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How about a Rotary Club where you get to club Antifa?

In my last post, I wrote about the possibility of civil war coming to the West. Civil war is already being waged between globalist and nationalist factions within the power structure but this is mostly covert and unknown to the general population. The question for us ordinary folks is if and when it might turn to overt civil war that will require the people to take up arms.

The recent events surrounding the famous “Based Stick Man” might be evidence that we’re already at this stage. Here we see an average American, who’s not part of any rightwing organization, who came to a pro-Trump rally with body armor, a gas mask, and weapons (stick, pepper spray, and a blade) and who was ready to fight against an opponent that was larger and better organized.  There has been fights in the streets by neo-Nazis or skinheads with Antifa (they’re really just anti-White) in the past, but this is unprecedented in that the rightwing protesters were “normies” and actually marching and fighting in support of a US President. Think about that!

The globalists would prefer that any kind of violence remain at a low level. When I say “low level,” I’m talking about terrorism, attacks on property, and riots that the political left has been known for in America since the 1960’s. The globalist elites prefer this because with control over the media and criminal justice system, they can always back their troops by framing them as “peaceful protesters,” who are “fighting against oppression.”  We saw this at the anti-Trump protests where Trump supporters we’re getting regularly beaten, but the media was only concentrating on the minuscule violence being carried out by pro-Trump supporters.  However, now the globalists no longer have control over the media.

Will the globalist elites ratchet up the level of violence?

In America, I can’t see this happening. Using groups of malcontented White liberals and angry non-Whites for riots, beatings, and terrorism is one thing, but having combat troops is something different altogether. Preparing men for infantry combat takes time and resources. US army basic and infantry training takes 13 weeks. But that’s just the basics. It isn’t until a soldier gets to his unit where the real training begins; it might be a good year before a solider is truly ready for combat.

The globalist elites will need to have spaces where this training can take place. They won’t be able to do this in America. Will the Canadian government give them spaces for training? All the US military would do is bomb these places as terrorist training camps. Is the Canadian air force going to stop the US air force? Even if the leftists didn’t have to fight the US military (that overwhelmingly supports Trump), the political right by itself could handle the political left with no problems. The White left is full of weaklings. Blacks and hispanics are tougher, but in a war against the White working and middle classes they would take one country ass kicking.

So, the globalist elites in America must rely on terrorism, riots, vandalism, and cowardly attacks. This means that these actions are going to become more numerous and increase in intensity as the globalist elites feel their power diminish. All the globalist elites can do in America is try to monkey wrench Trump’s administration, invent scandals, and get people in the streets to engage in low level violence. They hope that this spectacle will be enough to start a “color revolution” in America that can result in Trump getting thrown out of office.   At the very least they hope this will create the illusion that Trump is unpopular and result in him losing in 2020.

Therefore, I think it might be time that some sort of civic organization be organized that can counter protest and defend people against the globalist army. This organization would take part in charitable and social events, do environmental cleanups, but most importantly would be a populist political force that would raise awareness, do marches, counter protest, and engage in political street theater. But unlike the armies of the globalists, this civic organization would be 100% law abiding.  It wouldn’t start any fights in the streets but, like “Based Stick man,” would finish them. There would be chapters in every town in America and every college campus. It would be a place to hang out, work out, network, and fight for the country together. It couldn’t be outright White Nationalist but be implicitly White. Anyone could join, as long as you support defending the borders, an America First trade and foreign policy, freedom of speech and association, and other patriotic positions.  It would be a nationalist Rotary or Lions club, with some mild ceremonial elements. I guarantee that many Americans would join such an organization with glee. It would get people off the internet and meeting in real life.

How about a million-citizen march against elite pedophile rings!!!  Is the left going to counter protest this? LOL

PS: I should also say that this is the time to stop living unhealthy and start preparing for war. Start lifting weights and running. Start going to your closest MMA gym and learn how to fight. Have at least 2 months supply of food and water in your house. Get armed (but don’t over do it and make sure everything is legal). Organize with your friends and neighbors.


Think of the Power!



Within the White Nationalist cluster of the Alternative Right I notice that there seems to be great importance placed on power. With “power” here I’m talking about political power. I’ve heard the idea proposed, by a few, that Whites should build a Roman Empire type polity and basically bend the rest of the world to its will. I think the subject of power needs to be thought about with extreme circumspection.

What pro-White Identitarians want, above all, is to regain the right to White freedom of destiny. They want spaces and institutions dedicated to the survival and amelioration of European humanity. If it were any other racial or ethnic group on earth, this wouldn’t even be a question, but that’s part of the anti-White predicament that White humanity finds itself in today.  Currently, White humans, across the world, are subject to a program of genocide (or “race replacement” if you don’t like the term genocide) by forced integration with the non-White world. This program of genocide is being carried out by a small group of globalist elites who see the White populations of the West as their greatest barrier to global government.

So to obtain the goal of White freedom of destiny, the globalist elites must be defeated politically. To do so, White humans need to be made aware of the on-going program of genocide being waged against them and be encouraged to see that they have the right to self-determination, just like any other human group.  At this point, the campaign of awareness is going well. The White genocide meme has been popping up across the world; has been retweeted by the 2016 Republican nominee for President; and an anti-White member of congress even express concern over the meme’s rapid dissemination during a recent hearing.  Other figures in the pro-White identitarian movement have been doing a good job of reminding Whites of their right to self-determination. These actions are starting to bear fruit in mainstream politics, as a congressman from Iowa recently defended Western Civilization in a racially explicit manner. 

It can be argued that defeating the globalist elites will require power, in that power is required to overcome the will of an entity that is attempting to bend your in-group to their will.  I believe that the pursuit of power in the goal of defeating the globalist elite and reasserting White freedom of destiny is a legitimate motive for pursuing political power. However, I would urge you to keep in mind what we really want is a change of the current global system that gives Whites the right to freedom of destiny; including spaces and institutions to carry out this destiny. I remind you of this because the day could come when people within the Alt-Right might be given positions of power but no real change will have occurred. It’s not power we want per se, but the power to make change.

Now to this idea of a White Roman Empire. I’ve been saying for a long time that once Whites achieve freedom of destiny that we should build a great intergalactic civilization. This should be the collective effort of the body of Whiteness where our greatest abilities, skills, and attributes can be channeled. But where I differ from some of the “Empire builders” is with the idea that it should be predatory in nature.

Of course, I can hear some White Nationalists reading this saying “why not, cuck?”  To answer this I won’t make a moral argument to them, because to the Nietzscheans among the WN cluster, such an argument would be written off as “slave morality” anyway. Instead I will argue that dominating others also harms the dominators as well.  Weapons technology has come a long way since Rome, and a long way since the British Empire for that matter.  Declaring that we’re going to dominate the globe is a good way to see the globe destroyed. The Chinese and Indians have nuclear weapons. They have EMP weapons that could send us back technologically 200 years.  The current globalist elites are bringing us rapidly closer to WWIII with their plans for world domination, so why would we do the same? We want to be the alternative to the current regime.

By coming out and proposing that a White Empire dominate the earth, we’re driving off potential non-White allies that are needed to defeat the globalist elites. For example, in Japan members of a nationalist fraternal organization called Nippon Kaigi make up many influential positions in Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party. These folks are advocating breaking away from the globalist program. Also, recently the Dali Lama expressed concern that Europe was being overrun by Muslims. He explicitly said that “Germany is Germany.”  Japanese Nationalists, Buddhist monks, Muslim states like Assad’s Syria, or South American National Socialists like the late Hugo Chavez are our natural allies. Why would we want to drive away anti-globalists like this?   I also don’t believe engaging in violence and conquering others makes (adjusted) people happy. I think causing trauma to others causes trauma to the trauma giver.

So the question is, once Whites have gained back the freedom of destiny, what will we do?  I propose, that instead of an “Empire,” that we look at our project as a “Civilization.”  Instead of looking to dominate the globe, we look to leave the globe (the final stage of White flight).  If or when Whites throw off the shackles of the anti-White, globalist system, we will be a great force. But instead of channeling the energy onto the globe, we channel it into space. Instead of a horizontal focus, we have a vertical focus. We will need resources to build this civilization, so I don’t advocate cutting the West off from the rest of the world. We’ll trade for resources and make square deals.  For example, some Africans trade us some minerals we need and we’ll build them a clean water system. We will deal with everyone honorably. We WILL NOT conduct ourselves like the current globalist elites, who act like your allies when they need you and then stab you in the back once you no longer have any utility for them. We need to act like “Aryans” in the true “noble” definition of the word.

Another channel for our energies would be undertaking a massive environmental cleanup program where we clean up places like the Pacific garbage patch.  I also propose a charitable organization filled with SJWs. Any SJWs, anti-Whites, or leftists who commit minor criminal or terrorist acts against White polities or institutions will be given the choice to go to jail, or go to the 3rd world and serve in a charitable organization that cares for suffering non-Whites.  These organizations will be administered by the current Christian denominations who currently do everything they can to flood the Western world with non-Whites. If SJWs and the Christian denominations want to help the weakest and poorest of the world, we’ll give them that opportunity.

Of course, while a high civilization is wonderful, the first order of business, after we win our freedom of destiny, is to heal from decades of trauma. We need to work on ourselves.  The problems of addiction, obesity, selfishness, attention whoring, alienation, materialism, etc., are all symptoms of an overarching sickness of soul that infects the Western world.  We cannot become “supermen” until we first become human again.  People need to live in functional, healthy families and communities for a few generations before we can really start pushing out into space. The kind of technology required for an intergalactic civilization will feature a level of energy that will be capable of destroying planets.  The kinds of people entrusted to manage such technology must be people governed by reason.  Their highest notion of existence can’t be the “Will to Power.”  I highly suspect that there is life outside of earth and this life has probably visited earth.  If the main law of the universe is the “Will to Power” then we should already be dead. Why would they care?  They would send down some kind of bio-weapon and then remove the resources after we’re done kicking.  I suspect there probably is some kind of “Federation of Planets” that has laws and that one of the rules is probably an edict against directly interfering with a planet containing life forms with a certain level of consciousness (probably the ability to reason).

Last, I want to cover the subject of people who desire power. I won’t beat around the bush on this subject and will flatly come out and say that I think people who hunger after power are dangerous.  The person who desires power is the person who should not have it. A massive need for power for its own sake is probably the sign of someone who feels lacking in something. This is most likely the result of some kind of trauma from childhood. Could not Nietzsche, the prophet of “the Will to Power,” have been affected by the loss of his father at a young age and the feelings of insecurity that this must produce?  Power is driven by the needs of the ego. Reason is a check on our ego. Reason seeks harmony and ego seek domination.  Most of the great figures of power in history (Like Napoleon) didn’t last long and generally ended up leaving behind piles of corpses.

George Washington was a great man because he didn’t even want to be President. He led the Continental Army, helped with the Constitution, but then just wanted to go home. People should fall into positions of power, or be forced to take them on.  The individual who desires power will, many times, sell out his own to increase power. This is one of the reasons monarchy is appealing. The people with power inherit it and should feel it a burden. A palace should be a prison of shame for the lousy monarch and a reminder of responsibility for a good monarch.  The Monarchs across Europe today should feel intense shame over the state of their nations. They have castles and expensive artwork and the faces on these portraits are looking down on them in shame.

I think the “game” or PUA people can teach us something here. It’s not the guy who tries too hard who gets the girls. It’s the guy who doesn’t care that ends up picking up the most women.  He has fun and gets out his message and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Many of the books on making money say not to focus on the money but focus on what you do and doing it well.  The money will come once you find what you do well.  I say the same applies to power as women or money.  Have fun, do what you do well, and the power will come; by that time, you might not even want it?  And it is then that you will be worthy of it.



Racial Codependency No More


Richard Spencer (of NPI and Radix Journal) recently did an interview with the anti-White news pundit Roland Martin on Newsone. The interview was supposed to discuss why White Nationalists and so-called “White Supremacists” are excited about Donald Trump and why White people are anxious about massive non-White immigration and forced integration.

Overall Spencer did a good job in the interview and made many fine points.  One of the more important points made by Spencer was when he pointed out the “non sequitur” argument that supposes since Whites came to America in large numbers as immigrants, that this means the whole world has a right to come in mass. The fact that Martin made this argument shows that he doesn’t care about blacks as much as maintaining his position in the globalist, race agitation apparatus. The fact is, it doesn’t matter what past immigration policy was; immigration policy today should be made in the interests of US citizens. Black people are hurt more than any other group by massive low skilled immigration.

Martin also asserted that David Duke was a “White Supremacist” because he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan four decades ago.  In general I would agree that being a member of the KKK does not make one look very good. But if you actually study Duke’s Career in the Klan, he actually tried to reform it into a law-abiding, respectable organization. He made potential members say an oath swearing against violence. If you read the work of Duke or listen to his interviews, you don’t by any means see a “supremacist” of any kind.  He’s actually a thoughtful, respectful, even “tolerant” (in the real sense of the word) person. In fact, I would argue that black people in America would be better off with a David Duke Presidency than they are with President Obama (or Hillary Clinton).

In general, I have sympathy for blacks in America. They were brought as slaves after being sold to Whites by their fellow Africans. They were then used by the Northern power elites as tools against the South during Reconstruction. Then in the 1960’s they were used by the globalist elites as a revolutionary vanguard to destroy White communities during the so-called “civil rights” era. Today, they’re being used again to agitate and cause violence as members of the Globalist Occupation Army in The West.

Blacks have been used by the power elites since they got to America. Members of the race agitation apparatus like Martin act as “leaders” for black people but only make their plight worse. The solution for black people is to obtain sovereignty as a people. If they see themselves as a people with a particular identity (black/African-American), then they have to build up their own communities. The relationship between blacks and Whites in America is like a dysfunctional, codependent family. One family member (blacks) constantly complains about the other family member (Whites) but won’t leave the family member that’s supposedly mistreating them because they don’t think they can survive without them. Meanwhile, the other family member (Whites) has to constantly put up with accusations of persecution but never tells the other family member (blacks) to leave because they feel they have to “save” them. This is classic codependency.

What I propose to solve the race problem in America is a break up of the dysfunctional family system. Americans must be given the right to form communities with the people who they identify with. It is inhumane to force diversity on any human group. If someone has private property or owns a business it’s their choice who they sell to or hire.  If people want to form an exclusive civil organization, school, or church congregation then this is their right as sovereign humans.  Americans must be given the right to freedom of association. At the same time, each slave descended black will received a one time $250,000 dollar reparations payment.  Eligible blacks will be given 1% interest loans to start businesses.  There will also be a massive civil works project rebuilding inner city infrastructure that will look to hire slave descended blacks first.   Last, all slave descended blacks will be given free education to any state school in America if they wish to go.

This program will break up the American codependent family-system by giving Whites freedom from the bondage of diversity while offering a true road to freedom for blacks.  Of course, people like Roland Martin will object because people like him will lose their power and status. As blacks learn that they don’t need White people to survive, people like Martin will be out of the job. Activists like Martin would support all the benefits for blacks that my program offers but would reject the right to free association.  The Roland Martins of the world are too afraid to leave a dysfunctional system that only hurts them. This is typical of codependents.

Any disruption of  a codependent relationship always causes a “crises” reaction from some of the system’s components. The important thing is to stand your ground and to maintain your boundaries.




Dallas and the GOATW



The latest murder of 5 police officers in Dallas has been a textbook example of the globalist elites using their army to carry out their agenda in the West.

The shootings themselves are simply the result of constantly telling blacks that their failures and frustrations in life are the result of a mythical force in the universe called “White supremacy.”  Somehow this mythical force only affects them and to a lesser degree Hispanics but not Asians or other non-Whites. Even Muslims or Middle Easterners are fairly successful in America despite, what we’re told, being the constant victims of suspicion and discrimination.  This mythical force is so powerful that it actually sucks non-Whites into the racist vacuum of the West where even the racist Whites who generate this force are powerless to stop the flow over the borders.

But the telling part is not the shootings themselves, but the reaction to the shootings by the globalist elites and their running dogs. While there has been some obligatory condemnation of the killings, political elites have also taken the opportunity to push the “structural racism” cause of the murders. Everybody from Newt Gingrich, to Hillary Clinton, to the mayor of Dallas, to Facebook, to Twitter have used the murders to push the anti-White narrative.

These shootings are really just the beginning.

People need to understand that Black Lives Matter (an organization funded by globalist George Soros) and similar organizations (many funded by big foundations, you know, the ones lead by rich and powerful White people and Jews who supposedly run the “white supremacist” system we live in) act as the foot soldiers for the globalist elites.In America these soldiers are made up of White college aged leftists (including Jews), blacks, and Hispanics.  In Europe, you have the White college aged leftists and the Muslim populations.

These organizations make up what I am now calling the Globalist Occupation Army in The West (GOATW).  This is how they’ll operate.


The father of the GOATW


The Anglo-AmericanJudeo globalists will continue to push the anti-White narrative in the media and education system.  This will lead to more violence.  But while this violence will be carried out by the GOATW, it will be blamed on “structural racism” and “White supremacy.”  The solution to “structural racism” will be more “anti-racist education,” more forced integration of non-Whites into demographically White spaces, and more federal control of local law enforcement.  Any attempt by Whites to organize politically will be met with violence by the GOATW and then blamed on the Whites by the globalist elite’s running dogs in politics and the media.  Pro-White and anti-globalist activists will be harassed and their lives will made difficult and dangerous.  The endgame is the total destruction of the peoples of the West, who happen to be the biggest obstacle in the globalist plan for world government.


The world is headed for a dangerous time. But this is also a time of high adventure and opportunities for heroism.  The battle lines are being explicitly drawn. You’re either pro-White or pro-White genocide.  Not taking a side in the face of anti-White aggression is taking a side.  Even Al Qaeda is calling for terrorism against Whites. But the most important thing to remember is that the root of White genocide is not blacks, or Hispanics, or Muslims, or leftists; it’s the globalist elites (Jew and Gentile alike).

Just like members of the GOATW do, the globalists have flashed their colors. We must make certain that we never forget and never let them forget what set they claimed.


What set you claim fool?



SWOT Analysis for Power Players


I can’t help but to smile when I hear and read about SJWs, anti-Whites, and non-White thugs assaulting Trump supporters at his rallies.  I smile some more hearing that after the Brexit referendum similar assaults were occurring in England to people seen wearing the Union Jack.  Leftists recently attacked a peaceful protest of White American workers in California (and got their asses kicked despite outnumbering the White workers 5 to 1 and being armed with knives and bats) and this made me laugh as well as smile.

It’s wonderful.

The brazenness of their anti-Whiteness and the confidence they have in White demise makes me giddy. All sorts of people from mainstream media figures, to politicians, to college professors, to ordinary people with twitter accounts are openly signaling their anti-Whiteness for all the world to see (which is all being recorded by the wonders of the internet). They’re out in the open, using their actual names to support the program of White genocide.

Most of the common people signaling their anti-Whiteness are doing so because their worldview is the product of mainstream media, Hollywood entertainment, and the education system.  They signal anti-Whiteness for the same reason people did public acts of piety in the Middle Ages. They perceive anti-Whiteness as being a status (and therefore power) increasing activity. The more radical elements can take part in violence and vandalism without much in repercussions and doing so also provides a feeling of power.

The people in the middle (media people, college professors, politicians, corporate people) see it as an opportunity to further their careers.  The globalists at the very top (The Anglo-American-Judeo elites) see anti-Whiteness as a way of consolidating power into global government. They could have just as easily went with a European dominated globalist plan but decided to gamble against Whiteness because they didn’t want to share the commanding heights with the Continental Europeans.

Power is the common thread the runs through all anti-Whiteness (with a little resentment and envy, but this mostly applies to non-Whites, and is, when it boils down to it, related to power anyway).

If human motivation all comes down to the “Will to Power” then all the people we see signaling anti-Whiteness strongly believe that their power will come from the destruction of White humans. This is what explains why leftists in Europe can side with the Islamic invaders who despise every so called “progressive” principle that leftists believe in. The fact is, all these “progressive ideas” take a back seat to the feelings of power that come with siding with a group of people that appear, at this time, to have the energy and motivation to gain power on the European continent. Add to this 60 years of anti-White propaganda and the constant reminder that the future is going to be non-White and it’s easy to understand why left-wingers support the Islamization of Europe.

Of course, not everyone is so stupid. If power is what motivates all people (and the global power players especially) just think of the opportunity that some of these power players have. Some of the elites who have made their bones in business, politics, military, and/or intelligence must be looking at the world situation with even more glee than me. These are people who know how to spot an opportunity.

What’s the opportunity you ask?

The opportunity now exists, for enterprising persons, to organizing the White masses into a political force and take the commanding heights away from the current globalist elites and keep it for themselves. The Anglo-AmericanJudeo globalist elites gambled against Whiteness, and did so HARD. So now there’s an opportunity to obtain power by betting on Whiteness.

I’ll use a quick SWOT analysis to help you see this.


Strengths: You have the White masses who are pissed off and who’ve lost faith in and respect fot the major institutions. The White masses are still relativity well educated and wealthy (albeit this is plummeting fast); well-armed; and keen to adventure (just see extreme sports). The vast majority of people with military experience (and especially special operations and intelligence experience) are White men.  There’s already a political movement in existence that could be used as a base to build upon called the Alternative-Right. Here you’d find a cadre of thinkers, writers, artists, agitators, activists, meme makers, and managers who believe very strongly in what they’re doing. In fact, these people have been doing this work for free (and maybe at a loss) for years.

Weaknesses: The weakness is that 60 years of cultural Marxism and neo-liberalism (deindustrialization) has created degeneracy and vice within the White masses. Drugs, obesity, loss of values, feminization, and a feeling of entitlement runs throughout the populations of the West and is increasing.

Opportunities: The problems of anti-Whiteness and political correctness are the biggest opportunities. The globalist elites are trying to wipe the White populations of the West off the map. The modern West is a cesspool of despair. The White masses are looking for purpose, meaning, and something to struggle for.  You have a solid block of people from America, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, to places in-between who share a common heritage in Western Civilization and who can be organized around this heritage. These are people who’ve been under attack explicitly since the 1960’s, and who know something’s extremely wrong with the world.  They just need the resources to organize into a signal purpose; marching towards the future in ascension towards the stars.   The Alt-Right has the talent, experience, and ideas. The White masses have the desire to make themselves into something better. But what they need are some people at the top to provide resources and connections. Any anti-globalist, pro-White struggle in the West would also guarantee the support of Russia as well as other peoples and nations who’ve suffered at the hands of the globalist elites.

Threats:  The biggest threat you’d face at this point is that the globalist elites have almost inexhaustible resources and control of the major institutions.  Media power is especially critical.  The good news here is that the current system requires trillions of dollars to support because it’s built almost entirely on lies and deception. Diversity is clearly not “strength.”  The White people who actually do have “privilege” are the globalist elites and their running dogs who do their anti-White dirty work.  The American economy’s biggest strength is the size of its market, but this is running very much on debt at this point. If the Alt-Right had 1/20th of the media resources of the globalist elites, the world would change very quickly. The globalist elites also have control of the intelligence apparatus. This means that they have the ability to infiltrate any pro-White institutions.  In fact, within the Alt-Right it is certain that this infiltration already exists. The globalist elites will do all they can to discredit the Alt-Right using false flag operations and paid buffoons whose job it is to act unstable. The globalist elites do not want the war against Whiteness to go into open violent combat. Instead, they’ll use low level or hybrid war that allows Whites to be assaulted when engaging in political activities with little to no repercussions for the globalist thug armies. These globalist armies are mostly made of leftwing college age Whites and non-Whites (blacks and Hispanics in the US; and Muslims and Africans in Europe).  Open combat between Whites and the globalist armies would end very bad for the globalist armies.Their strong points are with media power and control of the legal system, which can allow them to use violence and intimidation with little to no repercussions for their armies while having the narrative framed in a way that will demonize the victims of this violence.  This is why it is critical that resources go into building a pro-White, anti-globalist media apparatus. The most important project at this time is the creation of an Alt-Right cable news channel like CNN or FOX news. At the very least it should be an internet channel like Russia Today.  There also needs to be a legal-aid society for pro-White activists who will be under constant attack through lawsuits, surveillance, and intimidation by bought-and-paid-for hacks in the legal and law enforcement sectors.

So now it’s up to you…masters of the universe, Titians of industry to take advantage of the opportunity for power that I’ve laid out before you.  You and your connections know compromising information on the globalist elites and should use this to your full advantage. If the globalist elites succeed into consolidating the world under them, do you really believe that, as White people (especially White men), that any legacy you leave behind will be remembered in a positive light?  Their whole narrative revolves around the “big struggle” to overcome “White supremacy.”  You have millions or even billions of dollars. You can take this risk and even if it fails can lead a pretty good life. Why not take a chance?

I do believe there are power players who’ve figured this out long ago. If I, a lowly pleb, can figure this out, then certainly the masters of the universe have done so already. So, for the power players who are just hearing about this, I suggest you jump on board the pro-White, anti-globalist train.  I suggest you double-down on White. This is an exclusive opportunity for power.  Discuss this with your fellow masters of the universe. This is like Apple or Microsoft Stock in the early days. Some people saw the opportunity, but most didn’t.

Do you see this one?

A Stupid Gamble


When one first starts looking into alternative research literature and media you come to realize that there’s clearly an organized attempt to create global government by a group of transnational elites. But if you look deeper into this subject, you’ll learn that the power players of the world are not one, solid, homogeneous block; finely tuned in their mission to control the world.

Some of the best work on the subject of elites is written by Joseph P. Farrell.  Farrell’s work was made known to me through the Follow the White Rabbit radio show (found in my blog roll).  Farrell’s body of work has laid out, quite convincingly, that the power players in the world are more like competing mafia families than one harmonious structure organized towards a signal goal.

Another interesting author is Leo Zagami. I became aware of Zagami only a few months ago on Infowars. Like Farrell, he paints a picture of competing elites that cut across institutions. Zagami’s works are particularly valuable because he goes deep into the subject of secret societies and the influence they have in the world. One realizes after reading his work that you really can’t be accepted by the elites or given any major position in the world if you’re not initiated into a fraternal organization.

Another good source of information on the divisions of the globalist elites is the website “The institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert politics (found in my blogroll). This site is filled with fascinating (and disturbing) material but the report most pertinent to this article is the “Four Establishment Model in Western Politics.” Similar to Farrell and Zagami’s work, this model shows the Western world elites as being divided but particularly made up of 4 main factions with competing interests.

After the end of the Second World War the most powerful elite faction has been what I call the “Anglo-America-Judeo elites. In this faction you have the Anglo Aristocracy and London Banking families; the Eastern Establishment Families in America; and World Jewry. This faction defeated the Continental European elites during the second world war and made the Continentals conform to their particular plan for global government as a result.

If the Anglo-American-Judeo elites wanted to, they could have teamed up with Germany before the first world war and global government would have been no problem. The contrast in power between the West and the rest of the world was probably its greatest at the beginning of the 20th century.  But the Anglo-American-Judeo elites didn’t want to share with the Germans. Later the Nazis even proposed that the British could hold on to all their colonies if they allied with them against the Soviet Union but the Anglo-American-Judeo elites declined this offer. Of course, by the end of WWI the Anglo power elite faction was tied in with World Jewry as a result of the Jewry’s deal to get America into the war in return for giving Palestine over for the future Jewish State; therefore, an alliance with Germany was quite unlikely.

After the Anglo-American-Judeo elites won the second world war they started the next phase of their version of world order. Since they secured Western Europe by defeating their biggest competitor in Germany, they were free to start the war against the populations of the Western world.  They waited a generation after the soldiers returned from WWII and then started the assault on the major institutions of the Western world (family, community, faith, education system, media, etc.). In the 1970’s the deindustrialization of the West started and worker wages having been declining ever since.  Today all the major institutions are anti-White and floods of people from the “developing world” are being force integrated into the West.

So, we can see that the people running the English speaking world have absolutely no loyalty to or concern whatsoever for the historical populations of the West.  One could make the argument that they thought that the Anglo-American way was superior to all and that this was the reason for needing to defeat the Continentals. The problem with this argument is that they then turned on the populations of the English speaking world and are doing all they can erase the “WASP” way of life from the face of the earth. This small clique of people from the English speaking world decided that they didn’t need the Germans, other Continentals, or White Americans.  They used White Americans to defeat the Germans but once that fight was over they went to work on White America.  Since the Cold War ended they’ve been doing all they could to take down Russia as well.

The bottom line was that the Anglo-American-Judeo elites gambled against Whiteness. They bet that they, with control of the commanding heights (of media, education, banking, commerce, military, legal system, churches), and using an army of non-Whites could have the world all for themselves to rule at the top; while everyone else would be mixed into the “melting pot” and “perfected” into bricks to fit underneath them in their pyramid of power.

But now times are changing. Now they’re seeing the rise of Trump and the Alternative Right (including the message against White genocide which was even retweeted by Trump) in America. Now they’re seeing the rise of Nationalism in Europe. Now they’re seeing Russia checkmating them across Eastern Europe, central Asia, and the Middle East. They seemed to have learned, to their likely horror, on September 11th 2001 that some of their fellow elites weren’t really on board with their vision of the world and that certain parties they thought were defeated in the past weren’t so defeated after all.

So now look at the situation they’re in. They’re facing a force from within and above that likely holds a lot of compromising information on them and which also very likely has technological superiority over them.  And they’re watching the White masses growing more and more anti-globalist and racially aware every day.  They feel pressure from above and below.  They’re building million dollar bunkers as their banker underlings are dropping (sometimes out of tall buildings) like flies.  They’re losing geopolitical influence across the world.  And all of this is because instead of taking the sure thing by teaming up with the Germans and giving the White masses an honest role to play in their world order, they decided it was best to put everyone who was not them under their boot.

Was it hubris, greed, psychopathology, in-breeding? Who knows?  But final bets have been called and THEY CAN’T MOVE THEIR MONEY TO WHITE!  It’s too late. They’re “all in.”.  I’m certain the ones at the very top know they’re in trouble and are doing all they can to put the mid and low level types in a position to take the brunt of the justice that’s preparing to be unleashed. How many conversations have been recorded and documents intercepted that have the big dog’s names attached that explicitly proves their complicity in White genocide?  Undoubtedly this question must keep them up at night.

The most comical thing now is watching all the mid-level to lower-mid level anti-Whites act with such arrogance with no clue that their only role at this point is to take a big enough beating that the lust for payback may be diverted somewhat from the upper level globalists.  I can’t help but feel some Christian sympathy for the ignorant Black Lives Matter types, knowing that they’re being set up for a major ass whipping for reasons and because of people that they have absolutely no clue about.  There will be satisfaction seeing recompense meted out against the mid-level types for their crimes against White humanity.  As far as the high level types I’m not sure what’s going to happen?  People with trillions of dollars may be able to live on after being taxed by their rival elites and given a pass in some way?  The world of super elites is unknown to me but I doubt we’ll see a Rothschild or the Queen hanging from a rope in the days to come? Unfortunately, the universe doesn’t seem to be that just. At the same time, the events of 9-11 have shown us that some extremely serious players are on the scene in this solar system and made their presence know by turning the biggest masonic symbol in the world into a pile of dust.  So who knows what will happen? The only sure bet is that the people who bet against Whiteness are about to lose their shirts…and very likely for many of them, some other parts as well?



Why aren’t any (((anti-racist educators))) demonstrating at the Bilderberg Meeting?

where are they

Where are all the SJWs???

The 2016 Bilderberg meeting has been underway from June 9-12 in Dresden Germany. If any group of people were examples of so called “White Privilege” it would be the people who attend these meetings. But do we see any “anti-racist” (remember that “anti-racist” is just a code word for anti-White) activists or SJWs demonstrating these meetings? Do we see any (((anti-racist educators))) raising awareness of these meetings?  Do we see them demanding more inclusion of non-Whites in these meetups?  The attendance list of the annual meeting is made up of the most powerful people in the world and 95% of them would be considered White by most Social Justice Warriors (SJW) and other assorted anti-White retards (past meetings were attended by Hillary Clinton and the current one includes many of her insiders).

But we don’t hear anything from so called “anti-racists.” If we truly have a “White supremacist system” as the retards claim, then the Bilderberg types would be the authors and custodians of this system.  And yet, we hear nothing from the $PLC, (((anti-racist educators))), BLM, La Raza or any other antifa retards. Instead, these unthinking, retarded zombies go to Trump rallies and assault Trump supporters while being defended by politicians and the mainstream media. You see, it’s easier and more fun to assault unarmed, outnumbered, working class White people than to try something similar at military guarded Bilderberg meetings.

This is the “system of White supremacy” we hear about: White people can be assaulted in the streets, without police intervention for supporting a civic nationalist whose policies would benefit blacks, Whites and Hispanics alike, while the people who truly have “structural power” are left alone to discuss and implement a system that requires all White countries to take in millions of hostile non-Whites and be integrated with them.

Think about how absolutely retarded you have to be to the accept the “White Privilege” concept.  I can excuse some 18-year-old college kid who’s never thought once for herself in her life, but the professional “anti-racists” have no excuse.  They know they serve the types people who attend Bilderberg meetings and know that what they’re doing is totally disingenuous and lacking in any kind of truth or “justice.”  The “White Privilege” concept is part of a psychological warfare campaign targeted at the White populations of the West for the purpose of making them more pliable to the forced integration of people from the “developing world.”  This forced integration is part of a greater project of creating a world government with the Bilderberg meeting types ruling it.

In short, so called “White privilege” is part of the discourse of White genocide. The desire of White humans to have spaces and institutions of their own is not “privilege” but a basic human right that I suspect most “anti-racists” would never deny to any other peoples. The right to free assication and national right to a self determined destiny is the #1 human rights issue of our time. So called “anti-racists” and other SJWs are truly the stupidest, most unthinking, most childish people on earth. The average rank and file SJW gets to feel like (((Trotsky))) manning the barricades while disrupting Trump supporters on campus while mommy pays their tuition and the school administrators make sure no one hurts their feelings with views different than theirs. The professional (((anti-racist educators))) get money, social status, and a feeling of power knowing they’re carrying out the project of global government. They feel like their shaping history and they look forward to the day when they will be the ones at the Bilderberg meetings calling the shots.

The bad news for them and their globalist masters is that they bet the wrong way. They decided that their best plan was to pick a fight with the White working and middle classes across the Western world in order to bring about global government. They thought a group of, truly privileged, international elites who control the major institutions could lead an army of non-Whites in the forced replacement of Whites. They’re intoxicated with the spirits of early success in a fight against an opponent that was sound asleep when they first attacked.  But now their opponent is waking up. The implicit Whiteness of the Trump Campaign and the rise of the alt-right are only the beginning as Whites just start to stop snoring as their eyes twitch open out of slumber. The globalist elites are in all-out attack mode while the White masses are just starting to realize that they’re even in a fight.

When judgment day comes I suspect that many SJW leaders and (((anti-racist educators))) will argue that they never passed any laws bringing in immigrants or force integrating White spaces. They’ll say they were just “educators” and not part of any law-making body.  Perhaps they think that this will be good enough to keep them from facing justice?  Is there precedence in this matter?


Precedence in a picture: He just ran a newspaper