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Globalist Systems Theory




You can only understand the American political system by understanding what I call the “Globalist Systems Theory” (GST)

The globalist elites have a “home game” and an “away game.” The home game (in the Western Core) is political correctness, anti-Christianity, anti-whiteness, open borders, forced diversity, White genocide, attacks on the family, and degeneracy of all sorts. The away game (in the non-Western Periphery) is war, neo-liberal privatization, color revolutions, and coup d’etats.

The main job of the left in America is to carry out the home game while the right pretends to oppose them. The main job of the right in America is to carry out the away game while the left pretends to oppose them. The one exception to this is deindustrialization.  Deindustrialization is part of the “home game” but pushed hardest by the right while the left pretends to oppose it (it was Bill Clinton who signed NAFTA).

The wars in the Middle East and subsequent refugee crises into Europe display the dynamics of this system perfectly.  The wars in the Middle East are intended to defeat secular regimes (under the pretext of fighting terrorism), which causes the Middle East to be in chaos. This allows the globalist elites to better play peoples off each other and keep them in disarray while they take control of resource flows and encircle Russia and China.  It’s no mistake that Iraq, Syria, and Libya are or were allies of Russia and/or partners with China. These wars caused the refugee crisis which is used to flood Europe with non-Europeans for the purpose of anti-Whiteness and forced diversity which are elements of the White genocide program. So there are military personnel from the West going to the Middle East to destroy towns which results in refugees being flooded into the same towns of the military personnel who destroyed the refugee’s towns.

There was a similar dynamic with the signing of NAFTA. NAFTA resulted in the industrialization of America and the massive loss of agricultural capability in Mexico. This resulted in masses of Mexican immigrants flooding into the US. These immigrants are then used to push White genocide in America. This also helped big GMO producing agriculture to increase economies of scale which resulted in more American small farms to fall.  Here we got Mexicans leaving Mexico because their farms went under and coming to America to work on huge industrial farms while the populations near these industrial farms get to live with the Mexican workers.

This system allows the globalist elites to destroy their enemies at home (The non-elite people of the West) and destroy their enemies away (the rest of the world except for the puppets).  After they obtain control over their enemies away they will push the same program of political correctness, forced integration, attacks on the family, degeneracy of all sorts, and attacks of nationally or ethnic identity.

The goal of the globalist elites is a system of totally controlled global government with them at the top of the pyramid of power. The rest of the “profane,” goyim” chiseled from rough Ashlar to perfected Ashlar in order to fit as bricks underneath them.  It’s critical to understand that they’re only allegiance is to themselves and to their plan of global government.  They’re not “left” or “right” but support “left” or “right” when they’re needed.

A globalist like George Soros is the consummate globalist.  Soros funds NGOs to start color revolutions to change populist regimes in the former USSR into ones who will accept neoliberal privatization of state industries and debt to the World Bank. But Soros uses other NGOs to push open borders and racial agitation in the U.S.

You must keep Globalist Systems Theory in mind when thinking about why the American political classes react so strongly against populism or nationalism.  Populism reverses both of the games (home and away). It favors traditionalist values, strong borders and economic protectionism at home, while favoring a much less interventionist foreign policy away. Populism puts the citizens of the country first and not the interests of transnational elite.  In the case of Trump, it includes having friendly relations with the biggest populist country in the world; Russia.  This is why Trump is so hated by the righting and leftwing globalist controlled political establishments.

Trump (if he’s legit?) will stomp on both (home and away) games of the two headed globalist snake.