I have Returned


I trekked the lifeless desert and barren tundra. I fell through fire and water fighting in the lowest dungeons to the highest peaks.  Darkness fell upon me while demons of despair danced dances of torment in my presence but hope remained, as a minuscule light keeping them at bay.  The light grew as I arose again into something anew while leaving my old self with the vanquished enemy.  Now I rotate back for another cycle in order to feed the ether more of its favorite snack.


Indeed, I have returned to once again inject information into the Universe. A voice calling out in the wilderness that will contribute to the larger body of ideas that are shaping the world and future world to come.  I hope to blog more than in my previous blogging attempts but can’t make any promises. I’ll revisit many of the topics and themes from the past and plan to rewrite some of the same articles. As one becomes more illumined one starts to see things from new angles. As one rotates back to a point of information after consuming new information the original point is changed in light of the previous rotation into a new amalgam.

After being cut off from media for a fairly long period of time (little media in desert or tundra) I’ve been amazed at the changes in the world situation.  The 3 biggest stories are 1) The Trump Presidential run; 2) The migrant crisis in Europe; and 3) Russia’s military actions in Syria. While these appear to be unrelated I see them as all connected in the context of the changing order of the world.  Fundamentally what this changing order is is the transition from the rule of Kronos to the rule of Zeus. Or, if you prefer the Roman form of names; from the rule of Saturn to the rule of Jupiter.


Those of you knowledgeable of the current globalist elites know that they’re infatuated with Saturn. Saturn (along with the black cube) is featured on many corporate logos and some alternative researchers even make the argument that the top level globalist elites make up a “Saturn Death Cult.”  Saturn is the god of time, death (the grim reaper) and generally associated with darkness. Kronos/Saturn is correlated (albeit not perfectly) with some gods outside the Roman-Greco world such as Set (Egypt), El (Canaanite), and of course Satan.

The so called “Star of David” (also found in masonic lodges) is actually a star of Saturn and ironically a hexagon can actually be found on the north pole of the planet Saturn. We know from Greek mythology that Saturn was known as a cruel god that devoured his own children. We know from looking at the globalist elite’s behavior that they are willing to sacrifice the populations from which they hail to achieve their goals of power.  The globalist elites (who mostly hail from the West, especially the Anglo-Zionist world) have done all they can to disenfranchise the populations of the West. The Greeks also saw Kronos as a god of chaos.  It’s no mistake that the current globalist elites have been spreading chaos throughout all the major human institutions. The family, nations, religions, communities, gender roles, artistic standards have been attacked and relativized by this group of dark occultists.


So this leads us to Zeus/Jupiter.  Zeus is the ruler of the gods and symbolizes weather, wisdom, and order. Within the Greek mythology, Zeus defeats Kronos and takes over the throne of the Universe.  What this means allegorically is that order (Zeus) eventually defeats chaos (Kronos).  Zeus defeats Kronos and frees his siblings while casting Kronos to Tartarus. So now this leads us to today.


What the rise of Trump represents is the rise of Jupiterian forces.  Trump is a human manifestation of the Jupiterian forces of order. Trump represents order, authority, and a masculine father figure.  Cuckservatives have claimed that Trump represents a kind of “Caesarian” type of leader (Julius Caesar was Jupiterian leader that wanted to take care of the plebs and proles and this lead to his murder by Roman elites) as well as a “Father Fuhrer.”  If we look at Trump’s policy proposals he wants to take care of his “children” (the US population) instead of devouring them through mass immigration, wars, anti-Christian and anti-White policies, GMO foods, and deindustrialization.  Like Zeus, he has an authoritarian attitude, is bombastic, and scores beautiful women.  In the mythology Zeus was Kronos’ son who overthrew him; what this is telling us is that order defeated chaos.


We see this same dynamic with Putin. Russia in the 90’s was chaos. The Russian people were being devoured by Saturnarian elites who worked at the behest of the Rothschilds and the city of London.  Putin then comes along and defeats these dark agents and now Russia is more orderly and much better for ordinary Russians. Putin is authoritarian and this is necessary to fight back against the forces of chaos.  Putin’s supports and defends the Orthodox Church, Russian families, and Russian state industries.

To the Romans Saturn was a god of liberation. The Saturnarian elites push all sorts of “liberation” but only as an instrument of chaos.  The French, Russian, and 60’s American revolutions were all “liberation movements” intended on tearing down the existing social, economic, and religious structures.  All three of these revolutions were heavily manned by personnel associated with the star of Saturn.  The “liberation” brought about by the forces of Saturn generally lead to spiritual decline despite appearing, at first, to address legitimate grievances.  The Saturnarian “Golden Age” told of in the myths are “golden” for the elites, but “base” for the populations under these elites.

The rise of ISIS in Syria was a Saturnarian operation intended to bring chaos to Syria. The Neo-COheN demand to overthrow Assad (just like Kaddafi) is intended to bring about chaos and mass death. The Saturnarian elites celebrate death as possible offerings to Saturn (the Angel of Death). When populations are in chaos, they are easier to corrupt, easier to exploit, and easier to play off against each other. Like most oligarchs, Saturnarian leaders influence events from the shadows, thereby removing any trace that they are the cause of the misery within the chaos. They usually place a degenerate buffoon in as a puppet leader that they have blackmail leverage over.  ISIS was armed and organized by intelligence organizations under the pretext of arming and organizing “moderate rebels” to fight the Assad regime. Russia’s military actions in Syria have been a successful battle against the forces of chaos.

The migrant situation in Europe is a massive chaos operation by the globalist elites.  Using “human rights” as a pretext the Saturnarian elite’s devour their own children in Europe with assault and rape, all the while portraying the rapeugees as the victims and any resisting Europeans as evil.  To the forces of Chaos, order is evil. Both Trump and Putin have taken the sides of Europeans in this situation and I think it’s a matter of time before a Western European Trump/Putin arises.  If Trump wins the US Presidency, it will be much easier for a European Zeus figure to arise since he will have Trump and Putin as allies.

It’s important to keep in mind that I’m not stating that actual “divine” beings are the authors of these events (although there could extraterrestrial forces involved that make up the same archetypes. But I don’t want to get into that here). What I’m describing are forces that the classical world allegorized into deities.  But these forces are real. And the most powerful mythologies come back again and again and again. What we’re seeing is the beginning of the war between Titians (the current Saturnarian globalist elites) and gods (the new Jupiterian elite).  We’re seeing the fall of an old order and the rise of a new. The Saturnarian order is dying and the Jupiterian is being born. Trump and Putin are only the beginning. We’re entering a time of heroes and high adventure and leaving the time of money lenders and duplicity.  The people who rise to this occasion will be talked about for the next 2500 years.

I’m glad to be back…






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  1. Deadwood and 5th GW | Watchfulness February 25, 2017 at 9:27 pm Reply

    […] elites and their alien masters and some other faction of the deep state and their alien masters?  Mythologically I see this as the struggle between Saturnarian and Jupiterian forces, but I won’t go into that […]


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