranger.”  In fact, the stranger verses are used a lot, but almost always in self-serving ways that are not what the authors intended. When the Bible talks about “caring for strangers” what it’s saying is that you have no right to rob a stranger on the road. Or if a stranger comes to your town, you have a responsibility to at least let them sleep in the stable and throw them yesterday’s bread.  This expectation of hospitality for strangers is found in many cultures, including the pre-Christian pagan Germanic cultures.  This “caring for the stranger” does not mean allowing numerically large groups of people to overwhelm and/or alter your society. If the ancient Israelites had done what the major Christian denominations are calling on Europeans to do with respect to the current Muslim invasion of Europe, there would have been no nation of Israel for Christ to come out of.  Perhaps these same Biblical exploiters who like to use the Bible for their own political ends would like it if people started using other verses for political ends? God seemed to sanction the whole extermination of peoples in the Old Testament;  these scriptures can be used for political ends as well.

As far as helping those in need, living in homogenous communities is not an impediment to assisting those in other communities. I currently know of people who live in predominantly White neighborhoods who go to the ghetto to serve poor blacks in soup kitchens.  Churches take up collections of money, food, and clothes and distribute them to the poor all the time. In fact, I believe giving people the right to community will lead to an increase in charity and service to the poor.  This is a question of boundaries. An individual whose boundaries are constantly impinged on is less likely to be open to giving to others. When one is in a personal crisis; when one feels beset, it’s not possible to truly give yourself to others.   I also believe that once people have a sense of security within their community of choice, that they won’t mind paying more in taxes for communities with more needs.  This is the same for the international level. People who feel secure in their spaces will be more eager to help those outside these spaces, at any scale. And if people have a great desire to help the poor in the 3rd world, there are plenty of opportunities to travel abroad to do so. All of these “concerned liberals” who lament over poverty in the 3rd world should be given every opportunity to go to them and live like Mother Teresa.

On the international level, the most Christian thing the West can do is STOP INTERFERING WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S COUNTRIES!!!  In other words, stop starting wars, orchestrating color revolutions, overthrowing governments, funding insurgencies, and pushing neo-liberal economic policies that result in privatizations of state industries and debt to the World Bank. The globalist elite’s wars in the Batkins, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and elsewhere have made the world worse off.  The West is responsible for the rise of ISIS and therefore the killing of Middle Eastern Christians. Once the current masonic-Judaic elites are replaced by a Christian elite in the West, the world will be better off instantaneously.  These same globalist elites who kill millions in wars and cause untold suffering with their meddling are the same people who try to guilt people in accepting more refugees from the war zones that they cause.

The Anglo-American-Judaic-Masonic globalist system is Satanic to its core.  It’s run by an elite class who are full-fledged dark occult initiates. Once this system of darkness is smashed, the Son will rise on a new dawn and a healthy and true “unity” will be possible.  True unity is never forced. Jesuit Priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin argued that the psychic unity of humankind can “only be voluntary” while Trappist Monk Thomas Merton wrote that “false unity is the work of force” while true unity is “the free union of beings that spontaneously seek to be one in the truth, preserving and elevating their separate selves by transcendence” (1).

Many people point out that God is Love. This is true; but God is also Order. So a true unified Christian system is a voluntary one that respects community and differences  while also addressing the needs of those who need relief.  This isn’t a matter of “either/or” (as presented by the globalist elites), but “both/and.”


Part 3

(1)  Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton (Lent and Holy Week): Pg. 37 excerpt from Loretto and Gethsemani